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Still, let’s give Mirra 2 a fighting chance because there’s plenty of features, designs, and customizability that can go up against the famous Aeron chair. If the Aeron is a chair for one, the Cosm is a chair for many. But if we want another experience, we can choose the Mirra. Anyone try both? You can also purchase multiple chairs for your office employees provided you get their sizes correct. Add to that a lot of redesign, which you feel rather than see, and the redesigned chair is a vastly superior product. Posts: 9844. On the Classic version (pre-2005), you need to turn a dial behind the arm to loosen the arm from the backrest frame. How do they differ you ask? The Mirra 2 has adjustable lumbar support that you can move up or down to fit your body perfectly. It will fit people with long legs and wide hips. Instead, your back comes off the backrest and you need to use more of your legs to get the chair to move forward. The final area where we see differences between these two Aeron versions is the armrests. I feel that both the chairs tie in this category because even though Aeron has three chair size options, Mirra 2 covers the whole range in one. The first is the 8Z Pellicle mesh discussed in the seat section. It’s hard to emphasize the importance of the PostureFit SL. However, to get all of these adjustments you need to spend some extra money. Who is BTOD.com and The Learning Center? For such pricey chairs, it’s important to get to know the features in detail. An office chair won’t be comfortable if it isn’t made for your build and weight. It really pokes into the lower back (I know it is a common complaint). For instance, if you have a unique body shape or chronic pain, you might benefit from a … The new Aeron features four different zones of support. But, the Aeron has an edge over the Mirra 2 when it comes to this feature because you can also add leather arm pads. All of these upgrades cost extra, making both chairs more luxury and even more expensive. In our opinion, these two chairs were made almost identical. Fully Loaded/Highly Adjustable WITHOUT Forward Tilt, Fully Loaded/Highly Adjustable WITH Forward Tilt, Your purchase includes One Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Size B, graphite color. There is also a third version of the backrest, called PostureFit SL. I haven't tried the Mirra chair yet but it seems to be a newer model? Unfortunately, there is no option for no armrests. The Mirra chair is more supportive and it’s suitable for just about everyone unless you have back problems. Pointer Clicker is reader-supported. There’s small, medium, and large. Studies show that much of the workers’ productivity results in their well-being, and it starts with their work tools. Herman Miller vs. Steelcase. You will get an excellent 12-year warranty for the chairs. The next difference is the build and look of the chair. Many of these chairs are quite cheaply made and they don’t have a lot of adjustments in them. Both chairs carry the same 12-year 3-shift warranty, meaning any H/M dealer can get parts easily if something does happen to go bad (which is certainly rare, but it happens) The Aeron is easier to work on, which I like since I've fixed a number of both models.The Mirra is generally positioned as a lower-cost alternative to the Aeron, and they do sit differently - Mirra is more of a solid seat, Aeron flexes a bit more, so it comes down to preference on that. It is also much easier to simply bring the chair forward a bit, while keeping your back against the backrest. After comparing sizes of Aeron and Mirra 2 I can tell you that Mirra 2 is most similar to Aeron size B, so it’s perfect for average in height users, but thanks to adjustable seat depth and wider seat and arms, it can be used by bigger users as well. It would actually chew through the fabric after about 6 months of rotated-use pants, although I do roll back and forth between a couple workstations. 12 Reasons to Avoid Standing Desks Under $400. Required fields are marked *. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On the Classic, upgrading to fully adjustable arms gives you arm height and pivot adjustment. But all good things can use an upgrade every once in a while, and that is what I see the Remastered as. For both chairs you should go with the fully loaded models as these will give you all the options and adjustments that you want in a great chair. It’s adjustable because Mirra 2’s Loop Spine has torsional flex so that it can be shaped for you. The tension on the new Aeron is much more responsive. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Arms are also adjustable depending on the type you pick. The Cosm, however, adjusts to the user automatically. The new Aeron chair is a better choice if you want a customizable chair. This is where the 8Z Pellicle name comes from; the eight different zones. Still, it’s best to take a look at your checklist to see which chair is the winner for you! But it has a hefty price tag too. Full Disclaimer: We are an office furniture dealer and sell some of the products we review. No matter what chair you get be sure that you get a warranty with your chair. So if you haven’t had that sorted out just yet, check out this article so you can make your list! You can adjust the arm height using the tab on the outside lower base of each arm. I prefer the new tension control to the one on the Classic version. You also get an improved PostureFit system, more adjustable arms, and a much better tension function. We find the Aeron a bit more flexible and the Mirra 2 is more solid. The wheel for adjusting the arm rest height never really worked, the arms slid down, and that could not be repaired. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Let’s see what types of backrest Mirra 2 offers. Another fantastic option you get is the customizable armrests. It’s even harder if you have workers of different sizes and heights, and they all need to be comfortable during work. This may apply especially to a tall and chubby person. Talks about ergonomic charis, how to choose the correct ergonomic chair and chair reviews. Also, it’s featured and displayed in the Museum of Modern Art for its fine contribution to the world of contemporary ergonomic office furniture. Make no mistake about it, if you want a truly ergonomic chair, these 2 seats can provide you the support you need! Finally, the color selection for the frame and the upholstery is another win for Mirra 2. Your California Privacy Rights | Do Not Sell My Personal Information Who is BTOD.com and The Learning Center? When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Your email address will not be published. If the seat will be used mainly by one person and you have the budget, the Herman Miller Aeron has a lot worth going for. And the Aeron feels lighter than the Mirra 2. Mirra the seat is much like the Aeron but it’s smaller, On the other hand, some won’t like it because the seat doesn’t slide like the. Another thing that you can choose to upgrade are armrests – you can choose them to be fixed or adjustable. Herman Miller allows you to choose from either stationary or fully adjustable armrests. Aeron offers 3 types of arms, while Mirra 2 offers 2 types of arms. The new version was named the Aeron Remastered, and the original was renamed the Aeron Classic. I used to have an Aeron at all the jobs I've worked and found it to be comfortable. It has won countless awards, and Herman Miller has sold millions of Aerons. That is a question that we hope to help answer by comparing the Aeron vs the Embody. Before looking at the differences between Aeron  and Mirra Chair, you may want to read the detailed reviews on each of the chairs: Here are some YouTube reviews on these two ergonomic chairs: The Aeron chair is a very good ergonomic chair. Aeron offers height-adjustable armrests or 3D armrest (up & down, forward & backward, left & right pivot). On the other hand, some won’t like it because the seat doesn’t slide like the Humanscale seat. Go with a standing desk. It really doesn’t make sense to get the Mirra chair without the tilt option. Required fields are marked *. If you visit Herman Miller website you’ll notice that the title upgrade is the cheapest out of all upgrades that you can add – and it’s definitely worth the money. The pressure isn’t even so you can end up with a sore back with the Mirra chair. All of these minute adjustments help a lot in ensuring adequate arm support without strain. For size, there is a gray area so we have to be very careful to select it. It’s made from 38% post-consumer content, and 39% recyclable materials. What’s more, many of these chairs don’t have adjustable backs and there’s just not the great support there in a standard executive chair. Both the Classic and Remastered have three different chair sizes: A, B, and C. But when it comes to height and body weight, the Remastered allows for a wider range of people who can use the chair. BTW, if you decided that these chairs are too expensive, you may want to check our favorite Herman Miller cheap alternatives and knock-offs! The basic version of Aeron comes with stationary armrests, height-adjustable arms or 3D arms cost extra. A well designed mesh can do, and does, wonders now. Also, the colors are more muted in comparison to the splash of colors that the Mirra 2 offers. For more adjustability, you can opt for the FlexFront adjustable seat. This support makes it easier whеn you’re typing at the keyboard. The pad on the Classic can cause another point for the mesh to crease, and you may feel that, depending on your size. The remedy for ass fatigue is to not sit for more than an hour without a 15 minute break. 4 Handy Tips. As for the materials, it’s 91% recyclable. Réputé pour offrir un soutien au plus grand nombre de morphologies, le siège de bureau Aeron a été remastérisé afin de mieux correspondre au travail et aux travailleurs actuels. This might be a big deal if you’re keen to pick the perfect size for your needs. The seat tilting option allows you the option to gear up for intensive task that needs full concentration and good posture. So it’s possible for different people to get a comfortable sitting position from one chair in the case of a home office. Depending on your size, you can adjust the back height and seat depth. The Pellicle mesh is much more durable than the ordinary mesh fabric you find on other office chairs. The Remastered has a slimmer mechanism and a more uniform color than the Classic. Since the features of Aeron and Mirra 2 and available upgrades are so similar, it’s most important to get the right size, that will fit your body perfectly. But they also make them more comfy and ensure your body is getting an excellent support the whole time you spend sitting. Frankly, PostureFit SL backrest is one of the best upgrades you can invest in, when buying Herman Miller Aeron. No need for a chair at all. The new system works flawlessly. The design of Mirra 2 chair is truly high-end and up-to-date. Something that I noticed right away when I sat in the Classic Aeron is that the recline feels much different than the newly designed version. The key to comparing these chairs is to list down the key features and functions. With the different height options, the sizing for the back height, and seat depth are covered. The 5 Best Office Chairs That You Can Sit Cross-Legged In, How To Make A Smartphone Projector Without A Magnifying Glass, How To Use A Projector Outside During The Day? Your email address will not be published. So, Mirra 2 is a more versatile option from Herman Miller if there is going to be more than one person using the chair, and Aeron is … Breaking it down. Of course, we can’t forget about the casters. They are comfortable and breathable, to say the least. It can take time to find one that works well for you so make sure you do some shopping around. I have a Mirra at work and an Aeron at home. Obviously, Aeron has better materials compared to Mirra 2, but it is also quite firm. If the Classic version was being sold new today, it would still be one of the top end chairs available. This article is going to focus on specific differences between these two Aeron designs. In this case Aeron size A may be better choice. The tilt lock on these chairs is different, and Herman Miller actually took a step back here with the Remastered version.

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