how many constituencies are there in himachal pradesh class 7

The BJP government was also lukewarm on the issue of supply of various inputs to the fruit growers and soft padeled the provision of infrastructure are support to them. So for it was one party alone; the congress that had an effective network by virtue of which it remained it power. The content of these websites are owned by respective organizations and they may be contacted for further information or suggestion. 0000010023 00000 n Thus the BJP government of Himachal Pradesh could continue for only two and a half years. The performance of the congress party in the 1998 Vidhan Sabha Pall was equally unimpressive. While the 1998 assembly was hung assembly, with no political party getting the majority in the 2003 assembly election, the congress party emerged as the clear cut winning 43 of the 68 assembly seats for which elections were held. In Himachal Pradesh a separate State unit of Jana Sangh was set up on 1 November 1966 after reorganisation of Punjab . Thus the rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Indian Politics coincided with some fundamental changes in the dynamics of electoral politics in India. If we look at results in terms of the support base of different political parties, there has been a negative swing of nearly 3 percent for all three main political parties, the congress, the BJP and the HVC. 0000003551 00000 n The HVC was completely wiped out in this assembly election. The Dhumal government assumed office on 24th March, 1998 and the BJP Proved its majority in the house with the HVC‟s support. India’s leading political party, the Indian National Congress (Congress Party) is one of the oldest in the World . It was able to split the congress support base. In its ideological, organistional and leadership structure the Bharatiya Janata Party is the direct descendant of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. But the party fares better among less educated, lower caste, middle and lower income and rural groups. With the support of 32 members. Interestingly, in the Vidhan Sabha elections which came close on the heels of Lok Sabha poll, the BJP recovered some to the lost ground and its vote share rose to 30.6 percent, while that of the congress fell to 55.4 percent. startxref In the initial years the Congress mainly served the interest of English speaking educated classes in India. The BJP won only 16 assembly seats and suffered a loss of 13 seats compared to the 1998 assembly election. These parties also campaign against casteism, communalism, parochialism and linguistic chauvinism. BJP: 4, [jetpack_subscription_form title=”Subscribe to HPPSC Notes” subscribe_text=”Never Miss any HPPSC important update!” subscribe_button=”Sign Me Up” show_subscribers_total=”1″], Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! One reason for this unprecedented recovery by the congress was the fact that the party was ruling at the centre and this fact tilted the balance in its favor in the state. the Assembly Constituencies / Vidhan sabha seats list with the reserved status. The vital political change at the centre did not troubled BJP government in Himachal Pradesh. The party increased its vote share to 10.8percent and captured 11 of 17 seats contested. While the party won five assembly seats during the 1998 assembly elections and played an important role in government formation in 2003 election, the HVC could retain one assembly seat. 19-11-2019. Since the Praja Mandals were strong in Simla Hills, the party therefore continues to be strong in these areas even today. In January of 1977, Dr.Y.S.Parmar‟s long Chief Minister Ship ended. The party contested 39 seats this time. In the old areas the grievances of the apple orchardists have been suitably removed. endstream endobj 103 0 obj<> endobj 104 0 obj<> endobj 105 0 obj<>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 106 0 obj<> endobj 107 0 obj<> endobj 108 0 obj[/ICCBased 119 0 R] endobj 109 0 obj[/Indexed 108 0 R 255 120 0 R] endobj 110 0 obj<> endobj 111 0 obj<> endobj 112 0 obj<> endobj 113 0 obj<> endobj 114 0 obj<>stream Independent won 6 seats. The congress returned back to power in 1993 assembly elections with strong majority, because the party had won 52 seats out of the total 68 seats. H��W�n�8}�W̾ɋ��(Q���M�&EҦ��`�����X�,��o����ޝ! 128 0 obj<>stream Because the Shanta Kumar led government could not complete the full term in office (1977-80 and 1990-92). The BSP increased its vote share this time compared with previous election. 0000002853 00000 n Such a heterogeneous character of this party is a legacy of its role played during the freedom struggle under the Charismatic leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. BJP: 2, INC: 2, 1996    Eleventh Lok Sabha                Total: 4. 0000162082 00000 n DMPQ- What are the Pillars and effective implementation of digital India. Mean while, the congress managed to win the support of the independent member, who originally was a member of the BJP faction led by former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar. So for only two parties survived in the state the Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). INC: 4, 1967    Fourth Lok Sabha                   Total: 6. Rules Regarding Recruitment of Class-III & Class-IV Employees in Himachal Pradesh. 0000002346 00000 n In this election it is interesting that 20 out of the BJP‟s 29 seats came from the new areas while only nine came from old areas. The two changes in its name symbolised the two major political adjustments the new party was ready to make in order to enter the political main stream. The 2007 results, however, had more to do with and overall disaffection with the congress government in the state then the specific political character of the government at the centre. The remaining 21 came from the old areas. 0000005417 00000 n In the 1982, Vidhan Sabha election, both the parties make a serious bid for power. 0000036749 00000 n The electorate of the Himachal Pradesh stick to the two- party from the very beginning and did not allow a third force to emerge. If you are a student who is going to appear for his or her class examinations, you must read this. INC: 4, 1962    Third Lok Sabha                     Total: 4. The establishment of the Himachal Pradesh Communist Party took place in January 1953 and had been raised to the status of State Party in 1961. 43.5% and 39% respectively. Dharamshala, which falls in the new area as the winter capital of the state. INC: 4, 1989    Ninth Lok Sabha                     Total: 4. The party had hoped to break this trend by trying to announce welfare schemes in the later stages of the Virbhadra Singh led government just before the election schedule was to be announced. 0000150469 00000 n 0000000016 00000 n Despite the BJP’s spectacular performance, its chief ministerial face Prem Kumar Dhumal lost his Sujanpur seat to Congress rival Rajinder Singh Rana by about 3,500 votes. The ruling party has also been trying to undo the injustice meted out to the employees by the previous BJP government. The Samajwadi Party contested 10 seats, the Nationalist Congress Party Four, the Communist Party of India (CPI) 8, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) seven, but all drew a blank. 0000001629 00000 n The Lok Jan Shakti Party led my Ram Vilas Paswan, was not able to hold on to the single seat it had won in the last elections. Acceptance of the name ‘Janata’ showed a readiness to enter the mainstream of political games of populism, and the replacement of ‘Sangh’ by ‘Party’ symbolised its willingness to make peace with forces of modernisation. Congress formed the government after the dismissal of Shanta Kumar government. EDN-C-F (10)-7/2010 dated 6th March, 2010 has issued orders regarding composition and functions of %PDF-1.4 %���� The party was reduced to 9 seats out of 68 seats with an average 37.64 percent vote. Constituency wise analysis shows that out of 52 wins in 1993, 22 of which were in the new areas and 30 in the old, the party could retain only 27 (seven in the new areas and 20 in the old). A new political party known as Communist Party of India (Marxist) came into being . Having won a massive majority, the BJP significantly affected the future of JD, the emerging third force in the state. There is no issue on which it may mobilize the electorate against the congress government. At the All India level, the Communist Party of India (CPI) was founded in 1925 with the declared objective of total war against the British rulers in India. %%EOF In Himachal Pradesh therefore the Bharatiya Janata Party has emerged as the second largest party and the politics in Himachal Pradesh has been polarised around a typical two-party system. After this election, it was successful in consolidating its position and two party systems made their presence in the state politics of Himachal Pradesh. <<0E7139090CBFF543A266BDE7EEA68ECD>]>> The BJP could win only seven seats while congress won 58- in all time high. Virbhadra Singh was sworn in ChiefMinister on 9th March 1998. Similarly, the vote for the BJP went down to 35.4 percent in the 2003 assembly election compare to its 39.9 percent vote during the 1998 assembly elections. All opposition parties put together were no match to the organization and power of this party. The five year term of the incumbent state legislature and government expired following the assembly election of 2007. It initiated several measures to squarely meet the charge of discrimination. f������o��۵j�Q�$)���������9��#~���9���H Jan Sangh won only 5 seats in these elections consequently in the 1972 Vidhan Sabha Poll, the Jan Sangh is vote share decline to 7.7 present. As many on six independent Candidates got elected to the 1998 assembly. After independence, it emerged on the political scene but in 1964 the CPI split up. The BJP, being a Cadre – based party and sitting party with a massive majority in the House, was not in a mood to oblige them. First from the beginning it was a straight contest between the BJP and the Congress.

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