how much does connor kenway weight

Additionally, Connor possessed the rare extra-sensory ability known as Eagle Vision, which he could use to help identify clues and track down enemies. [3], In 1773, Connor took on contracts along the East Coast to defend the merchant ship the Henderson, and to hunt down the privateer ship the Saint James. [5], Despite his successes, Connor had come no closer to eliminating the threat the Templars posed to Washington. The Dichotomy of Connor Kenway. [3], Just as the Templars were about to leave, Hickey asked them what was to be done with the Assassin and pointed out Connor in his cell. Born to Kaniehtí:io nine months after her relationship with Haytham abruptly ended, Ratonhnhaké:ton was raised in his mother's village of Kanatahséton. [3], Already a capable, strong hunter and killer since he was a boy, Connor possessed an impatience with regards to tracking down his father, Haytham Kenway, which prompted Achilles to admonish the younger man for his recklessness. He also made the homestead a thriving trade community. His childhood was spent in the company of the other children in his village, including Kanen'tó:kon, whom he remained friends with into his later life.When Ratonhnhaké:ton was four, he ventured into the grounds outside his village to play hide-and-seek alongside the other Kanien'kehá:ka children. [10], Ratonhnhaké:ton was determined to find Franklin, and was told of a tavern he could listen for information at. So I can’t decide. Or would that be overkill? 5×10-25 Bicycle Crunches Once fully awake, Ratonhnhaké:ton realized that he had been captured and was being transported in a convoy heading for Boston. The Name Ratohnhakéton at Native, J. Nadiger on Twitter: "When the concept of Abstergo Entertainment happened, and that they were going to create fake programs based on the Assassin's lives to demonize them, I did a thing that kind of angered a lot of fans. [3], Connor managed to kill Washington's messengers as he traveled to his village and arrived to find it unharmed. Haytham's reputation permitted him free passage, though Connor insisted that he not enter alone, saying that they were to go on together or not at all. As Connor explained the situation to Washington, Haytham slipped behind the commander and took the correspondence he had been reading. [3], The Man-of-War's captain revealed that it was not the British that were attacking La Belladonna, and that Biddle and all of the ships under his command worked for the Templars. Ratonhnhaké:ton is more like a tiger or a leopard, stalking his prey slowly and lying in wait before using an explosive burst of speed and brutality to finish  his opponents. He also sailed to Edinburgh Castle, Jamaica, recovering the next map piece from the dungeons of the serial killer Lewis Hutchinson. Dazed, Franklin began to awake from Washington's control, but was interrupted when the king himself teleported in and attacked Ratonhnhaké:ton.

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