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Many art agents handpick their clients with great care based on their current bandwidth for taking on new clients, the quality of the artist’s work, the clarity of the client’s artistic voice, and the artist’s overall potential for commercial success. Abstract art typically starts with a subject that exists in the real world but then presents those subjects in a new way. With the local gallery, however, you may be the top man or woman. The more such information you provide and the better prepared you are to provide it-- or at least show you've actually spent time thinking about it-- the more you'll impress a prospective dealer, agent, gallery owner or representative with your "dedication to the cause" and the better able they'll be to assess whether they'll stand a reasonable chance of selling your work. Representational art or figurative art represents objects or events in the real world, usually looking easily recognizable. If you are in a local gallery with lower prices and a national gallery with higher prices, how should you price your work? I feel that a balanced approach works nicely. * If you're just starting out, tell why you believe people should consider your art, what your larger mission or ideas about it are, and why you're dedicated to having a long and productive career as an artist. If you’ve come to the realization that you can’t do it all on your own—or you feel like your art career development has hit a plateau and could use a little professional muscle–you might want to consider hiring an art agent. Digital tools are providing artists with a wider range of options for capturing and creating realistic images. and collectors. Representational is the oldest, best-known, and most popular of the three. His art is the voice of freedom. Make sure you have enough completed work on hand to even go public with it in the first place. We Never make promises you can't keep. When you’re still getting established as an artist, it might feel nerve-wracking to put your budding career in someone else’s hands. We had a dispute and my attorney spent considerable time settling the issue. Or if you're representing yourself online, make sure your selling prices are in line with what your followers can generally afford. That's simply the way the art business is. The contract establishes the ground rules upon which that trust is built. Make sure to be as transparent as possible with your potential art agent. How do I know if finding artist representation is the right choice for me–and how do I make that happen? Give people opportunities to see what goes on behind the scenes, how it all happens, basically how you live the artistic life. will be published in a color catalog of the collective or solo exhibition. Does someone want to rep your art? Your goal as an artist is to survive in a style that allows you to continue making art, preferably on a full-time basis, and that means finding people to buy it. Want a head-turning art portfolio website? Portfolios are reviewed by the gallery director whose extensive knowledge of the New York art market will It’s crucial that you make sure you’re okay with all of your agent’s terms before signing on the dotted line. If after all your efforts you're still having trouble convincing people to take your art on, the problem could be you haven't found the right person or gallery to sell it. Privacy Policy - Some may ask for commission on your sales regardless of their involvement that sale, or they might block you from selling artwork through other avenues. Anyone looking at the painting would understand that its subjects are three individuals with musical instruments–but neither the musicians nor their instruments are intended to replicate reality. That experience prompted my attorney to draft a fair and comprehensive artist / gallery contract. Jackson Pollock, whose work involved complex splatters of paint, is a good example of a non-objective artist. Always keep in mind that one of the main reasons someone decides to represent, show or sell your art is they think they can sell enough to make enough to help keep them in business. “Selling Your Art to Interior Designers and Art Consultants”. Here’s our guide to finding an art agent, including art agent fees, types of artist representation, and more. Find out how you can be a guest author. The Artists Making A Living (Or Trying To) With Patreon Sales will come. I believe that as an artist if i be represented by a gallery, they have to be honest about ta-king an artist. Also realize that the greater your reputation, the more leverage you have to get what you want. You might even think about paying an art consultant or other art world professional to review your approach or critique your art and the way you present it, and perhaps suggest changes or strategies to make your presentations more effective. Even if someone in the business sees your art and likes it, they still have to figure out whether they can make money selling it... and you have to help them. Remember that hiring an agent or agency by no means guarantees you an elevated income. That might make things more confusing from the point of view of an artist trying to decide who to recruit for help. If you expect to sell art, no matter what the platform, know that succeeding as an artist is essentially a collaborative cooperative venture. Be honest and ethical, and expect them to be as well. Artist agencies receive tons of applications, and it’s possible your message may just be buried in someone’s inbox. Other points to keep in mind whether you're presenting to someone you want to sell or represent your art, or are selling direct online: * If you've had past show experience, particularly ones that went well, talk about that. Art industry professionals, like mentor and coach Renee Phillips, point out that the world of fine art representation is not licensed or regulated. Your work could potentially be seen by many art collectors. Their advise has been great. Representational art got its start many millennia ago with Late Paleolithic figurines and carvings. Receive Renée’s free weekly email newsletter. Unfortunately, the number of potential collectors who will see your work will be limited to those who live in or visit the community. We understand your art, the marketplace, and the business of being an artist. Do people find those aspects interesting or engaging, or do they somehow enhance the desirability of your art? If you’re patient and diligent in your search for trustworthy artist representation, and if you both carefully nurture the agent/artist relationship, you can form a mutually beneficial business relationship that, with plenty of hard work, will help you both climb the ladder of the art world. What do they like most about it? Venus of Willendorf, while not too terribly realistic, is clearly meant to show the figure of a woman. Your exhibition will be announced on our website and on other art related sites. That might make things more confusing from the point of view of an artist trying to decide who to recruit for help. Here’s a few other questions you should ask yourself before looking into working with an art agent: Do you feel that your art career has hit a plateau after a period of commercial growth? With or without introductions, focus only on those galleries or individuals who sell your type of art or who represent artists with comparable resumes and career accomplishments to yours. You will find that some galleries balk at signing a contract (be leery of these galleries). We’re here to point you in the right direction. Describe what or how much work sold. You will receive a personalized artist page on and Talk about how your work meshes with the agenda or exhibition schedule of the gallery or individual you're presenting to. You must continually reflect, experiment, be brave and do whatever you have to do to improve your profile and presentation. Association of Art Advisors (APAA) website. Keep in mind that a reputable fine art agent, agency or gallery won’t just take anyone under their wing: they want to make sure that your art is something they want to pour time, effort, and resources into promoting. Without getting too long-winded or overly detailed, point out aspects of your work that might not be obvious or apparent from a simple viewing. © 1984-2020 Agora Gallery, All Rights Reserved. That might make things more confusing from the point of view of an artist trying to decide who to recruit for help. 750 Post Street San Francisco, California Telephone: (415) 441-1138 View Justin's available work from John Pence Gallery Articles and content copyright Alan Bamberger 1998-2019. Do you feel overwhelmed or out of your depth when negotiating for better pay or contract terms? Learn enough about the art they sell and where or how they sell it so you can customize your presentation and explain why you believe your art is right for them. Most artists get shows or representations by word of mouth, both online and in the real world. You will likely be lower on the gallery's totem pole. Ancient examples of representational art are often in the form of sculptures, decorative friezes, bas-reliefs, and busts representing real people, idealized gods, and scenes from nature. Along with having art works on consignment, galleries actually purchase art works wholesale from other galleries and private collectors. Creative Exchange Agency (CXA) is a premiere photography/artist management, production and branding firm specializing in the representation of Artists (photographers, fine artists and film directors), Fashion Consultants and Creative Directors marketed to the editorial, advertising, fine art… And selling your art involves much more than casually or occasionally sending out random announcements to your email list, throwing up "look at my art" or "I made some new art" posts on social networks, calling or otherwise contacting galleries or representatives on the phone or inviting them to your studio, visiting them at their offices or galleries, or reaching out in other ways. Adding a link to a dynamite art portfolio, with all of your best work collected in one easy-to-find place, is a quick and simple way to make a big impact on time-strapped art agents scanning through their inbox for the next big thing.

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