i don't want friends is this normal

Roberta Battaglia: This 10 Year Old Singer Was Crying... 6 Reasons Why You Don't Need Friends Around You – One Life Community. Here’s what to do if you have no friends and social anxiety. Because you don't have any friends, that's why! We’ll talk more about how to do that later in this guide. If you find yourself pushing for more than your friend can give, then try contacting your friend a bit less. SocialPro works together with psychologists and doctors to provide actionable, well-researched and accurate information that helps readers improve their social lives. To make friends with someone, we need to spend a lot of time with that person. In addition to taking initiative, you’ll find advice on how to polish up on your social skills at the end of this guide. We might blame others, our life situation, or almost feel cursed. What about trading numbers so that we can keep in touch?”. But on the off-chance that such terrible misfortune befalls you, you know who you could count upon? It can be helpful to break down your goals into small steps. Here’s some advice. And with your entire room empty, you don't want them to take up even a small part of it. Improving your confidence If you dare to be friendly, more often than not, people will be friendly back. You won't have to spend less than 1% of your salary for buying something that isn't even meant for you. I didn’t knew people were meeting and ask to meet others, general social things..cause I spent most of my younger playtime, playing with dolls and staying at home(was not much of an extrovert) I was out playing with others till I was 8-9 years I guess but something changed? They started glaring at me and whispering to each other when I come into contact with them or even walk by. Ask yourself if this might be the case in your life. Other sensitive people probably aren’t the ones who get a lot of attention; they might be “alone in a corner”, like you describe yourself in middle school. Up to this point, we’ve been talking about life situations, underlying factors, and common mistakes that make it hard to make friends. 30-50% of people in the world are introverts. Do this successfully and you will have created a circle of friends which is more resilient and likely to last. All Rights Reserved | Contact Us | Privacy Policy, “I Have No Friends” – 10 Things You Can Do If You Feel This Is You, 7 Alternative Social Activities For Those Who Have No Close Friends, 10 Ways To Make Your Friendships Closer Than Ever Before, 14 Signs Of Fake Friends: How To Spot One A Mile Off, 9 Types Of Friends To Ditch (Without Feeling Bad For It), 10 Confidence Hacks For The Socially Awkward Person. The more hours you put in, the better you’ll get at it. No matter what people tell you, it’s completely OK to have no friends. However, if you feel like you constantly meet this type of person, you want to evaluate if you might misinterpret others’ actions. Just of a smaller and non-worthy form. I can’t control any of that.”. Having low self-esteem, causing us to use negative self-talk, such as “You’re worthless”, “Why would anyone want to be your friend”, etc. This is especially true if you all share interests or have similar temperaments. This is why classes and regular meetups are good venues. They can help you give personalized tools to control your anger. Even if I don’t meet certain social standards. However, it becomes more enjoyable when you notice that your skills improve. The main article goes into detail about each of these steps and more. I classify myself as someone who used to be a hypersensitive person who would get offended by the slightest remarks and not know what to do about those feelings. Some people like being alone and won’t want to talk, but some people might appreciate having someone take an interest in getting to know them. The upside of living in a rural area is that it’s often more intimate; usually, everyone knows everyone while a city can be more anonymous. They may need you to be able to ‘talk out your troubles’ with others, so they aren’t your only outlet. For some with bipolar disorder, it can be impossible to stop talking. You guys come in a variety of packaging. You can try changing your default switch to ‘Why not?’. Psychologist Elaine Aron describes sensitivity as a “trait”, with 20% of the population qualifying as “highly sensitive”. I always feel so different, like an outsider. The new plan may not be better or worse, just different. It's so self-developing! Now you’ve closed in on what the problem might be and you know what to work on. I know there are a lot of parenting cynics out there. Here’s a quick summary of some of the steps that we’ll go through. The thought “I have no friends” is often accompanied by another thought of “and I don’t know where to find them.” But there are plenty of opportunities out there. Every little bit helps. But another explanation could be that they are truly overworked or have personal reasons for canceling. Perhaps something happened in their lives, or maybe they are selfish or even sociopaths. This explains why it’s so hard to make friends with someone we just meet at a meetup once. It’s also good to take any opportunity to spend time together with people: Make sure to accept invitations and do things together with other people as often as possible. Well, the answer is that you might not even realize that you are doing it. We’ll then identify your specific situation: Do you have friends but have recently realized that you can’t count on them? You want to find a balance where you both feel comfortable. However, I grew a lot being alone and not following my friend’s and family’s interest. Don’t forget that you can still keep in touch with your old colleagues even if you don’t work together anymore. Often, there are underlying reasons for not having friends. Do you meet people on a regular basis but can’t seem to form a connection with them? The thought “I have no friends” is often accompanied by another thought of “and I don’t know where to find them.”. I’m afraid I come off as awkward or weird and if someone doesn’t talk to me as much I assume they don’t like me.”. Take the initiative by inviting them over for dinner or drinks. What I still have problems with are not thinking too much about what others think of me wayy to much and not totally changing my personality. Note: if you’re actually an outgoing and social person, but your personal situation has changed and you miss having friends around you – maybe you’ve relocated, left work to have a baby, recently retired, or something else – the advice in this article is still relevant to you and worth taking on board. It’s proof that you’ve been brave enough to take the initiative. Other good places to look are Facebook groups and subreddits. Give yourself a chance to adapt. We tend to bond faster when we have back-and-forth conversations: we share a little about ourselves, then listen attentively to the other person, then share a little more, and so on.[9]. This is not a bad thing by any means, and it can help you to practice your social skills in a safe environment, but don’t rely too heavily on friendships of this type. [13] In fact, one of the reasons for having social anxiety is being too concerned with what people think. That's right. Therefore, it’s common for people to feel lonely after moving. If you currently have no friends, it can be tempting to opt for a more surface-level connection, one which carries fewer risks and is easier/quicker to form. For others, it can be manageable with techniques. No reasons here. Making new friends You can read more about this under, Some don’t like socializing because they feel anxious or don’t know what’s expected of them, how to act, or what to say.

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