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We have six acres and a fair size garden. Annuals can bring bright seasonal color to a garden. Damerow’s position is supported by poultry veterinarian Julie Gauthier: “…cases of chickens being poisoned by…yard plants are uncommon…Many types of plants make noxious substances that discourage herbivores from eating them into extinction. If you’ve had chickens for long, you probably have noticed that they eat all day long. Our friend Kevin Fletcher of New Country Organics had this to add: If you are looking for ground cover to use near chickens I would suggest White Clover. Photo by Kate Baldwin. [Video], Living in a Dumpster, For a Full Year – Meet the New 1%, Homestead Stories: A Colorful Zinnia Extravaganza. On the other hand, some plants on the chicken run are great for scratching. i am a vegan + averse to taking the life of any development, but realize that chickens do likely enjoy life as myself, could you please inform me on chickens and how to raise them so that they enjoy life to the utmost? To aid in a chicken’s overall health, sage is a worthy plant to grow. Buckets within buckets for a watering system due to heat and evaporation here in Florida and the chickens can not dig into the roots that way. Not only will the seeds of this plant provide you with a delicious treat, but your chickens … [Buy], A great general plant for chicken health. While many people consider them weeds, Chickweed, Dandelions, and Nettles are also decent additions as well. They’ve never touched them! It’s their own little garden! So helpful and informative. when im out gathering or hunting if im eaten by a bear cougar wolf pack of coyotes or fishing and eaten by a shark i would understand that im part of the food chain. Sunflowers. The cuddly, friendly, many-coloured Pekins are ideal for families with young children and modest gardens. From choosing chicken breeds and chicken coops to selecting chicken-friendly hardscapes and vegetation, Bloom outlines the best tools for building a chicken-friendly space. Here are some of the best chicken-friendly plants to grow next to your flock's coop. Inside.] for example , trying of dried olive leaves in feed free range of chicken .. it will probably cause pass of oleropein which is rich in also in olive and cause decrase serum level in human, but never forgor cholesterol is very important and NOBADY can cause decrease in egg cholesterol!, chick needs that cholesterol for embrionic development. By Bonnie Jo Manion, Robert T. Ludlow . But what about your food? Tasty stuffed with a sausage/ricotta mixture then fried, the chickens love them also fresh off the vine. I was wondering what you might recommend as a climbing plant to grow on my coop for shade?Thank you. For warm enough places, Moringa might work – super plant. So – this post is focused on plants you can grow next to the chicken coop for the chickens to eat – but it’s probably good to note that we’re not recommending planting those for human consumption. Grapes– Perennial, Hardy, Slow growth, Sun. I’m in hot and windy west Texas. Thank you. Explore. Putting dried lavender in your DIY chicken coop or near your chicken run can have calming effects on the chickens as well as being a natural air freshener. Marya Casey. Check out the following plants that will make your chickens day a little sunnier: Pumpkins. I’m thinking of putting sunchokes and comfrey along a fence so the poultry can control them from one side without threatening the other.

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