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A safe bet is “Boys 8-pack socks.” I would argue that “boys” is not so much a possessive (the boys don’t own the socks yet) as a descriptor. I am deadly serious about this. Example: The dog hurt its paw. We are not sure what your question has to do with apostrophes. Most of my job responsibilities coincide with those of a manager’s. Which of these sentences is correct? Not many sheeps’ wool – to show that the wool belongs to more than one sheep? Examples: Jason, the rule is to use an apostrophe if the League does, and to leave it out if the League doesn’t use one. To make a plural word possessive when the plural does not end in s, add an apostrophe and an s. The children's reading room is colorful. What do you think of the answers? We are very pleased to hear we have been helpful. (Not polygamist pastors, btw. 4.) So I googled possessive Chris and it brought me here.. Can you tell me if this sentence has the apostrophe’s in the right place? Writing the term “Airport Division” as an adjective phrase describing the word “facilities” is grammatically correct. Please let me know what is correct for each of the following: How do you distinguish between ownership and a contraction. Copyright by Jane Straus/ I think there is, because of the possessive element. I think the answer to the question about the Idaho Citizens League may pertain. Since the earliest dictionaries didn’t come along until late in Shakespeare’s life and shortly after, we would imagine that the tendency to adopt the most popular spellings was rampant at that time. American English usage tends to leave off the s while British usage tends to add it. She has got a brand new car. The singular possessive “the woman’s shoe” is correct. woman’s dress (one woman who owns a dress) Most of my job responsibilities coincide with those of a manager Thank you for this page on the misuse of the apostrophe. I sometimes see: Is it correct to have an apostrophe after the t? Both sentences look correct to us. I don’t have a copy of Word handy to check, but I wonder if it “fixes” the capitalization automatically resulting in at least some of the instances you see. While most of our site should function with out, we recommend turning it back on for a better experience. The word Pastors would be possessive because it does show ownership (Not literal ownership, obviously. or For example, Chris’ Or Chris’s? Boy’s 8 pack socks. Would love your thoughts, please comment. In the examples two lines don’t make sense to me: two boys’ hats two women’s hats For example, we could think about the very few instances in which plurals are formed with apostrophes. This note is from my site: or I am a member of the girl’s basketball team. When referring to an event that has been done for a number of years how would I make the statement “This years event was extremely successful…” Is it years or year’s or years’, I am stumped. a. Jean’s and Dan’s pants are blue. A study cannot think but it’s reasonable to say that a study analyzes. Wait a minute, Mrs4444. Apostrophe Meaning. It looks like you have JavaScript turned off. Not's either a plural noun as written or a possessive noun if punctuated correctly. Where would the apostrophe go in "friends"? It is also acceptable to write “Airport Division’s facilities” as a possessive noun. A couple are both doctors. Follow the manufactures label instructions. Please stay out of the boys locker room It makes no sense to write it without the apostrophe. We could make the rules slightly more complicated if we wanted to. Which is correct in the following company name? Can people lie on their resume saying that they have a high school diploma when they don't?Can employers verify having a highschool diploma? This wasn't even an issue until 1954. Use “shes” without an apostrophe. While reading though the rules I came across rule 4 and became confused. If you mean “to possess,” it’s less wordy to say, “She has a brand new car,” than “She has got a brand new car.”. says: February 28, 2015, at 11:35 pm Since the basketball team consists of more than one girl, you need to show plural possession. But what about the noun? what about places? (One team of girls and boys–one apostrophe.). 4.) or Owens toy box, If the person’s name is Owen, the correct possessive form is “Owen’s toy box.”. The sheer abundance of misuse is a contributor to the confusion, particularly in the mainstream media. Use an apostrophe to show where a letter or number has been omitted. New Year's Eve. Italics? It should be either "girls soccer team" and "women soccer team" or "girls' soccer team" and "women's soccer team."). 4 years ago. ( or the Smiths’ house / Mr and Mrs Smith’s house) We're always tempted to insert a possessive apostrophe into the name of this holiday ("Veterans' Day"), for it is, after all, THEIR day. We prefer the possessive form in this case. or I am a member of the girl’s basketball team. (Both girls and boys have their own team–both have their own apostrophe.) Is this a new rule or poor proofreading? So if you wanted to say "the apple that belonged to the students," you could instead say "the students' apple.". Homeowners are responsible for their own home’s exterior maintenance. A discussion at work about the following sentence… The Prevention of Cruelty to animals latest financial report can be found at the Attorney General’s office. What do you think? For instance. Can you help with the below. when saying “This one is old”. Mr. Jones’s golf clubs “We had a great time with the Murphy’s”? Second Sunday in May. She’s got a brand new car. A tour for people who love language, words and fun. (Unless the writers own the conference.). The apostrophe goes after the s when the plural has an 's', ie "The houses' roofs are covered in snow". The “she’s” merged their minds and became sasse. In either case, since the word children is plural, the possessive form is children’s. ie.. Hi, great article. You cannot say the study thinks but can you say the study analyzes? NOTE: Although names ending in s or an s sound are not required to have the second s added in possessive form, it is preferred. Compare: There are a variety of different types of …, List of Verbs! Since the plural of “deer” is still “deer,” you can’t add the “s” first for the plural possessive. Titles of Books, Plays, Articles, etc. But let's not do that today. You can use that as a study guide. We are, however, assuming that Jean and Dan do not own the same pair of pants. “Sam and Roscos Restaurant” I stated that the sign should read “Sam and Rosco’s Restaurant” because I was thinking since it’s several nouns for one object the (‘s) is added to the last item in the list. she’s, it’s…). ", (Cranky Word Guy point: It's technically inconsistent to treat "girls" as an attributive noun in "girls soccer team" and "women's" as a possessive noun in "women's soccer team." Children’s Conferences, When referring to one of the individual conferences in the series, would it be correct to call it a: I doubt if journalists ever dropped the apostrophe to save space, but they might have dropped it out of ignorance. Mother's Day. You may wish to read our blog The Wicked Of for more information on this issue. Can you say teacher perceptions vs teachers’ perceptions? Sorry to be so late to acknowledge your response – I’ve been away a while. Just as you might write something like Bank of America’s profits rose last year, you could write The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ latest financial report … It may be easier to write The SPCA’s latest financial report … OR The latest financial report of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals can be found …. The socks are for boys rather than belonging to boys. The apostrophe is for possession but do the manufacturers really own the list? If necessary, use the "Search" box on the right side of the page to find a post closely related to your question or comment.Your email address will not be published. I have a list of manufacturers. The possessive pronoun “its” implies singular. Childs? 4 0. dagmar. The term base layer is usually a two-word phrase. For “the shoe belonging to the woman,” would you write “the women’s shoe” or “the woman’s shoe”? What should the plural possessive be for deer? Examples: Susan and James Childs OR Dr. Susan Childs and Dr. James Childs. Uh oh! Boss’s or boss’ to indicate your boss owns something? Where is the women’s restroom? Or should it just say “hats off to you”? What is a possessive noun? Boy’s Locker Room or Boys’ Locker Room (A locker room for a class or group of boys) I finally now understand what we were being drilled about at school! or "That is ours'." Childrens Conferences See our posts Apostrophes and False Possessives and Confusing Possessives for more information. Thanks for that. Should it be “sheep’s wool” or “sheeps wool” in this case, to indicate that the coat was made from the wool of multiple sheep? There are other set of rules and policies about how to show possession when writing such nouns. or "That is ours'." The apostrophe is for the contraction “A monster has got to do…”. I had to answer this at the end of a job interview for a secretarial position and did not get asked back or offered the job so I never found out the correct answer. Presidents Day. Any apostrophes in addressing the Drs. In American English, without the noun beer, we would most likely interpret wife’s as a contraction before the adjective bitter in your sentence. two children’s hats. A simple plural does not use an apostrophe, so make it Murphys. To show possession with a singular noun, add an apostrophe plus the letter s.”. Therefore it didn’t require an apostrophe. Children might also be considered an adjective describing Conferences, but Children Conferences sounds awkward. If each person has his or her own, each also has his or her own apostrophe. The sentences are: “Her’s was a voice of elemental anger at indignity and injustice but never one of petty bitterness.” and “That presence drew its power from a great absence: her’s was the first self-portrait by a black American woman from the Deep South to attain a worldwide audience.” We do not consider ourselves experts in the rules that other countries follow, but an apostrophe is incorrect in the word hers (even though used as a possessive) in American English. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Is it “All the fish’s habitats?” or “All the fishs’ habitats” or “All the fishes’ habitats?”. Is this correct? Jack read the minutes from the deacons’ meeting? The extremely common misuse of apostrophes on electronic media reminds me of what I was taught about how people spelled things how they felt like in Shakespeare’s time, followed subsequently by the dictionary makers taking the most commonly used spellings, and making those official. Ms. Straus’s daughter Last month, we had an article on the Quick and Dirty Tips website with the title 10 Facts You Should Know About Homeowners Insurance.What you didn't hear was that behind the scenes, the editor debated whether to put an apostrophe in the word homeowners.. A READER ATTEMPTED TO TAKE ME ON FOR USING A WRONG CONSTRUCTION LIKE THAT, BUT YOUR SITE WAS ONE OF THOSE THAT CAME TO MY AID IN HELPING THE ONE UNDERSTAND. (One team of girls and boys–one apostrophe.) If you are referring to a room belonging to one son of Claire, writing “Claire’s son’s room” is grammatically correct. girl’s hats (one girl who owns more than one hat) And I agree with you: if you use "women's basketball" and "men's room," you have to write "boys' basketball" and "girls' tennis." Well, all I can suggest is making some small changes to the on-line book in the places where applicable. Since the name is likely a shortened form of “Our hats are off,” the word hats is a simple plural, and an apostrophe would be incorrect. Do you recognize the accused’s bloody glove? Before or after the S? Which is correct? Instead, let's keep it simple and begin to enjoy our weekend. The s on all the words you ask about is optional. This article provides the definition, types of simple sentences and …, When writing in the passive voice, the subject no longer …, The differences between a backslash (\) vs a forward slash …, Possessive Adjectives!

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