he hung up on me and didn't call back

Ladies – he isn’t calling because he doesn’t like you. I called him and he blamed it on work. There are plenty of reasons he might not have called back, like the ones mentioned here, there is no real reason to make a game of it. Why would we risk half our assets for a piece of ass? Recently he has been distant, we have never been in a situation like this. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. 3 months later we got back together. It is what it is. Since then he has told me he loves me then tells me his heart loves me I don’t know what that means and he misses me Think of it this way: pretend you live on the 2nd floor of some lovely building and he is walking down your street thinking of coming to see you. A lot things men do is to flaunt it to other men the same way woman doll up to flaunt their beauty to other women. FFS, just call him, if he doesn't pick up, give him his space. Learn to be in feminine energy which is complicated. He didn’t reply when I asked him about this, he didn’t call me back and eventually only got back to me when I said it was cruel to let me freak out and worry as he knows I have anxiety. Here’s the thing… if you keep prodding with “why, why, why” you know he’ll run. I never look at things from the other person’s perspective, but this has opened my eyes! Otherwise, you'll both be frustrated with this relationship and it might end badly. He wanted to pick the dog he wanted but I decided to pick what I wanted. You’re accusing him of having motives based on the past and mothering him by telling him what to do with you. They will usually call at a time they feel the woman will no longer be mad. He says he’s not ready to move in, which I understand and he says he’s happy with the way things are. It'd be great except for we fight all the time! I’m afraid. He knows other women that he also clicks with even more and probably has someone he already likes. Believe it. If you were really interested in a guy would being busy make you forget to call them? It would be a big fight if you are confrontational. Hi Maria! But I'd say call him and settle things. Too bad if he doesn’t call me back. You can float or move without effort. Probably not what people on here want to read, but that’s what I’ve just noticed and experienced. It can feel like you got your hopes up only to be disappointed. They will play if you allow it and they wouldn’t think twice about it. Come on; you've listened to Drake. An Ex of 6yrs ago reached out and we met up. He brushed me off and I addressed it again. That would have been enough for me to send him packing. Also, if you’re separated and not divorced you can’t fully be with him anyways. Comment below.

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