hereford cattle for sale in pa

One judges the quality of these cattle in a similar manner – good bone structure, depth, functionality, soundness and indication of high carcass quality. Miniature Herefords are about 30-50% the size of traditional Herefords. Farm is located on the west side of the road 3 km south of Rocky Mountain House. We also market semen, embryos, prospect calves, breeding stock and commercial recipient females for transplant programs. The dairy herd was sold in 1967 and the first purebred Herefords were purchased in the early 1970s. Hereford Cattle for Sale If you’re looking for Hereford Cattle for sale in PA, we’ve got you covered. Herdsman Cell: 972-921-6261 Katie Burns "Welcome to Stone Ridge Manor and Thank you for visiting. One of our best groups of prospect steers is for sale now. Hereford Cattle for Sale. Take highway #22 (David Thompson Highway) south. Huntsville, Arkansas. Bred Heifers. Club Calves. Two or three may be kept in place of one standard size cow. If you’re interested in purchasing Hereford Cattle or if you just want to talk about Hereford Cattle to understand the benefits, get in contact with us. Cows. For Sale: 15 Hereford Bred Heifers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions either by e-mail or phone and stop by if you are ever in the area. Your premium source for Hereford Cattle and Arabian Horses 180 WINDY BUTTE LN, SPRING MILLS, PA 16875 P:814-422-8686 See AHA charts! Class . Web Counter The Largest Registered Hereford Breeder in the Southeast! We run 100 head of quality Polled Hereford, Shorthorn and F1 hybrid “Cherri-Red” cows and grow 1500 acres of oats, barley, rye and forage crops. For Sale: 1 Hereford Bulls. -//W3C//DTDHTML1.0Strict//EN" "">, Check out our latest pictures in the photo. Miniature Herefords are naturally docile, can be easy to handle and make excellent show animals for any level of competition.   Miniature Herefords are full blooded Herefords and are registered through the American Hereford Association. They milked cows, raised pigs and ran a herd of commercial Hereford-Shorthorn cows. Polled Herefords, Club Calves & Shorthorns, R.R.#3, Rocky Mountain House List Cattle for Sale – List Online or via Telephone; Submit Listings from TCR’s App; Listing Form for Advertising an Upcoming Sale; ... Hereford Indexed by Cattle Class. Our yearling bulls are for sale each spring by private treaty. 403-845-5239, Shorthorns, Polled Herefords and Club Calves. Our yearling bulls are for sale each spring by private treaty. Recommended for use on 'dirty' club calf females or power females needing more structural soundness, extension, flexibility, bone and eye appeal. The ideal conformation and breeding characteristics of a miniature Hereford are the same as traditional Herefords. These cattle are a result of a specific breeding program spanning more than 50 years. Listing # 32141127. Join us the first Saturday in October for our Breeders Classic Sale, Visitor #: David Burns . FROM ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE We are a registered Hereford cattle breeder and participate in Total Herd Reporting as well as ultrasound for carcass data. We also market semen, embryos, prospect calves, breeding stock and commercial recipient females for transplant programs. Bulls. The primary difference being height – an adult Miniature Hereford Cow can not be taller than 46” at the hip, while a Bull can not be taller than 48” at the hip. Since 9/7/04. Polled Herefords. Cow and Calf Pairs. Mini Herefords do not require vast fences, pens or chutes and are easily kept within most types of fencing. Show Cattle. They may be considered pets, enjoyed as a hobby, treated as a secondary source of income, employed as a full time business or simply used for the benefits of an agricultural exemption.

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