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Super Monkey Ball 1 and even 2 are the only two that have ever mattered. The Monkey Ball series hasn’t seen a new release since the super-obscure Super Monkey Ball Bounce back in 2014, after all. Super Monkey Ball … For the rumored project from 2004, see Super Monkey Ball 3: Banana Crazy.. Game magazine Famitsu confirmed this week in a blog post that a new entry in the popular series will … Essentially, what we’re looking at here is a series of arcade … A new Super Monkey Ball game will be arriving later this year -- at least, it will in Japan. Fans of Sega's Super Monkey Ball series have been craving a new installment in the series for almost 8 years now, at least since the release of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz for the … A tease from an unlikely source has fans excited over the possibility of a new Super Monkey Ball game, as the series' original announcer hinted that news could be coming soon on the franchise's future.

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