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His replacement, Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, was captured. The 20 Most Dangerous Places for LGBTQ+ Travelers, “Located in the heart of Africa, Nigeria ranked as the #1 most dangerous country for members of the LGBTQ+ community. .some are insane, troublemaking, abusive and worse yet DRUG DEALERS (who give out our safety key pad codes for their buyers. These criminal organizations have found a special interest in the region due to the drug and people trafficking network. They rely on local governments to give them the numbers. “There are also no constitutional or broad protections for LGBTQ+ rights under federal law in the U.S. Population: 5,084,127 Alaska is the most dangerous state in the United States. “Recently, there have been death threats by Ethiopia’s Orthodox Christian community over gay tourism to the country, putting LGBTQ+ tourists at risk.”, “Renowned throughout the world for its ancient pyramids and historical and religious significance, Egypt is a massive tourist destination for international travelers everywhere. The FBI data reports the number of violent crimes per one hundred thousand people in each state and territory by year, so it is a way to assess the odds of experiencing violent crime in different states. George, do you regularly visit any Indian reservations, by any chance? Not New Mexico But I guess that’s why you hedged and said “almost” any part of NM, right? Don’t forget to mention how New York city has an extremely low crime rate and also has one of the least populations of black people out of the big cities. The U.S. might have come far, but it has a long way to go in terms of LGBTQ+ rights, especially for young transgender people.”. Now living in Michigan where the first thing I learned was to change the subject when someone asks, “are you looking at me”? Turns out Alaska is the most dangerous state in all of America. In this column, "Transformative Travel," I look at how travel can change women's lives. People only imagine it to be rural because they aren’t thinking hard enough about the actual, everyday circumstances of the people who live there. It still dominates north-west Mexico and is reported to have a presence in cities ranging from Buenos Aires to New York. It has downed an army helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade, killed dozens of state officials, and has even been known to hang the bodies of its victims from bridges to intimidate its rivals. Let’s see you talk like that after just living here for a week, if you’re not robbed or stabbed. Might it be that it was a slave state and the population is mostly black in many areas?!?!?! Your email address will not be published. A new report details the most dangerous—and safest—places for gay travelers. So your theory does nothing to account for why New Mexicans are suffering violent crime at 4 times the rate of the safe states. I’m guessing the FBI is not high. That’s right small minds, there is a difference between being intelligent and acting like everything that offends you is wrong. New Mexico has moved back and forth between the number 1 spot and number 2 spot with Alaska each of the past six rankings now. Alabama is the seventh-most dangerous state in the United States. Murder is Harder to Hide, and that is where Baltimore, Chicago and DC garner the spotlight. It’s also not a testament to the effectiveness of local law enforcement. Out of the violent crimes, 498 were murders, the 13th-highest number in the country. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. But in July 2019, the drug lord was sentenced to life in prison following one of the most high-profile trials in recent US history. According to the report, a few factors, such as adoption recognition and worker protections, may not affect travelers directly but are a good indication of overall attitudes within the culture. Why? The cartel then split into multiple factions with different leaders. And everyone reading this survived the danger, so we have proven that we are all badasses. A monster killing a little angel. These cartels control vast areas of the country and are also responsible for political corruption, assassinations and kidnappings. Mexico police kill 19 gunmen in big Sinaloa shootout, The Russian provinces buckling under Covid-19. Finishing the ten most dangerous states in the United States is Arizona, which has a violent crime rate of 474.9 per 100,000. I live in one of the states listed, and have been to several others, my state doesn’t even compare to a state like California when it comes to crime. thank you, sir. In Sweden, the safest country in the world for gay travelers. Thats the magic of facts and research. DO YOUR GOD DAMN RESEARCH. The Sinaloa cartel is said to be the most dangerous and powerful in the world, responsible for a huge number of lives lost in Sinaloa. Only Albuquerque and anything along I40 I10 n I25 all drug roots east west norht south. Don’t freak out. Before that, I was deputy editor of Travel & Leisure. Globally, it ranks at number 19 in the list of countries with the highest rate of intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the most recent figures gathered by the United Nations. A lack of leadership caused the Zetas to splinter and allowed rival groups to assert dominance, according to analysis from Insight Crime, which monitors organised crime in the Americas. About the only good thing I can say about New Mexico is the land is beautiful. Mexico has nearly 6,000 miles of coastline, much of it beautiful beach. The property crime rate in New Mexico is also 3,420 per 100,000, the highest in the country. Watching the news out here in Albuquerque can be downright disgusting on a pretty regular basis. If you don’t even know elementary school geography, I doubt we can trust you with any sort of useful information. READ MORE: “Revealed: 5 Best States In America For Gay Travelers (And The 5 Worst)”. Formed in about 2010, the Jalisco cartel is the strongest and most aggressive competitor to the Sinaloa. Chris Kolmar has been in the real estate business for almost ten years now. You may opt-out by. “Under state interpretation of Sharia law, homosexuality in Malaysia results in up to 20 years in prison, whipping and fines.”, “The punishments for homosexuality in Malawi have earned this African country spot #10 on our list,” says Fergusson. His younger brother, Omar Treviño Morales, took over but was also caught in 2015. The safest? I personally can’t sleep when I hear this. I feel that we as Americans need to develop a system to figure out which type of neighbor, person would shoot a child with a gun. Believe it or not, but little New Mexico, one of the least densely populated places in the country, has the second highest crime rate in the nation. In those population centers, crimes happen. On the other hand, the United States did not do as well in the survey—coming in 24th out of 150 countries. And why in god’s name would any state lie to make themselves look more crime-ridden than they actually are? Most them are not, in any way, living out in “the country”. Following this is the list of the five safest places for LGBTQ+. Population: 4,659,978 What’s the most dangerous state in America? Louisiana’s high crime rate can be explained by its poverty rate of 18.6% and its unemployment rate of 4.9% since crime rates tends to be higher in lower-income areas with fewer economic opportunities. Sounds like you are a follower type that believes anything you are told. Too many years of law making by the ‘good ol’ boys’ club as far back as the 40’s and to some current laws. South Carolina is notoriously bad for property crimes, especially in places like Myrtle Beach, which is a major tourist draw. At the end of it all, everyone gets married to a member of the opposite sex and nothing is spoken about.’”, “In the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank, the anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment is taken very seriously, with homosexual acts resulting in up to 10 years in prison,” says Fergusson. Violent Crimes Per 100k: 543 (4th worst) Roadsnacks.net: the most idiotic site on the Internet. “This is horrifying,” says journalist Lyric Fergusson, who runs a blog with her husband Asher that is focused on travel safety. Every day in the news and the news paper at least ten people are reported to be victims of drive by shootings or deadly assaults. Despite this, the Sinaloa Cartel remains hugely powerful. Then they rank Louisiana 3rd and South Carolina as 4th. Guess who accredits them. A view of Mt. We have very few laws with ‘teeth’ or that give the legal system here and real strength or authority however there are TONS of loopholes. The journalists looked at the top 150 most-visited countries in the world by the number of incoming tourists, then ranked them using eight factors, including laws against gay relationships, legal protection against discrimination and more. Prosecutors said Guzmán had trafficked cocaine, heroin and marijuana, and kept a network of dealers, kidnappers and assassins on his payroll. Under his leadership, the cartel garnered a fierce reputation for violence and outfought several rival groups. Where it’s normal to have kids as young as three being shot weekly.

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