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This doesn't mean you abandon your artistic principles or integrity and go commercial; not even close. Or if you're representing yourself online, make sure your selling prices are in line with what your followers can generally afford. Pay for fine art agents and galleries is generally done in the form of commission, and the amount can vary based on your individual arrangement with your agent. Here’s a few of the other services an art agent could potentially provide: Negotiating for better contracts and increased pay Can you do a demonstration? * If you're just starting out, tell why you believe people should consider your art, what your larger mission or ideas about it are, and why you're dedicated to having a long and productive career as an artist. Representational is the oldest, best-known, and most popular of the three. If you're representing yourself or selling direct, you have to do this by convincing people direct. Here in the United States, the Traditional Fine Arts Organization comes quickly to mind. Don’t be afraid to (politely) follow up on your application. Start your free trial with Format today! suggests that art agents take roughly 10% to 20% of an art piece’s sale price (or the artist’s fee for a campaign, engagement, etc.). Your work could potentially be seen by many art collectors. Do you have good social skills? Certain professionals, like publicists, might charge monthly retainer fees instead of sales-based commissions, or they may charge a fee based on a short-term project or campaign. Find out about Renée’s e-books for Artists. Artists and galleries work best together when there is mutual trust and respect. Do people find those aspects interesting or engaging, or do they somehow enhance the desirability of your art? Give people opportunities to see what goes on behind the scenes, how it all happens, basically how you live the artistic life. Representational art is thriving. Digital tools are providing artists with a wider range of options for capturing and creating realistic images. It is a business relationship and should be treated as such. Remember that, just as you’re looking for an art agent or artist management agency that’s the perfect fit for you and your work, the agent is looking for artists that mesh well with their goals and practices. Art industry professionals, like mentor and coach Renee Phillips, point out that the world of fine art representation is not licensed or regulated. Make sure to be as transparent as possible with your potential art agent. If you haven’t built up any kind of profile as an artist on your own, you might not want to leap into seeking out artist representation. Would like to add one point: I have learned not to take on more galleries than I can supply. Additionally, the workshop (or atelier) system continues to exist, and many of these teach figurative painting exclusively. * Talk about how much art you currently have available for sale, and how much you can produce in what amount of time. That's nowhere near enough of a bridge to get you where you want to go. Now if you find any of this interactivity distasteful or you're one of those artists who just plain refuses to do it, then stick with the galleries. Try to be in one or two of these as well. If you work in more traditional sculpture and they’re dealing mostly in street art, your efforts might be best spent elsewhere. Anyone looking at the painting would understand that its subjects are three individuals with musical instruments–but neither the musicians nor their instruments are intended to replicate reality. This is where an experienced art agent could really provide some extra peace of mind. But generally, hiring artist representation isn’t cheap. It’s important to note that not all art agents are one-stop shops; depending on your needs and the services offered by your gallery or agent, you might find yourself eventually needing to hire additional staff to handle things like publicity or admin tasks. You must continually reflect, experiment, be brave and do whatever you have to do to improve your profile and presentation. i'm an artist, would you represent my art for sell? His art is the voice of freedom. It’s crucial that you make sure you’re okay with all of your agent’s terms before signing on the dotted line. These galleries have a large mailing list with collectors from all over the country. Are you comfortable talking to people who might be thinking about buying your art? Please note that there is an administrative processing fee of $50 to submit your portfolio for review and Agora Gallery charges a fee for its representation and promotion services. Galleries or art agents looking for artists often scout for new work through group shows or art residencies. You will get to know your collectors (if you have a good gallery that encourages communication and interaction). Most business relationships in most other industries are bound by a contract signed by all parties. For example, Impressionist artists such as Renoir and Monet used patches of color to create visually compelling, representative paintings of gardens, people, and locations. Advice About Getting Into New York Art Galleries. Remember that hiring an agent or agency by no means guarantees you an elevated income. These idealized outcomes rarely happen. According to New York-based Agora Gallery, “an artist agent is any professional who works on behalf of an artist to represent, promote, and sell their work.”. Talk about why you believe your art is worth owning, how you believe it adds value to people's lives, what your commitment to being an artist is all about. Most artists get shows or representations by word of mouth, both online and in the real world. Here’s a few other questions you should ask yourself before looking into working with an art agent: Do you feel that your art career has hit a plateau after a period of commercial growth? Try a shorter contract when you’re starting out to assess whether or not this artist agency or agent will be a fit. People who sell art need certain minimum amounts not only in order to represent you properly, but also to make the relationship profitable. What Is the Definition of Non-Objective Art? Other points to keep in mind whether you're presenting to someone you want to sell or represent your art, or are selling direct online: * If you've had past show experience, particularly ones that went well, talk about that. you by reaching out That experience prompted my attorney to draft a fair and comprehensive artist / gallery contract. Here’s our guide to finding an art agent, including art agent fees, types of artist representation, and more. Anyone looking at the painting would understand that its subjects are three individuals with musical instruments–but neither the musicians nor their instruments are intended to replicate reality. Art industry professionals, like mentor and coach Renee Phillips, point out that the world of fine art representation is not licensed or regulated. Your art does not sell itself; you have to sell it. It’s worth thinking long and hard about your short-term and long-term goals for your art career and looking for an art agent who’s equipped to help you make that happen, whether that’s selling individual works of art, scouting out commission opportunities, scoring licensing deals, getting featured in media, scheduling event appearances, or anything else on your wish list. (Either way, doing your research is absolutely essential!) Also realize that the greater your reputation, the more leverage you have to get what you want. Check out my consulting and coaching services. Many art agents handpick their clients with great care based on their current bandwidth for taking on new clients, the quality of the artist’s work, the clarity of the client’s artistic voice, and the artist’s overall potential for commercial success. The Best Art Contests And Art Competitions For 2018/2019. Being a professional artist means that you need to have an artist statement. I have collected about 33 years foreign. If you're making no headway, try to find out from people in the know why they think you're having problems. Just like everybody else, galleries have to sell enough art to stay in business. * Talk about what's unique, special or notable about your art, what distinguishes it from similar looking art by other artists. This will broaden your exposure and you will profit from the pros of each type of gallery and minimize the cons. I am Korean people The English expression is wrong and please understand. We Why then would an artist / gallery relationship be any different. Some of my prolific friends have 10 or more galleries, but the most I can handle (when I'm working with them) is two. Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art 561 State Route 179 Sedona, Arizona 86336 928.282.1125 800.526.7668 Open Mon-Sun 10:00am - 5:30pm Instead, it explores color, texture, and other visual elements without reference to natural or constructed world. Be prepared to provide references if asked, names of people who can speak to your capabilities, hopefully names the person who's looking at your art is familiar with. john pence gallery. Accessibility Policy The same holds true for you as an artist. Venus of Willendorf, while not too terribly realistic, is clearly meant to show the figure of a woman. Ancient examples of representational art are often in the form of sculptures, decorative friezes, bas-reliefs, and busts representing real people, idealized gods, and scenes from nature. When you’re still getting established as an artist, it might feel nerve-wracking to put your budding career in someone else’s hands. Want a head-turning art portfolio website? Be sure to leave some time between your original message and the follow-up (nobody likes getting spammed). Is Procrastination Preventing You From Achieving Art Career Success? 750 Post Street San Francisco, California Telephone: (415) 441-1138 View Justin's available work from John Pence Gallery If you’re seriously thinking about boosting your career as a fine artist or visual artist, agent representation can help you take things to the next level.

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