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Recorded on July 2nd by a very tired Tim Smith and Christopher Russell, episode 90 is about the challenges faced in participating in, as well as running, our semester courses. The audio levels are low so you’ll have to turn it up, but I think we covered some interesting topics that make it worthwhile. It was hot and buggy and we were tired from a long semester, but we talked about events that were current and prognosticated on some […], In episode 89 Christopher and I discuss the philosophy of friluftsliv, a traditional Scandinavian approach to the natural world. But we also enjoy going light with improvised gear. Play Pause. PHOTO: Canoeing on a northern Maine lake Show Notes: […], We welcomed Ryan Holt into the studio for episode 92. About wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions, & the woods life. We talked about his work with the program, which is currently in year one. PHOTO: Pack and axe hanging in an axe. Media Hub for JMBS: Blog, Podcast, Videos. Want to learn more? Show Notes: JMB Podcast Episode 96 | Differentiating Professional Training Programs Ki Kid-Friendly? It’s different than how most people see nature in the USA, and is the basis for the part-time, yearlong immersion program we’re currently developing, to be run in southern […], We just wrapped up week 7 of the Wilderness Guide Training Semester. Hear the audio that matters most to you. Going light with homemade gear will recalibrate your baseline. Wilderness Instructor Development Process | JMB Podcast Episode 98, For episode 98 of the JMB podcast, we discuss the process of developing wilderness instructors and guides. Spring Semester Wrap-Up | JMB Podcast Episode 90 30:26. | JMB Podcast Episode 75, Information Vs. Education | JMB Podcast Episode 74, Traditional Canoe Skills & Why They Matter | JMB Podcast Episode 73, 7 Non-Bushcraft Skills Learned On The Wilderness Bushcraft Semester | JMB Podcast Episode 72, Solos & Maintaining Relationships While Working Outdoors | JMB Podcast Episode 71, Final Semester Expedition | Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast Episode 70, How To Choose A Wilderness Immersion Program | JMB Podcast Episode 69, Course Assessment Systems And Why Learn Latin Plant Names | JMB Podcast Episode 68, The Experiential Anthropological Approach | JMB Podcast Episode 67, Challenges Of Being A Professional Guide | JMB Podcast Episode 66, Halfway Day, Spring ’19 WBS | JMB Podcast Episode 65, All Knowledge Is Local | JMB Podcast Episode 64, Student’s Perspective Of The Wilderness Bushcraft Semester | JMB Podcast Episode 63, How To Know A Place | JMB Podcast Episode 62, Standards-Based Professional Training: What It Means | JMB Podcast Episode 61, Spring Semester, Week 2 | JMB Podcast Episode 60, Brushfire Rendezvous & Pulling A ’94 Ski-Doo Out Of The Snow | JMB Podcast Episode 59, Scott Oeth From Bull Moose Patrol | JMB Podcast Episode 58, Blake Towsley On Winter Camping & Making Gear | JMB Podcast Episode 57, Jeff Hatch, Raven Wilderness School | JMB Podcast Episode 56, Being Prepared For Winter With Ed Butler, Working Class Woodsman | JMB Podcast Episode 55, Winter Expeditions In Alberta With Dragan Uzelac | JMB Podcast Episode 54, Liquid Sessions Surf School In Costa Rica With JMB Alum Donovan Burgess | JMB Podcast Episode 53, Updates, UMPI & Building On Land You Own | JMB Podcast Episode 52, Teen Wilderness Living Semester | JMB Podcast Episode 51, Eating Well On The Trail And Listener Comments | JMB Podcast Episode 50, Expedition Behavior & Leadership | JMB Podcast Episode 49, Thru-Hiking The Appalachian Trail With David Callison | JMB Podcast Episode 48, Women In Bushcraft | JMB Podcast Episode 47, The Path To Becoming A Bushcraft Instructor | JMB Podcast Episode 46, Wilderness Bushcraft Semester Week 1 Review | JMB Podcast Episode 45, Fall 2018 Bushcraft Semester Begins | JMB Podcast Episode 44, What We’ve Been Up To | JMB Podcast Episode 43, Party In The Gaspésie | JMB Podcast Episode 42, Spring 2018 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester Wrap-Up | JMB Podcast Episode 41, Current & Upcoming Events | JMB Podcast Episode 40, Minimum Vs. Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn and many other services. We often discuss our traditional approach to camping, characterized by heavy gear and lots of it. Two weeks to go in the fall, 2020 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester. Tim and the gang provide an informational and comical experience discussing the realities of outdoor skills and outdoor living. Est. a “The most accomplished backwoodsman you’ll ever meet. Too much stuff gets in the way and becomes the focus. Listen in as they describe their experience and answer a few questions about it.PHOTO: Spring semester students at sunset on the Allagash.Show Notes: JMB Podcast Episode 97 | The Student’s PerspectiveKid-Friendly?Kid friendly, no profanity. Join Registered Master Maine Guide Tim Smith in the studio and in the field. PHOTO: First light on a lake in the North Maine Woods, photo by Christopher Russell and his fancy new camera.Show Notes: JMB Podcast Episode 95 | Minimalism In The WildKid-Friendly?Kid friendly, no profanity. Specifically, we had to medically evacuate a participant on the trip. Follow this podcast to find the latest episodes on wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions and the wood's life. a. We discuss the origin of […], In episode 79, we celebrate our friend and mentor Mors Kochanski who recently passed away. Loosely translated, it means “open air life”. It’s also about developing deep knowledge of problems to be solved. … PHOTO: SOTF Podcast Page. Sports, music, news and podcasts. […], For episode 84 of the JMB Podcast I sat down with Seth Walton from the Mid-Coast School Of Technology’s Outdoor Leadership Program in Rockland, Maine. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. I love your podcast and am always entertained plus I always learn something new! We outline the following steps to the process:* Take a course and get the Journeyman certification* Take a medical class, first aid or wilderness first responder* Take and pass the test to become a Registered Maine Guide* Go on a bunch of trips to learn the waterways and fine-tune your systems* Do a practicum, where you live with a certain level of (low) technology for 2-3 weeks to lock it in and make it part of youPHOTO: Poling on the St. Croix, the border between New Brunswick, Canada and downeast Maine.Show Notes: JMB Podcast Episode 98 | Wilderness Instructor Development ProcessKid-Friendly?Kid friendly, no profanity. Like. In episode 95 of the JMB Podcast Christopher and I discuss the idea of minimalism as compared and contrasted with ultralight in the backcountry. About wilderness guiding, teaching, expeditions, & the woods life. Very interesting podcast about survival and bushcraft in northern Maine. But we also enjoy going light with improvised gear. Jack Mountain Bushcraft Podcast podcast on demand - Media Hub for JMBS: Blog, Podcast, Videos. Listen in as they describe their experience and answer a few questions about it. PHOTO: Big breakfast in camp. This is Tim Smith.” – The Discovery Channel. If you’re interested in the […], Episode 81, the legend of the Iron Spoon. College-Accredited, GI Bill ® Approved. Keep up the good work fellas! Displaced Impact | JMB Podcast Episode 39, Traditional Maine Canoeing | JMB Podcast Episode 38, Standards-Based Guide And Outdoor Leadership Certifications | JMB Podcast Episode 37, Studying The Natural World | JMB Podcast Episode 36, Spring ’18 Wilderness Bushcraft Semester Week 1 | JMB Podcast Episode 35, Living Simply On The Land | JMB Podcast Episode 34, Myths, Fish, Gear & Minimum Viable Kit (MVK) | JMB Podcast Episode 33, Field Ops International | JM Podcast Episode 32, Primitive Wilderness Living Practicum | JMBP-E031, Sam Larson From The TV Show Alone | JMBP-E030, New College Partnership With U Maine Presque Isle | JMBP-E029, Winter Bushcraft Gear And Know-How | JMBP-E028, Jeff Butler, Canadian Guide & Musher | JMBP-E027, The Registered Maine Guide Episode | JMBP-E026, Crafting As A Necessity For Self Reliance | JMBP-E025, The Jack Mountain Bushcraft Teaching Process | JMBP-E024, What Veterans Need To Know About Jack Mountain | JMBP-E023, Professional Forager Jenna Rozelle Darcy | JMBP-E022, Chris Knapp From Koviashuvik Local Living School | JMBP-E021, The Outdoorsman’s Year And Does Technology Make Us Spectators | JMBP-E019, Skills, Culture And A Trip To Northern Quebec | JMBP-E018, Self Reliance Workshop Series & GALA | JMBP-E017, Crafting In Bushcraft & Education | JMBP-E016, Hiking The International Appalachian Trail | JMBP-E015, Christopher Russell Session 2 | JMBP-E014, Christoper Russell On Scholarships & Motivation, Wilderness Bushcraft Semester | JMBP-E13, The Self Component And The Importance Of Experience | JMBP-E12, Boreal Snowshoe Expedition 2014 Part 2 | JMBP-E09, Boreal Snowshoe Expedition 2014 Part 1 | JMBP-E08, About Jack Mountain Certifications | JMBP-E07, Snowshoe Expedition Preparation | JMBP-E06, Beyond Wallpaper: Nature In Outdoor Education | JMBP-E05, Wilderness Canoe Expedition Semester 2012 | JMBP-E04, Wilderness Survival Principles | JMB Podcast Episode 3, Journeyman Program Philosophy Of Accountability | JMBP-E02, New Podcasts Archive On The Jack Mountain Bushcraft Site. Links:* The Friluftsliv Forest Program – Yearlong Immersion Program In Vermont, 1 Weekend Per Month* JMBS Master Calendar Apple Podcasts | Play, Download Or Subscribe In Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts | Play, Download Or Subscribe On Google PodcastsStitcher | Play, Download Or Subscribe In StitcherSpotify | Play, Download Or Subscribe On SpotifyTuneIn | Play, Download Or Subscribe On TuneIn, The Advanced Skills Are The Basics Mastered | JMB Podcast Episode 93, In episode 93 we get listeners caught up with current events, then discuss how in bushcraft (and many other aspects of life), the advanced skills are the basics mastered; there is not a separate set of skills for advanced practitioners.

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