jeroboam perfume review

I am a man and I love everything that has tuberose in it, so count me in for this one. In in Dublin. I live in Italy. Greetings from Denmark. I think it is a verry The presentation of the bottle is amazing too. The fragrance is unusual, tuberose , patchouli and bergamot in a special bottle. From Jeroboam house I like Insulo – very beautiful vanilla perfume. Francois Henin, who is the owner of JOVOY PARFUMS RARE (be sure to read our recent We Love This Store here) and the founder of the Jovoy Paris brand indulged me and told me about the upcoming launch of 12 extraits. The musky, woody patchouli base sounds so beautiful. I am from Mi, USA. Exited to see how this brand grows up and creates his place into the heart and noses of niche perfumery lovers. Another great review by Sebastian. Haven’t tried the house, but have heard of them. I’ve known the house already since last year but never got the chance to smell their fragrances. Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the opportunity of the giveaway, and best of luck to everybody I love saffron, geranium and white musk in fragrances. Additionally, neither of the two makes me think particularly of the orange colour. I would love a bottle of this beauty. I’ve been binge watching Sebastian’s videos, trying to learn, and oh boy have I. I am familiar with Jeroboam, and to me Insulo is the best one. Sebastian review of Gozo reminded me of me eating Sour Cream Cake, with saffron orange glaze , with some tuberose flowers on the table. Wow! I also enjoyed Michelyn’s narative about the Jovoy and her enchanting words about the smells and the Island Gozo. As usual, Sebastian’s review is very interesting and particularly this perfume is appealing as a “floriental”. As for Michelyn’s introduction, I always admired the skill of finding out less known information. EU. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - Direitos reservados - náo copiar sem autorização prévia por escrito. Hauto is definitely one of the best white floral fragrances in the market and I got one for my mom. Michelyn’s Introduction hits the nail on the head with this line – “Niche is an overused word when describing “non commercial” fragrance.” I enjoyed reading about all those fragrances from back in 2015. It sounds magical. Really great review from Sebastián. Hope soon, Notes: Saffron, Tuberose, Bergamot, Geranium, Violet leaves, Cedar, White Musk, Patchouli, Ambroxan. Location, culture, language an odd mix of Arabic, Italian and French. Congrats on the review, Sebastian! Michelyn’s introduction about her 2015 Jovoy experience was nice to read about. And those touches of tuberose really adds such a great layer to it. Sebastian does a great review and love patchouli and saffron. I love the notes. This perfume sounds like a dream, It sounds wonderful! Thanks for the draw as well, i live in the EU. Florida, USA. Michelyn’s introduction, I am a bit envious of the fact that she had the opportunity to find out about the house from the owner. For Michelyn’s introduction, thanks for telling us the background story of the perfume! Love how Sebastian offers a very experiential almost tactile rendition of scents. I first knew the house of Jeroboam back in 2018, when I bought several fragrances in the Jovoy boutique and they sent me a ton of samples. Online agora: 227, Fragrantica in your language: Loving Sebastian’s reviews one more to add to my growing list of want to sniff. And vespero is like aventus with a leathery touch and much better performance. I am very intrigued to test this fragrance since i very much enjoy their creations. It draws your attention and you want to smell and feel it. This time was no different. It exists in Croatia, but the procurement is too complicated. I comment from Romania, EU. Watch Queue Queue USA, This Floriental Spicy sounds nice and unique. Sebastian’s review made very curious about Jerobaum brand. I love touberose! I own a bottle of Insulo and it’s is my no 1 musk fragrance. Thanks for “candy” description! Another great review from Sebastian First impression was it was a feminine perfume due to the orange bottle but seems more unisex from the breakdown of the notes. Thanks to his channel I discovered a lot of amazing fragrances. Love the new bottle color. I am not familiar with Jerobaum but Gozo would be a great way to start. I am very intrigued by the “orange candy” note that Sebastian is picking up on the fragrance and would be very grateful to participate in this giveaway. Would love to enter the giveaway, I’m from the UK, London. I love that they named a perfume after the island where I come from! For now VA only, Malta is really unique place for a different reasons. And possibly even taste it haha! I Like how Sebastian offers a very experiential almost tactile rendition of scents. Maybe that’s the magic of Gozo in the Maltese islands like Michelyn quotes! Another great review from Sebastian! Amantes dos perfumes: 24246 I am from Ohio, USA. Been a fan of these 2 houses for a while now! And when i heard it contains geranium, which i really like, i was even more interested , Bright and happy is how I feel today, first day of work for a long time I’m in Oregon, USA. Best of all worlds. Sebastian mentioned “spicy floral”, and I’m interested in the geranium and cedar notes. Great review as always from Sebastian. Hah, or better yet “caution.” Anyway, I haven’t tried any Jeroboam, but I do like and own some Jovoy. I can almost smell it while listening. The color, the candy like references, the tuberose note and spices in a unique melange. Thanks a lot USA, Everybody knows Jovoy if you’re a fragrance enthusiast, but Jeroboam I think not many know about. Sebastian’s ‘orange candy smell’ description sounds inviting. I love Mediterranean islands, so I would love to smell Jeroboam’s take on the sland of G.ozo. This fragrance really has my attention. This bottle looks absolutely amazing! Regards from the US. Greetings from Romania! I’m not familiar with any of the Jerobaum fragrances. When he mentioned an ambery quality, I was reminded of Jovoy Ambre Premie, my favorite from the house. Its coastal coves are like surreal postcards. Would love to try it just based on the color of the bottle! The scent is sweet-spicy. I am in the USA. Thanks a million from the United Kingdom, Ajail Abdulaziz one day told François Henin, the brand owner, about his experience of what he considers to be a glimpse of heaven on earth; the Maltese island of Gozo which has its own magical aspect. I just love Sebastian’s reviews and his knowledge. I love the story (relation to Malta), I love the colour and I love the notes (saffron, tuberose…) and I would love to be able to try it. Its coastal coves are like surreal postcards. I have followed Sebastian for a while and I love the way he can describe a fragrance. Maybe this is an incentive to grab the orange bottle more than we did the black ones.

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