kasamh se episode 100

However, the next morning Jai accepts Meera as his only wife. The police arrest Bani on charges of thievery from the restaurant by Ranvir, but Pushkar is able get Bani out. However, things may take a drastic change when Dadi sees Bani working in the kitchen. saved by Massi and Daksh, and they discover that Bani is pregnant. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. wrong, things take a dramatic turn when Bani finally sees Jai. Soon after, Dadi goes to the outhouse and her life is put in danger. They take shelter from Jai Walia. Bani is not seen by Jai, but her world is disrupted when she finds out that her thakurain has sold her canteen away to a businessman. View production, box office, & company info, Pallavi Subhash set for Tamil debut (Lead, superseding earlier story), I've never watched film with mom: Prachi Desai. Pia and Pushkar depart from the club, but they get into a small accident. Of course there are always slower weeks in Indian serials, (and although Kasamh Se has had those on rare occasion), this is one of the few serials where there has been a strong liking for certain characters and a strong disliking for others. Jai is furious about the pictures of Krishna and Atharva that Ganga unknowingly brings, and disrupts the party. As Bani admits Ganga into the hospital, she learns a shocking and devastating truth. However, Jai does not listen and locks her in a room. Meanwhile, Jai becomes abusive towards Meera and plans to give her a child. Please read the following before uploading. Arriving by her own free will at a house, she remembers three sisters and their happy moments there. However, Jigyasa and Karuna both see Daksh in the streets, and he soon committs a sacrifice to help Bani. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Meanwhile, Ganga and Jai have some more bitter encounters. Bani, Ganga, and Billo Massi go to the priest's house as suggested by their thakur, and there they make their new home. Meanwhile, Meera tries her best to find Bani in a hotel but fails. Surprisingly, Pia returns to the Walia mansion after seventeen years and reunites with the family and meets the children. but the police finally announces she's dead. Ganga tries to stop Jai from selling her canteen and with many various attempts, she succeeds. However, Jigyasa tries her best to hide the fact that Bani is in Meerut. However, Bani is convinced that Jigyasa did not murder Krishna and Atharva, and she and Meera visit Jigyasa in jail. Ranvir blackmails Bani with his CD of Pushkar and Pia, and he enjoys seeing her worry and panic. Jigyasa had killed Krishna and Atharva five years ago, but claims that she never meant to kill them. Pia plans on telling the family that Meera killed Krishna, Atharva, and Bani but Meera blackmails her and says if she does anything, Veer will be hurt. However, Meera is frightened by coming back to Mount Abu, and Bani's death anniversary does not help her in any way. Rano and Bani are upset by Pia's decision, and she still refuses to change her mind. The next day, the family goes on a picnic but Bani soon finds out that Jai is secretly searching for something in the outhouse. Fifteen days after Jai kicked Bani out of the house, Pia recovered and tried to tell Jigyasa who killed Krishna and Atharva. Bani tries to escape from the clutches of Meera, but does not escape. Bani and Jai chase after the cars who are holding Krishna and Atharva. When the ceremony goes horribly. This is one of the best Indian serials I have ever seen. They both have to stay in a hotel room together, but little do they know someone is behind all of this. Jai flat out refuses to wed Ganga into the Khanna family, and he and Rano plan to go to Mount Abu. Bani's boss, however, is an extremely strict man who is torturing her due to Jigyasa's orders. Bani and Pia then take Rano back to the Walia mansion from the hospital, but Bani soon finds out that Pushkar did not pay the balance amount at the hospital. Following the advice from their father, Bani, Pia, and Rano travel to Mumbai by train. believes Pushkar is Jigyasa's son. Meera invites Daksh to the Walia mansion, but Ganga soon learns that she will die, just like her siblings. He unfortunately dies, but he takes a promise. What has caused this abrupt change in Bani? father, and Bani next to the second wife, who knows what will occur! At the competition, however, Pronita meets Rano and Jai Walia. Meanwhile, Ganga has a school award ceremony at her school and Jai is the chief guest. Meanwhile, Bani frets over the secret in the orange envelope and tries to hide it from anyone else. However, Pia is secretly alright and in perfect condition as the family goes to Mount Abu for. Looking for some great streaming picks? wedding shall take place in Meerut, but someone needs to provide the food. Upon finally seeing Meera's face, Pronita goes into a state of shock and realizes she is Bani Walia. The story starts with young Ashoka (Siddharth Nigam) who is getting guidance from Chanakya(Manoj Joshi) . Meanwhile, Rashi prays for her husband Ranvir in jail, but Nachiket tells her to be careful for what she wishes for. Meera visits Bani, and is shocked by the rude way she treats her daughter. After seventeen years, Jai and Bani have a proper meeting and fall in love all over again. Check out our editors' picks for our favorite Prime Video original movies and TV series, including "The Boys," "Fleabag," and more. Insulted, Bani decides to leave the house until Pushkar finds out the truth. Ranvir secretly tapes Pia and Pushkar in the hotel room, and meanwhile Bani decides she must find a different place to live. Meera finally plans to kill Bani once and for all, but Jigyasa reveals herself to protect her. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Meera, however, gives up her wedding necklace and wants Jai and Bani to get back together. Daksh informs Bani that the murderer of the children has an odd shoe size, and the entire family goes to Jodhpur to pray at a temple. Ganga tries to adapt to the Walia mansion, but Jigyasa is appalled by how popular she is within the family. As Meera and Jai plan to get remarried, Pronita starts to concoct a plan to ruin Meera. An Ekta Kapoor Serial that deals with the trials and tribulations of three sisters, Bani, Pia and Rano. While Bani suffers from horrid coughing, Jai expresses her rage toward her. Meanwhile, Daksh is angry at Bani since he believes she switched Ganga's present and they have a small coversation outside. Not only that, but Meera and Jai are now divorced! However, Pushkar's actions greatly upsets Sahil's older brother. Bani, Pia, and Rano watch as their entire family celebrates with joy. Jai thinks about his intentions of getting close to Pia while Pushkar proposes to Pia. As Pronita visits Mount Abu, she begins to experience strange feelings and visions. She believes that Jai will give her more things that Pushkar could ever give. Jigyasa's plan finally works, and her actions cause effects which will separate Jai and Bani, possibly forever. Bani settles into the outhouse, but she a stone pillar falls onto her, giving her a serious head injury. Bani goes to Krishna's and Atharva's graves to lay flowers on them, but Jai violently pushes her out which brings Billo Massi and Jai face to face. Jai hires Bani as a waitress at his party, which leaves the entire Walia family in shock. Meera. Bani deposits one lac from the money she was given from the restaurant, and Pia signs up for the modeling job to. Jai, who is totally broken, does not know what to do, and seeks comfort from Billo Massi. Meera finds out Maithali is Bani, Ganga is truly Jai's daughter, and that Bani has blood cancer. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Jigyasa and Karuna concoct a plan to make Jai and Meera bonded forever, and Ganga happily goes to school. Ranvir is being cared for and Pia's condition is improving. Bani faces difficulties with the school she is trying to enroll Ganga in, and things may take a drastic turn when Jai is fatefully near Bani. Bani learns that the Walia mansion is going to distribute food to the poor, and she plans to go there to put some kumkum on Ganga. A small misunderstanding between Pushkar. The story revolves around the main protagonist, Saloni, and her struggle against the stigmas forced upon her by society and her quest to establish her unique identity. Meanwhile, Jai confesses to Jigyasa that he feels Bani has returned to Mumbai which greatly upsets her. Plot Keywords Soon after, however, Jigyasa tries to persuade Meera to adopt Ganga. As she wanders farther in a forest, she comes. However, when Jai finds out that Ganga is Bani's daughter, Pallavi's engagement party goes haywire. Rahul blackmails her to free his father from prison. Bani refuses to use Daksh's money to enroll Ganga in school, and she desperately searches for a job and she luckily gets one as a waitress. Meera is shocked when she finds out Jai has married Pronita. Story of Archana, whose sole objective is to fulfill the needs of her family and keep everyone happy. Bani plans to commit suicide and meanwhile Jai, in a fit of anger, destroys all of Bani's belongings. As Jai realizes how much he tortured Bani, Ranvir and Rashi are enjoying their time at Jodhpur. In his loneliness, he gets a heart attack and his daughters rush him to the hospital. As Ganga dances on the dance floor, she meets Rahul.

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