how to infuse coffee with cinnamon

It isn’t sweet on its own, but the warmth of the cinnamon blends beautifully with the smooth, chocolaty-notes of the cold brew coffee. Tap water contains calcium and other particulate matter that’ll mess with the flavor and texture of your cold brew coffee. Please see our privacy policy for any furter details. Make it even easier and more flavorful with this new bakery-style coffees from Dunkin Donuts® ! Remove the cinnamon sticks and store the syrup in a jar and use as needed. But with the plethora of flavored creamers that are now available, you can create endless combinations of flavored coffee drinks too. If you have ever tried to have a cup of coffee, you know that there is a wide selection of additives that you can add to it. The cinnamon aromas really come out when the coffee is heated, so that is an excellent way to enjoy this brew, too. It is definitely dreamy and a great way to wake up! These have become a Sunday morning favourite for us. Coffee Affogato Ice cream Sundae with Mocha Fudge sauce and Crunchy Coffee Streusel, Churro Coffee Creamer (Dulce de leche Cinnamon Coffee Creamer), How to make Coffee Slushie (or Boozy Coffee Slushie), Perfect Classic Chocolate Eclairs (Foolproof Recipe), How to make Marshmallows (tips and tricks for homemade marshmallows), The Best Homemade Bread (White Bread Recipe), Classic Pound Cake (Tips for a Perfect, Moist Pound Cake), How to make the Best Instant Pot Short Ribs, Slow Roasted Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce. If you do want to add cinnamon to your already brewed coffee, the best way is to add it to your milk before pouring the milk into your coffee. 10 Benefits From Adding Cinnamon To Coffee, Troubleshooting Your Espresso Shots: How To Make That Perfect Espresso. The most common ones are sugar, cream, flavorings, milk, etc. Find me sharing more inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Join my FREE recipe challenge to receive new recipes and dinner ideas straight to your inbox! (approximately 2:1:1 ratio). To remove the smaller coffee grounds, place a fine sieve, or a coffee filter lined sieve over a container and filter the cold brew coffee in batches until all the coffee has been filtered. Grind the coffee to a medium grind and pour grounds into a large pitcher. Here are some tips to make perfect cold brew coffee with pre-ground medium coarse coffee. Here you will find the answers to the wonderful benefits of cinnamon! Guess I need to give it a try. Instead of sprinkling cinnamon on top of your coffee or even stirring into your brew, you’ll want to infuse the cinnamon with your coffee beans if you want to give your coffee a real cinnamon kick. However, the disadvantage is that you’re mostly impacting the smell of your grounds instead of really altering the taste.. After the oil is tossed with the beans, they are left alone to allow the flavor to soak in for at least 30 minutes. I love baking, and I love cooking. In order to do so, simply swirl your beverage around with a cinnamon stick to your heart’s content. Pour the water cup by cup (over and right through the nut milk bag) to saturate the coffee grounds. I’m Dini, a third culture kid by upbringing and a food-geek by nature. Trying to dissolve powdered cinnamon can be frustrating because it generally floats on the surface no matter how many times you stir it in. While I was at the store, I couldn’t resist getting both cinnamon roll flavored coffee AND caramel coffee cake flavored coffee too! Like the coffee grounds, the whole cinnamon sticks will slowly infuse flavor into the coffee as it brews. Pour in water and stir a few times to ensure that the grounds are evenly moistened. Sweeten to taste with the cinnamon syrup. Mix 50:50 of cold brew coffee with ice or milk to make yourself a cup of cold brew coffee! This looks awesome. Enjoy your cup of joe even more by making cold brew coffee at home! There are 10 benefits in total that helps the human body. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. Good quality coffee will have a big impact on the end result – this goes without saying. I prefer to use a medium-dark roast for most of my cold brews, but you can use a lighter roast if you like your coffee to be a little bit milder. It should be very strong, but not bitter. #CoffeeCreamerCombos #CollectiveBias. Hi! They will also be much easier to filter out after brewing, unlike ground cinnamon. How does it help the body? Break cinnamon sticks in half and add to grounds. This will allow the water to infuse with the cinnamon and coffee grounds and create a beautiful cinnamon flavor. You can store the cold brewed coffee in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week. Preferably in a glass container. As long as you have a little bit of patience, there’s really no reason not to make your own cold brew coffee at home, because it’s such a ridiculously easy thing to do that doesn’t require special equipment. If you are not using a nut milk bag, place the coffee grounds directly in the container and drizzle the water over the coffee grounds in batches, stirring in between to make sure the coffee grounds are completely saturated with water. This Cinnamon Cold Brew Coffee is infused with cinnamon right from the start, resulting in a coffee that is rich, smooth and has a delicious spice to every sip. I usually grind my own coffee to make cold brew so that I can keep it coarse. If you prefer even stronger coffee, steep the coffee for a further 2-4 hours. Since this recipe has a lot of flavor added, it is actually a good choice for a lighter roast coffee. Required fields are marked *. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Land O Lakes® Half and Half is perfectly creamy and contributes to a very smooth, rich, creamy mouthfeel that makes your coffee that much more enjoyable! For best results, use filtered water with no added chemicals or particulates, litre of Cold Brew coffee (makes about 8 - 10 drinks), I used Dunkin Donuts® Bakery Series® Cinnamon Roll Coffee, Whipped cream and ground cinnamon to serve, I love seeing what you’ve made! We don’t always use syrup for our daily coffees, so we brew our coffee with some fresh cardamom pods every morning! Like the coffee grounds, the whole cinnamon sticks will slowly infuse flavor into the coffee as it brews. With French press coffee, crack a cinnamon stick in half and place it into your coffee grounds. After 8 hours, taste the coffee. All you need is just some patience, grasshopper – and you get a smooth, Cinnamon Flavored Cold Brew Coffee without any of the acidity and bitterness of hot brewed coffee! What’s your favorite Dunkin Donuts® Bakery Series® coffee flavor you want to try? , What better way to start the day, right? While I was at the store, I couldn’t resist getting both cinnamon roll flavored coffee AND caramel coffee cake flavored coffee too! Then I closed my eyes and picked one to try first, and it turned out to be the cinnamon flavored one! And then I went and started making my own cold brew coffee at home and the rest as the say, is history. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The original recipe calls for ground cinnamon, but it also works very well if you put a couple whole cinnamon sticks or pieces of cinnamon bark in the cold milk. Cafe-style Dunkin Donuts® Coffee right at home! Fill the glass halfway with cold brew coffee. The coffee can be found in the coffee and tea isle and the creamers are in the refrigerated dairy section. Or maybe you want to try Dunkin Donuts® Bakery Series® coffee to make this indulgent Coffee Affogato Ice cream Sundae with Mocha Fudge sauce and Crunchy Coffee Streusel instead? We will list them and explain each: These are the benefits that cinnamon gives you and your body. The idea of cinnamon flavored coffee really intrigued me. There’s a lot of creamer flavors that you can choose from too! However, if you’re starting with pre-ground, medium-coarse coffee, then 8 hours of soaking is what works best. . I love cardamom and coffee for sure Sharon! Cold brew coffee is also quite strong. The best way to add cinnamon to coffee is to sprinkle some into your coffee grounds before you make the coffee. There are links on this site that can be defined as “affiliate links”. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases (at no cost to you) that will help support this website. Top with whipped cream and ground cinnamon and serve! . Traditionally, cold brew is made with coarse ground coffee and then steeped in water for 12-24 hours. I love cold brew coffee but I’ve never made it at home. The coffee flavoring oils are a lot like candy flavoring oils. This will reduce the clumping of the cinnamon. Dunkin Donuts® coffee that I use here is a pre-ground, medium-coarse coffee that’s actually perfect for drip coffee or your moka pot. Affiliate Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and can earn a commission from any qualifying purchases on this website. I may receive a commission if a purchase is made through them. Heavenly coffee to warm your tummy! To enhance the subtle flavor (and the beautiful aroma) of cinnamon rolls in the coffee, I made a delicious brown sugar syrup infused with cinnamon to sweeten the Cold brew coffee as well. Place the coffee, ice, half and half and sugar syrup in a blender. Store the cold brew coffee covered in a glass jug/jar, in the fridge. Cinnamon sticks are a great way to add some flavor to a hot cup of coffee or tea. The flavors and aroma of cinnamon in this deliciously indulgent coffee drink are truly perfect for Fall. You can of course seep your coffee directly in water, but using a nut milk bag (or a big tea bag) means that you won’t be required to do too much filtering at the end of the process. Find out how I made a delicious Coffee Affogato Ice cream Sundae with Mocha Fudge sauce and Crunchy Coffee Streusel! When serving, dilute with a 1:2.5 ratio of coffee-to-water. Cold brew coffees are known for being wonderfully smooth and flavorful. Despite the good benefits cinnamon gives you, there are some side effects you should know if you put too much of it in your coffee: There are other risks that we haven’t mentioned if you put too much cinnamon in your coffee, but these are some side effects that we want to warn you about. And for something truly fancy, top it with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkling of cinnamon! Cover and keep it in a cool place. I have gone for as long as 12, but 8 hours hits the sweet spot for me. All these questions are important to answer before you begin putting cinnamon in your coffee. Cover pitcher and place in the refrigerator. I typically dilute mine with a 1:2.5 coffee-to-water ratio. The flavor of the cinnamon will impact the grounds. Some of the products discussed and reviewed are paid links. This is because cold water doesn’t extract the bitter compounds of coffee as readily as hot water does. Copyrights © 2017 Baking Bites &trade. This will create a wonderfully aromatic cinnamon taste. Wherever I go now, if cold brew coffee is on the menu, then by god, that’s what I’ll have. This cold brew is delicious, especially if you’re already a fan of spicy drinks like chai tea, because it has a great cinnamon flavor. Which creamer would you want to pair it with? If you were to simply just sprinkle cinnamon into your brewed coffee you will find that it will just clump up into a cinnamon ball and not infuse with the coffee. Don't worry -- it’s not just you. The creaminess of half and half enhances the flavor and texture of your coffee. I agree to email updates from The Flavor Bender. I made a cardamom infused syrup for my coffee and tea. The resulting cold brew isn’t bitter like its hot brewed counterpart, with a smoother, almost sweeter flavor and texture. For best results, use filtered water with no added chemicals or particulates. Tag me on Instagram at. It’s the perfect pairing. Other than that, adding cinnamon in your coffee will brighten your health and body! After 12-16 hours, filter your coffee and you’re ready to enjoy it. #client.

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