how to sew ties into duvet cover

Thanks so much for the great tut. Or leave the top center panel whole and cut the others into even widths? More of these please! With some tweaking this is so perfect! Thanks for the great tutorial. The dimensions are 36×50. Turn right side out and place on the bed. I use the top of the sheets for the bottom of the duvet, then I don’t need to hem the fabric. Toddler Bed – Final Dimensions 33″ X 42″ (two pieces 34″X49.5″) Will I just need to piece more than one cut of fabric together somehow? Excellent explanation, Lisa, on the tie/loop solution to quilts slipping inside the cover. I am so excited about this post!! I need the sturdyness with two boys. Forgot to add king size bed, and 20 inch drop. How do you keep the comforter from sliding around inside the cover? Duvet covers are so expensive! We have two King XL duvets that I cannot find affordable covers for, and leaving the white duvet on our bed with two big dogs have proven to be not the best decision, I really need to go to the laundry mat! Hope this helps! Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I just bought two beautiful curtain panels to use as the top of my king size duvet…it looks very expensive, but it only cost $60 since i used an old flat sheet as the backing! But what if we told you that, in this case, custom is cheaper than off the rack? The woman, who goes by the name shadyysandyy on the popular video platform, shared a pretty genius hack for putting your duvet inside the cover. Full – Final Dimensions 84″ by 96″ (two pieces 85″X103.5″) What do you suggest the best way to do a duvet cover for something larger than a toddler size cover? I like the snaps! question – can you do a lining fabric – will it affect the dimensions of the fabric? I used snap tape… cheating I know, but so quick and so easy!I also backed mine with flannelette for extra warmth because miss 4 seems to always lose her sheets down the end of the bed at some point, and because their duvets almost always end up in the lounge room each morning for early morning cuddles/tv. Beautiful photos by the way! This is what I plan to do to secure mine. My issue is the opposite…..the cover needed washing. I should have just put the link to the set of pictures, which shows all the details too…. I sewed them in place by hand with a couple small stitches in the very center of each piece. I want to give him a sturdy side and myself a soft comfortable side. Any advise on adding the ruffle would be appreciated. I have a post with 14 other similar beds here: You could just line the whole top by pinning to a sheet and top-stitching the top to it along the lines of your patchwork. *If you find yourself head over heels for designer bedding, check to see if you can buy two flat sheets from the line, and use these to sew your own duvet cover. Was it all bunched up? Hugs, Jamie, Thank you. Today our website is featuring duvet covers for Dog and Cat beds from Molly Mutt. diy projects Thank you for a very easy to follow tutorial. That is a great idea, I have the same problem too! My mother made me an awesome duvet cover for college (many years ago) out of two Indian bed-spreads. Plus i wanted upholstery quality, not quilting…. Wow! Thanks for the help! (0: Love the french seams! You could also opt for velcro, snaps or ties. Since there is not fabric as wide I was thinking o using a king size sheet and adjust it to the measurements so I do not have to worry about sewing pieces of fabric. I found a pair of sheets that I’m using to make a duvet cover. Thank you! Cut this long strip into 4 pieces, 24 inches each. You can not buy a piece of fabric from joanns unless it is tulle, the cheap kind. About half of them came off the fabric after a couple of washings. I’ve loaded Then you’ll need to add 1.5″ to the length for seam allowance, plus 6″ for our closure area. An economic tip for anyone who’s interested in sowing … try to make use of any existing material. I plan to use twill tape in the corners to hold the insert in place, but the duvet I’m using as a guide has only a partial opening with the buttons attached to be hidden. Mine DON’T BUDGE! This is awesome! It is so nice to have a wide hem for buttonholes and also for allowing the opening to lay flat. Since I live in Minnesota, you never know when it will start to snow. It’s true — because you can make this one yourself! If you have fabric you want to turn into sheets (or just don’t have sheets that are large enough to cut down into a duvet cover), DIY your own. It’ll actually be my very 1st “sewing machine” project hehe. The first one was a great success except that the snap fasteners (to close off the bottom) didn’t work too well. Great project – but annoying pop-up advertising for cat litter in every image. Place the front and back together with wrong sides facing, pinning each side seam in place. I would point out that lots of quilting shops and on line suppliers sell fabric intended as “”quilt backing. One side will be for one holiday and the other side will be for the next holiday. I have plenty of cool sheets I plan to use for a duvet! Sew all three sides at ½” seam allowance, pivoting at the corners and avoiding the folded edge. ” I stuck the term in the search box at my supplier of choice and page after page came up of material from 110″-118″ wide–clip the selvages, make two seams and a hem and install your fasteners. When using muslin, as well as any fabric, be sure to wash and dry before cutting and sewing — muslin does shrink a little in that first launder. The snap tape made it so much less labor intensive and the duvet cover was beautiful! I’m about to move into our new beach house and I really wanted to make my own bedding but I didn’t think I could. Excellent! is there a problem with them? The idea of French seams is great.I am so thrilled with your notes and pics as I am coming to the step of putting the duver cover together. Experiment by sleeping with two flat sheets on top of your existing duvet to make sure the weight won’t be too much for you. Love it! When I make the bed each day I hold the tie area on one side as I fluff up the bed and repeat on the opposite side. IT NEVER GETS EASIER.". "Could've used this yesterday. One question, probably silly, but how do you pronounce “duvet”? I’m planning to make a twin size quilt for my granddaughter. Or cut them all into 22″? Making a duvet cover yourself is fairly simple. A great tut. I used the first cover as a template for the rest since the duvet itself came from Ikea. Sue..Love the idea!! Cut 4 lengths of ribbon 17 inches each. Wow, I really love this Sewing 101 series. Can’t wait to start my project, Thanks for the tutorial. And if you want to have them match, cut one panel 2″ longer than your needed length, and cut the two side panels an extra foot or so longer, so you can shift the side panels into the appropriate place. If it solves a problem for me, it might solve a pr, Use a laundry bag to keep your face mask ties from, For when you can’t afford a single thing from Gu, Hiking to monasteries, drinking the best beer on t, Pinky out —-> high tea with a little entertainme, Watch out London...the Abbotts are here!! If you want to sew a duvet for a twin, full, queen, or king size bed, this same method applies and I’ll share the measurements with you and the full DIY Duvet Cover Tutorial after the jump… I am afraid to do that as I might not add enough material on the bottom. then you can cut between two of the rows you stitched. I’ve been meaning to learn how to sew for quite some time. Their tip: stuff the duvet covers with your old sweatshirts, blankets, etc. I’m always amazed at the generosity of sharing information in both sewing and food blogs and am really grateful for this generosity.m. I’ve done that. Directions: 1. The fabric is from fabricworm. On sale with coupon) and it’s so hot I cant use it at all just taking up storage space. somesew string to corners and then tie, can t find a good tutorial to make it nicely, any ideas? Turn the bottom edge of one of the pieces ½" to the wrong side and press with an iron. Bostonians can get very cheap fabric from Freddy Farkel’s Fabric Outlet in Watertown, Mass. . They were the kind where you use a tool to hammer them in place. I’ve been thinking I might use cheater quilt fabric for a king or queen duvet. Thank you so much for these 101 sewing installments. I would suggest that, yes, you should get a duvet the size you like and stitch along the corner you wish to cut out. I’m getting tired of their tactics and ready to go somewhere else. Fold one corner over and stitch into place. Turn the bottom edge a further 2" to the wrong side and press again, hiding the raw edge of the fabric. Time for snuggling! It was Flannel on one side, made wit a Flannel sheet. To hem the bottom of the duvet, fold 1” of fabric to the inside and press. thanks! Thanks! Enter in your email and password to create a FREE account. For the safety if the quilt top please back it first. I was even able to add on a hand crocheted edge. Pre-wash, iron, and cut your fabric to size. who has time to sew ribbons to duvets/comfprters!!! suggestions. I am making a Duvet cover for a friend, so found your question. I assume there’s a reason that justifies adding an extra step, but would like to understand what that is. I usually do not drop many comments, but I read a few of the Design Sponge, these are exactly the type of instructions I was looking for. OR does someone have any other suggestions? A commenter posted a link to Martha’s (assume they meant Martha Stewart I hope?) I absolutely loved the the french seam, it was my first time using it but it looks very professional! Next, you need to flip the duvet into the cover — watching the video is the best way to understand how to do it. The tutorial I used was stupid easy and I basically just made the duvet cover to fit over his old crib […], […] very happy to introduce you to our lovely guest host, Ashley of Dancing with Ashley. sheets at walmart, already on a twin size, I got I colors and I’ll sew them together tonight. What great pictures….she looks so happy with that beautiful bedding! Good to Know: The underside is shorter because the top will overlap it by about 8½”. I’ve also tried every clip out there, and they just come off. (I tend to buy them for $100 from the Company Store or Pottery Barn.). lol. Don’t remember exact cost per yard, but I think it was around $40 total. It was a lot of work but well worth it. ALSO–consider when you sew ribbons (or bias tape) on your duvet cover, sew corresponding tape/ribbon oun your QUITS and tie the cover to the quilts in the corners. I’ve learn this Hi, YOU ARE AWESOME, thanks for sharing :) Do you think if I use King sheets to cover a queen comforter would be fine? I was so grateful for the detailed instructions for a perfectly finished duvet. Where do you suggest buying buttons for the duvet closure? I went to JoAnn’s yesterday to buy fabric for a 3-color duvet cover. I’m working on the finishing touches of my duvet right now. Can you please help me understand why you have a 7.5" difference in length between start and finish? I sewed together some pieces of leftover fabric I had lying around and used your instructions to make a correctly sized cover for it.

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