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Do you have a question about this achievement? For these achievement you need the "Sleep Darts" and the "Animal Taming" Skill in the Seer Skilltree. Assassin’s Creed Origins has a total of 51 Trophies (1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 15 Silver, 34 Bronze for a total of 1230 points). ACO has the biggest game world from all Assassin’s Creed games to date. View 4 more guides for this achievement. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "f8842703af7242c9ac1ca7f67bb07813" );document.getElementById("9331f242cf").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2008-2020, all rights reserved. Have you got any tips or tricks to unlock this achievement?Add a guide to share them with the community. Get the sleeping dart unlocked in your abilities and find a camp that holds lions (or find one in the wild) and tame him with the suggested button. Filed Under: Assassin's Creed Origins, Trophy Lists, Your email address will not be published. trophy in Assassin's Creed Origins (PS4), Roooaaarrrrr! Required fields are marked *. Unlock the "Sleeping Dark" and "Animal Taming" ability and find a lion in a camp or wild. To obtain this trophy you will need to have a legendary item in all equipment slots. The Set-up Date achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins worth 18 points Bring a tamed lion to a crocodile. Here is a quick video guide on how to get this achievement along with the Set-Up Date achievement because they are complementary. Your email address will not be published. This is a 2 trophy guide. In this game you have 3 tiers for your equipment: common (blue), rare (purple) and legendary (yellow/gold), the latter of which is the most powerful. Use the sleeping dark on the Lion and use the Triangle button to tame him. For Roar you need to tame a lion. This is an easy platinum, it’s just a bit time consuming. 268,634 Game Owners 494 Recent Players 74,148 (27.6%) Platinum Achievers 42% Average Completion 7,932,138 Trophies Earned 19,455 (7.24%) 100% Completed Games › Assassin's Creed Origins Trophies Please post it in the, Assassin's Creed Origins Achievement Sessions, Roooaaarrrrr! Assassin's Creed Origins is Deal of the Week on the EU PS Store: Nov 07, 2018: Ubisoft Opens New Studios in India and Ukraine: Mar 23, 2018: Next Assassin's Creed Could Be Set in Greece, Out 2019 - Report: Mar 20, 2018: Assassin's Creed Origins Curse of the Pharaohs DLC Out Tomorrow, Here's a Launch Trailer: Mar 12, 2018 Below you can find the full Assassin’s Creed Origins trophy list: I was lucky enough to play the game early and can say that these trophies look super easy. achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins (PC), © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. In the territory Sapi-Res Nome is … Assassin’s Creed Origins has a total of 51 Trophies (1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 15 Silver, 34 Bronze for a total of 1230 points). So for Roar you need to tame a lion, how i did this was simple. The open world is massive and you must complete all locations (question marks on the map). Assassin's Creed Origins has implemented a difficulty setting in the game, although there are no difficulty related trophies meaning you can enjoy the game on any difficulty you please. You can also complete side quests, go to undiscovered locations to collect new missions and find loot to … October 10, 2017 by PowerPyx Leave a Comment. Below you can find the full Assassin’s Creed Origins trophy list: Assassin’s Creed Origins Trophies Guide not helping? Assassin’s Creed Origins Trophy Guide & Roadmap, Spider-Man Miles Morales All Postcard Locations & Solutions, Spider-Man Miles Morales All Sound Sample Locations, Demon’s Souls PS5 Remake Spells & Miracles Locations, Demon’s Souls PS5 Remake All Rings Locations, Demon’s Souls PS5 Remake Boss Guide (All Bosses). You should do this together with the "Set-up Date" achievement. You don’t even need all the collectibles, just 12 stone circles which are marked by white question marks on the map. Welcome to the Assassin’s Creed Origins Trophy Guide! This is a 2 achievement guide. You can do them in any order you like. If you want to learn more about the trophies, check out the full Assassin’s Creed Origins Trophy Guide & Roadmap.

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