glenfiddich 15 year old

This does not affect the price you pay. Click the hotspots to discover the story behind each expression. It’s probably where it all began for most of us. The Scotch which is the focus of this review, the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old, has taken home a bevy of spirits … The concept of how this whisky is produced is very interesting. Sélectionnez la section dans laquelle vous souhaitez faire votre recherche. L.3342-1 et L.3353-3. After at least 15 years maturing in traditional American oak and Spanish oak, it is non-chill filtered to protect its subtle flavours.Unique floral and peppery notes are released and a … LOOK AT THE GOOD QUALITY, YET REASONABLY PRICED SINGLE MALT WHISKY. Definitly. Als eine der ältesten Familiendestillerien der Welt haben wir uns den Geist der Unabhängigkeit über Generationen hinweg bewahrt. Some enticing rum and raisin, maraschino cherry, bananas, amaretto and almonds. Unser 15 Year Old reift in drei verschiedenen Fasstypen: europäische Sherry-, amerikanische Bourbonfässersowie neue Fässer aus amerikanischer Eiche. Also a fan of the arts, sport, music and cats. Un problème s'est produit lors du chargement de ce menu pour le moment. Votre demande a rencontré un problème. China . IPA, XX project, Fire and Cane, Bourbon casks etc and all of a sudden Glenfiddich were doing interesting things and actually doing more than standard age statements ! Satisfyingly rich with lingering sweetness. Wir verwenden Cookies, um die Website bereitzustellen. France . Registered Number SC131772 Registered Office: The Glenfiddich Distillery, Dufftown, Banffshire AB55 4DH VAT No: 554690029 William Grant & Sons Ltd is a member of the Scotch Whisky Association (S.W.A. This content is intended only for those over the legal drinking age in their country. Comment les évaluations sont-elles calculées ? Silky smooth, revealing layers of sherry oak, marzipan, cinnamon and ginger. Sherry and oak from the off, with none of the apple and pear notes you get with the 12. Unser Solera-Fass wird von Hand aus Eichenholz gefertigt. Korea . He has, with his friends and colleagues, been a huge influence on many whisky photographers and instagramers ! Personally I’d like to get hold of the 14yo bourbon cask, a Fire and Cane and another bottle of IPA.Here’s the sad bit though, no one really talks about the 12, 15 and 18yo except for Glenfiddich and their happy bunch of brand pushers and ambassadors.Yes they won awards all over the place but is it now the case that they have been around so much that they are common or garden whisky and were a bit forgotten?In my eyes it is forgotten about, and it seems they have been around for so long that Moses had bottle waiting for him when he came down the mountain. 43% Exemplifying our family’s tradition of innovation, our 15 Year Old expression is created using a technique pioneered by our Malt Master and its warm, spicy flavours are transformed with the alchemy of the Solera Vat. Canada . Passer au contenu Bitte beachten Sie dies beim Weitergeben dieser Informationen. It just doesn’t happen.My advisement is this. Taiwan . South Africa . Un problème est survenu lors de l'ajout de cet article au panier. [+Recipes]. Call it how I see it. Es ist immer mindestens zur Hälfte mit Whiskys gefüllt, die 15 Jahre oder länger gereift sind. Its comes from a huge, fuck off juggernaut of a distillery that is only going to get bigger and crush all in its path. Venezuela . Veuillez réessayer. Mexico . Dieses einzigartige SoleraVatVerfahren wird bei Glenfiddichseit 1998 eingesetzt. I was originally just a Scotch drinker but now also absolutely love American whiskey too. ©2017 William Grant & Sons Ltd Terms & Conditions | Privacy & Cookies Notice Registered in Scotland. As opposed to kicking your gums in and dispensing blunt force trauma to mouth region. Glenfiddich. Like the Speyside, Highland and Island whisky. Bitte beachten Sie dies beim Weitergeben dieser Informationen. We are one of the oldest family-owned distilleries in the world, with a pioneering spirit passed down through generations. Then they started doing other NAS bottles. Glenfiddich is a whisky that hardly needs an introduction. Hier wurden Whiskys verschiedener Fassreifungen (Oloroso Sherry, Bourbon, neue Eichenfässer) in einem einzigartigen Solerafass aus Oregon Pinienholz verheiratet. © 2017 William Grant & Sons Ltd Impressum | Datenschutz & Cookies | Nutzungsbedingungen | info@glenfiddich.comRegistriert in Schottland (Companies House). Geschmack: Komplex, Malz, früchtig, Eichenholz, Gewürznelken, Honig. 554690029Die Inhalte richten sich ausschließlich an Personen, die das Mindestalter für Alkoholgenuss in ihrem Heimatland erreicht haben. Then they started doing other NAS bottles. It’s also the secret behind this whisky becoming the first 15 year old expression to enter the top ten best selling single malts.

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