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The Times printed it without fact-checking it, and the life of a famous young actress was destroyed. When the tip came in, a Times reporter passed it to the Metro editor, who sent it on to gossip columnist Haber. Letters to the Editor: Want better customer service? F.B.I. Nicholas Goldberg is an associate editor and Op-Ed columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Nov 11 The office suggested that the letter take this form: “I was just thinking about you and remembered I still owe you a favor. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. What’s more, he traffics in unfounded attacks and conspiracy theories — and he doesn’t need an FBI director or compliant newspaper editor to spread them; he can push them out to his 80 million Twitter followers himself. In 1979, she was found dead in her car on a Paris street after intentionally overdosing. When Newsweek magazine published in 1970 a short news article about Miss Seberg and her baby by “a black activist she met in California,” she and Mr. Gary filed a libel suit and won $10,000. Seberg and her family always denied it. (Hoover by that time was dead.) In a chance meeting during a flight, Seberg met the head of the group's Los Angeles chapter, Hakim Jamal, and through him became a financial supporter of the party and the target of the FBI. The Bureau would not name the “sensitive source” who provided the tip about the pregnancy nor the official who authorized the action on it, except to say that it was a headquarters supervisor. We see the same tools that are used to make cinema, the cameras and the microphones, turned against her. Joan,” among other films — spiraled into a long-term depression that led directly to her suicide on a Paris street a decade later. It was intended by the FBI to damage the reputation of the actress, Jean Seberg, as punishment for what the bureau saw as her radical political beliefs. A native of Iowa, Seberg got her start by chance, winning a talent contest, beating some 18,000 hopefuls and getting cast as Joan of Arc in Otto Preminger film "Saint Joan. She was 40 years old. So you're an actress playing another actress. Maybe some people don't. Column: Trump still hasn’t conceded. Why was The Times publishing irrelevant, unsourced, unchecked gossip on people’s sexual and marital activities at the behest of the FBI, and especially in such a racially charged manner? Miss Seberg was found last week in Paris, wrapped in a blanket and lying in the back seat of her automobile. Letters to the Editor: Other countries have reduced COVID-19 deaths without a vaccine. This was an example, after all, of what can happen when unbridled power rests in the hands of irresponsible officials. Can you have Thanksgiving during the COVID-19 pandemic? “Criminal conduct is the key requirement for all domestic invetigations of the F.B.I.”. Upon releasing the documents today, Mr. Webster said in a written statement: “The days when the F.B.I. His writing has been published in the New Republic, New York Times, Vanity Fair, the Nation, Sunday Times of London and Washington Monthly, among other places. Nov 12 Editorial: D.A.-elect George Gascón’s ban on new death sentences is a welcome change. When she was in a place and a time, that's where she was. It’s about the accountability and influence of the media, and the danger of dishonest, ad hominem attacks by government on individuals. Mr. Gary said at the news conference that his wife was seven months pregnant when she read articles about her and a Black Panther. He has been contemptuous of the rule of law. Welcome to our comprehensive gift guide for the 2020 holiday season. Please check your inbox to confirm. Her husband at the time of her death, Ahmed Hasni, an Algerian actor, said she had suicidal tendencies. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and its activities against him are well documented. no longer engaged in such activities. The election of George Gascón as L.A.'s district attorney moves us yet another welcome step away from capital punishment. Try being nice when you call. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover started a surveillance program to infiltrate and undermine groups the FBI considered subversive and a threat to the political order. All Rights Reserved. In their letter to headquarters, the Los Angeles agents suggested that the rumor be leaked to Hollywood gossip columnists by means of a letter from a fictitious person and assured headquarters that, “Usual precautions would be taken by the Los Angeles Division to preclude identification of the Bureau as the source of the letter if approval is granted.”. There was something reckless about her in every aspect. But its loss shouldn’t mean we give up on tax reform. For the "PBS NewsHour," I'm Jeffrey Brown. Why won’t we? While at New York Newsday in the 1980s and 1990s, Goldberg was a Middle East correspondent and political reporter. Two weeks after the column appeared, the F.B.I. Seberg, you got to stop. It's the latest in our ongoing Canvas series on arts and culture. They been pressuring me about that transfer to San Francisco. Maybe you can pick up like a certain magazine that you know lies to you, but people kind of typically know that those things are taken — you know, people take them with a grain of salt or whatever. What did you see in her that suggested a kind of an openness, a different kind of acting? Everyone's impression of is not necessarily going to be the same, and there's not a correct one. used derogatory information to combat advocates of unpopular causes have long since passed. Seberg became depressed, her career stalled, and she tried repeatedly to commit suicide. Who cares? She had donated more than $10,000 and may have been in a relationship with one of its members (leading the bureau to describe her internally as a “promiscuous and sex-perverted white actress”). Out with the essay collection ‘No One Asked For This,’ David talks candidly about nepotism, Pete Davidson and a terrifying, hilarious web of neuroses. Among other things, the bureau said: “The days when the FBI used derogatory information to combat advocates of unpopular causes have long since passed. Anyway, I thought you might get a scoop on the others.”, Headquarters granted approval, with this caveat: “ … to insure the success of your plan, Bureau feels it would be better to wait approximately two additional months until Seberg's pregnancy would be obvious to everyone.”, Headquarters also said, “Jean Seberg has been a financial supporter of the BPP and should be neutralized. There have always been leaders who see their own personal ambitions and grievances as more important than the democratic process. If Pfizer’s vaccine is successful in the U.S., we can lower death rates to levels that other countries have already achieved. The story is relevant today because we’re living through another era in which American democracy is in peril. On April 27, a cable was sent from the FBI’s Los Angeles office to Hoover requesting permission to “publicize the pregnancy of Jean Seberg, well known actress, by … By Wendell Rawls Jr. Special to The New York Times. I obviously wasn't around when that movie came out, but I don't think it was a very typical way of performing then. You know, I have never been so viciously attacked in the way that she was. Or just a doomed-to-fail tantrum by a sore loser? Some actress is just grabbing some publicity. The result, as Jon Wiener and Mike Davis put it in their new book, “Set the Night on Fire,” about L.A. in the 1960s, was “a cascade of disaster.” Seberg went into premature labor in August; the baby died two days after delivery. As with all documents released by the F.B.I., those relating to Miss Seberg were issued with names of all other living persons deleted. Of all the agency’s Nixon-era excesses, those undertaken as part of Hoover’s counterintelligence program, known as COINTELPRO, seem particularly villainous. FBI admits it planted rumor in '70 that actress Jean Seberg, who committed suicide, was pregnant by Black Panther Party member in effort to discredit her … Jean Seberg murió hace ahora 40 años, a finales de agosto de 1979. 's Los Angeles office forwarded it to Washington with a notation that it related to the prior communications between the office and headquarters. We have a couple of moments where we copy Jean perfectly, the famous ending of "Breathless" where she stares down the barrel of the camera, and it's a defining moment of modern cinema cafe. Shame on us. Kristen Stewart from the "Twilight" saga and, more recently, "Personal Shopper" and "Charlie's Angels," portray Seberg. She was reckless. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. The dear girl is getting around. Nov 11

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