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Though this comes with a price tag, this type of view is far cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Britain's American colonies broke with the mother country in 1776 and were recognized as the new nation of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. By logging in or registering, you agree to our. Daily online magazine on the global economy, politics and culture. Britain's American colonies broke with the mother country in 1776 and were recognized as the new nation of the United States of America following the Treaty of Paris in 1783. In China, the average life expectancy is 76 years (74 years for men, 78 years for women) as of 2020. Imagine lounging on the sixtieth floor overlooking the city. The world average for life expectancy at birth in 2015 was 71.43 years. Four of the world's nine tallest buildings are in China. In United States, on the other hand, 5.3 children do as of 2020. The two most traumatic experiences in the nation's history were the Civil War (1861-65), in which a northern Union of states defeated a secessionist Confederacy of 11 southern slave states, and the Great Depression of the 1930s, an economic downturn during which about a quarter of the labor force lost its jobs. The newly paved roads are welcoming and GPS systems are just as advanced as any international locale. United States (sometimes abbreviated US or USA) is a sovereign country in North America, with a total land area of approximately 9,147,593 sq km. The Globalist is committed to protecting your online privacy. In United States, however, that number is 15.1% as of 2010. Hotels have the most immediate benefit from this development. In United States, that number is 80 years (78 years for men, 82 years for women) as of 2020. See an in-depth size comparison. In China, approximately 29.0 women per 100,000 births die during labor as of 2017. As long as tourists comply with the rules of the PRC, traveling to China gives you the freedom to enjoy its nightlife and rural areas with a high assurance of safety. It also means for more comfortable living for influx of foreign visitors and much more to explore as well. In fact, the proportion experiencing these indicators of a high quality of life are larger in China … Improvements on cracking down on widespread corruption in China has also made it safer for tourists and business people visiting China. And while China has a long way to go in many ways, living in and traveling through China has never been better! The amount of things to do and see have increased ten-fold, safety standards have shot through the roof, and the overall level of comfort is rivaled by few. The United States ranks No. Since we at China Highlights are locals and expats living in China, are committed to corporate social responsibility, and are dedicated to showing you the best of China, we have triple the stake in making your visit of the highest quality possible. In United States, that number is 36.2% of people as of 2016. Just a mere fifteen years earlier getting from one city to another left travelers, foreign and local alike, with very few options. In United States, that number is 19,924 km. China's economic prosperity is spreading.. Visiting sites like the Shanghai World Tower or the Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower can add to any Chinese adventure. For better of worse (we're leaning towards better) these constructions take China's standard of living and the standard of any visit to towering new heights. Copyright © 2017 The Globalist. Underdeveloped provinces and towns lacked basic infrastructure, even paved roads in some places. But if the price of planes is a bit high or if the fear of heights gets you down, taking a bullet train is a great alternative. In United States, 19.0 women do as of 2017. Explore similarities and differences. And now all of that has changed. Take to the backroads and explore the nooks and crannies of the countryside, all of which have taken a significant jump in living standards; therefore hotel quality and other amenities have also improved. For those under the pressures of the clock, the quickest and most convenient mode of travel would be the plane. In China, 6.2% of adults are obese as of 2016. China has a GDP per capita of $18,200 as of 2018, while in United States, the GDP per capita is $59,800 as of 2017. Contact Us. In United States, the top tax rate is 39.6% as of 2016. The use of certain cookies is required for the site to function correctly. COVID 19: Post-Truth Age – Or Facts Making a Comeback? The variety of foods available have taken a great leap forward from just Chinese to all of Asia. With China being the economic powerhouse of the Orient, chefs from Thailand, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries have descended in on China. Generally speaking China is one of the safest countries for any tourist to visit. The safety of the foods provided caused worries as well. Quality of Life Comparison Between China and United States Tweet For major cities in those countries you could get probably more relevant data by specifying cities itself. Taking a trip from Shanghai to Beijing? The best Malaysian and Indonesian chefs now work out of Beijing and Hong Kong. The Asia Barometer Survey of 2,000 respondents reveals that substantial majorities of the Chinese people experience feelings of happiness, enjoyment, and accomplishment. Let us improve the standard of your stay. China has a top tax rate of 45.0% as of 2016. In China, approximately 11.4 children die before they reach the age of one as of 2020. Explore similarities and differences. Buoyed by victories in World Wars I and II and the end of the Cold War in 1991, the US remains the world's most powerful nation state. It's a free, question-and-answer based forum to discuss what life is like in countries and cities around the world. And the options don't stop there, why not take the wheel yourself; nowadays car rental is easy and inexpensive. Signing in allows you to ask questions in our community, contribute to our cost of living database, and more.

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