katti batti review

All rights reserved. Sign up here. In dire need of good editing and funnier dialogues, the film nevertheless has its heart in the right place. Today I watched a movie (KATTI BATTI), that many people kept telling me not to do so and how awful it is, I have read the reviews they all said the same thing, it is awful, they share their disappointments in the actors and director or how it is a copy of this and that but since I'm a stubborn person I decided to check it and now after watching it I understood the director and writer point or vision. A nice story by Anshul Singhal, but director Nikhil Advani never shown it deeply. By ANuP APu KuMaM. ETimes is an Entertainment, TV & Lifestyle industry's promotional website and carries advertorials and native advertising. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city, Exclusive! They couldn't handle slowness of movie, which was introduced on purpose to show state of minds confusion, and mystery. I don't even want to remember how bad he act when he does something else. Songs best. Awards It is loosely inspired by Hollywood films 500 Days Of Summer, Sweet November and Chasing Amy. Just because you don't understand or can't relate to this kind of love it doesn't mean it's not typical. and the Terms and Policies, There is nothing in name of story except pushed emotional climax, which makes you laugh instead of cry. Maddy is an architect who is in love with Payal because of her attitude towards life. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Don't have an account? The film centres on a couple of on-off college sweethearts proceeding through their 20s and encountering all the comedowns those years entail. | Many sacrifices give in love and by girl also in life. Visit Site for moreRatings:2.5/5 Review By:Shubha Saha Site:Mid Day. Most words and phrases used in this review are selected from the film's idiotic dialogs so that you get a better idea as to what to expect. Madhav (Imran Khan), commonly known as Maddy, is another of recent cinema’s sensitive, bespectacled architects, his beloved Payal (Kangana Ranaut) a ruel and mocking beauty from rich stock. Watch it, and you'll know what it will reveal. This movie has much of Imran Khan who is back after a long term break! Sau Ansu and Ove Janiya are my favorites and describe the movie very well. Leaving aside that fact that I have now watched Romedy Now so often that I believe the channel and my cycles have synced, I went one step further and saw a romantic-comedy from Bollywood on the large screen. better alternatives. Editing of the movie was bad. Yes, if they have come up with good scenes then this climax could have been worked a bit but alias what could they have done with black comedy expert main male lead, which can evoke laughter in any emotional scene as it is cake walk for him. Those left befuddled by Hero’s narrative and tonal inconsistencies may be relieved that there is some kind of structure in place here, however secondhand: the further we get into the lovers’ skylarking, the more jolting it is to be whizzed back to the cold and lonely present. Copyright © Fandango. Katti Batti is a film that tries too hard to be "cool" and ends up falling on its face. When ever Imran starts to think about the past , after the past scene end we always found him in a new place not where he started remembering the past. If you are one of them I strongly suggest that you keep ear-plugs and an eye mask handy. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. Sarfira is perfect in the theater sound. A fortnight ago, director Nikhil Advani’s name appeared on the credits of Hero, a would-be showcase for buff rookie Sooraj Pancholi; throughout that dog’s dinner, you sensed producer Salman Khan – Pancholi’s mentor – looming over Advani, cracking his knuckles. Its tension-ridden climax is another minus point, from the box-office point of view. Time pass love, which becomes a serious one and then one sided love, break-up, then marriage with another - these are the things we can find out in this movie, as those are typical phases inn a romantic comedy. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Music by Shankar Ehassan Loy have tracks "Lip To Lip De Kissiyan" , Sau Aansu Roye Do Ankhiyan" and " Ishaq Da Rutba", which are good. Avantika Malik shares a cryptic 'I love you' post on hu... Avinash Tiwary: I've been here trying to get through fo... Imran Khan's Wife Avantika Malik joins wellness centre ... Avantika Malik's mother opens up on divorce rumours sur... Siddharth Mahadevan sings for the film Bogda. Err NOT! We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Imran is a surprise package, Nikhil rocks with an emotional climax! Viewers will have their own opinions on where his behaviour falls on the sweet-to-stalkerish spectrum. People don't weight Love in the Balance of life and death. Surprise package is the hero, Imran Khan. Mahdy, an architect, falls in love with a girl who possesses a unique attitude about life. The most confused director i have ever observed. It seems like Nikhil Advani was too taken in by the brilliance of a seed of story concept (Anshul Singhal) that he had no time to look into the necessary details. But does the rest of it have to be so bubbly-‘thodi-si-paagal-ladki’ clichéd? There is nothing new about the ending of the film.

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