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I’ve been singing praises of the Bugout this whole review, but here’s where the real criticism begins. All images courtesy of Smoky Mountain Knife Works – Both the Bugout and the Griptilian are set up for tip up carry, and you can swap the clip to either side on both knives…, Personally, I prefer to carry tip down, but I don’t mind tip up carry too much when I’m carrying a knife design that I really like (and I like both the Bugout and the Griptilian)…, I do like that Benchmade gives you the flexibility of changing the clip to either side because that allows you to set up the knife for right handed or left handed carry very easily…, And like I said, the tip up carry isn’t that big of a deal for me even though I prefer tip down carry. Speed is important, but I also make note of if a knife ever fails to lock up. Once Benchmade works their custom shop out with bugouts it will be super popular! First of all, I prefer the CPM S30V blade steel you get on the Bugout over the 154CM steel on the Mini Griptilian because it will hold its edge for a longer period of time…, I also prefer the size and shape of the handle on the Bugout. ], Spyderco Chaparral Vs Native 5 [Which Is The Better Knife For You? Own a formerly white mini-bugout…Did a Black Rid Dye on scales, and now it is all blacked out. I think the bugout colors look less scary but is also a larger knife. Flytanium has found a fix for this. It’s a practical knife that will mostly do everything you need and practically disappear in your pocket when you don’t need it. I can't see either being a bad choice. SMKW’s Swaggs: She’s just one of the knife ‘Guys’ you don’t wanna miss, The new Benchmade Mini Osborne 945BK-1 set for pre-Black Friday arrival, Small and sturdy, the Benchmade 15017-1 Hidden Canyon Hunter is built to last, Check out the small, pocket friendly multi-use Benchmade Tengu Tool. From centering and action, to blade grind, and beyond, we’ve all heard it. Alas, some twenty years after the introduction of Good Ole C28, Benchmade has a response and it is a chorus of angels singing. Very well! I really prefer OD Green… I need a knife with a strong aftermarket mod community. What can’t be denied is the impact of the Bugout on the knife community. Benchmade knows how to make a great EDC knife…, They’ve been doing it for a long time, and their designs continue to be very high quality and very functional for a lot of different everyday tasks…. In addition to that, the Bugout can be had with either a plain edge or a serrated edge…, Benchmade’s serrated edge is really a combination edge with the top half of the blade being a plain edge and the lower half being serrated…, Personally, I prefer the plain edge version because it’s just easier to sharpen, but I know there are a lot of guys out there who really like serrated blades and I’m glad that Benchmade gives you that option…, You can also get the Bugout with a satin finished blade or with a black coated blade, and the thumb stud allows you to quickly and easily open the blade with one hand…, Now like I mentioned earlier, the handle is made from glass filled nylon which is extremely lightweight.

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