is assassin's creed odyssey difficult

Take it away, past-Stephen and past-Kirk. Stephen: I was asking about Origins because how I played that one has had a big impact on how I set Odyssey, but the experience so far has been different. I think I may have been spoiled by Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s unusual trio of difficulty options: I wish there were an option to lower the naval combat difficulty and leave everything else the same! I do know that that upcoming Ubisoft pirate game, Skull & Bones, lets you switch to enemy sails and fool other ships into thinking you’re a friendly. I do get the sense that this stuff has been carefully arranged, even if naval combat does seem more chaotic and less cleanly designed than on-foot combat. ... discussion and more about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. So far I'm up to level 9 and as long as you stay on top of keeping gear up to date you should be fine. I think that’s one thing that Orgins really failed at. Same, some lieutenants would kill you in one combo. The menus do warn you that playing on hard will force you to use all of the available systems, and I haven’t yet checked out some of the deeper stuff like engravings, which I would imagine could make things more doable. Kirk: Flaming arrows seem good? Heck, before you dock in the second town, you have to clear out a three-ship blockade. As someone who agrees and was on Nightmare mode for most of Origins: this one is wayyyy better balanced, and I'd actually recommend just playing on Normal! You don’t have access to a bag of tricks that lets you get around or outsmart tough enemies the same way you do when doing sneaky-stabby stuff. This means you will find yourself fighting outside of Stealth often, which is much more diffic… I upgraded my hull to the point that I can have four lieutenants, which gives me more muscle during boardings and makes my ship able to withstand a lot more damage. For news, discussion and more about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. Maybe his gears are quite underleveled or he's fighting guys that are many levels above him? I therefore feel myself improving and am thinking the designers just didn’t mean for me to take on the Conquest battle yet. And it took him 30 hours of playing before he was able to really do it properly. (Readers: get this skill asap!) I'm playing on nightmare and while the fights can be really hard, it doesn't necessarily mean they will take half an hour to finish. One of the issues I’m running into with Conquest Battles is that I’m making a stealth assassin build, but those battles force you into open combat. It could be intentionally tuned to squeeze more money out of players, sure. If you play on hard or below the combat really isn't difficult. I’ve seen people posting on various forums that they’re surviving the game on the even harder Nightmare difficulty, so I know it’s possible to make this work, but man, those naval fights just feel like a brick wall to me. And it has been a blast. go balanced and you will have a more fun approach. You can't have better AI and at the same time support decade old hardware. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). It always annoyed me that, for example in Halo, I can't have the improved enemies and aggressive, relentless AI of Legendary mode, with the damage stats of Normal. you can always 1 shot assassinate normal guards on all difficulty as long as the enemy is at or below your level, the weapon your using is at your current level and put at least some points into assassin perks, after leveling a bit i could 1 shot Elites with a CRIT Critical Assassination and this is on a Pure Nightmare Diff, altho if your a pure warrior or hunter build then yeah, you might not be able to assassinate a normal guard. In Odyssey, mostly on mercenaries and mythical beasts you find it that you just don't make enough damage while they can beat you on a single missed parry. Kirk: I haven’t really gotten the sense that my progress is being throttled in an unusual way, at least not so far. At first, I really didn't enjoy this game, but now I love it. I’ll leave our original conversation intact after this update, since it was a cool conversation that captured a lot of our early(ish) impressions, but I wanted to add a few additional thoughts up front since I’ve played so much more. Alexios shows off how big his mace is Lurk in the shadows. I'm on nightmare mode btw. It only gets hard when you play a glass-cannon build on nightmare. All rights reserved. Even the gods were pathetically easily. Upgrading the ship is even more expensive. Naval is what’s crushing me now, Conquest battles to a lesser extent. Once I invest more in my ship, I’m sure I’ll do even better. Update 10/08: Hello, everyone! how the existence of microtransactions poisons the video-game well. I played the first time, for review, on normal. 26 hours in and still havent done the like 3th or 4th main story missions. So, I’m already at a disadvantage even on normal difficulty. Went from normal to nightmare to give you an idea and its only the combat which changed for me so far. If that’s not the case, there’s still the difference between land combat in which your XP gains let you unlock new skills and naval combat where you upgrade your ship’s capabilities primarily by spending wood, ore and other materials on hull, crew and weapon improvements. That came out in a patch. 327k. One-hit kill for assassin-oriented ships. And the game wound up being very satisfying in terms of difficulty. I don’t want to knock the difficulty down for naval, because I want to trust that the designers are just signaling me that I am not supposed to be this nautically pugnacious yet. The moment I unlocked the “Second Wind” healing ability, the whole game got waaaay easier. From the looks like it it only increase the combat difficulty exactly like origin with no bonus from what I can tell but I can be wrong since I haven’t payed that much attention, Thanks, just haven’t heard anything about it this time around.

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