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You’re giving your reader a comprehensive understanding of the fantastic potential of your project. The quote is an example of the overall theme of the documentary—these women worked hard to make a difference. The elements included should be true to the spirit of your project and you. You can even hire a design agency to compile the deck and convert it to PDF. Cover Page – Like a mini poster for your film, this sets the tone for everything that comes next. One way to understand a Look Book in this capacity is like a Pinterest Board. Aside each film’s name in the table ought to be their release dates, domestic and international BO figures. The deck does two things well: The second page of the pitch deck explains what type of documentary this is. And your pitch deck is one of the most important ways to secure it. Using a feel-good tactic is a great way to elicit a positive emotional response from investors. Not only will this help with the pitch, but it may also help flesh out the story and provide fodder for future marketing and PR initiatives. Now that you have a clear and compelling documentary pitch deck, all you need are investors to read it. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You need a quick, visual way to communicate your idea, wow them with how unique and original (and commercial) it is, and basically make it impossible for them to say no to you and your team. However, many documentaries use a narrator. And its your stellar film pitch deck that is high quality, eye catching and engaging that will do this for you. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. We've got it! If you wish to opt out, please close your SlideShare account. Use this checklist to guide you every time you create a film’s pitch deck. A film pitch will be helpful all along production stages. You can even hire a design agency to compile the deck and convert it to PDF. This front cover and the art work it displays should instantly convey the look and feel of the film you’re developing via the images. In this section, also list documentaries with similar budgets and subject matter. What technologies or innovations will you use that make your startup unique? If you’re in the late stages of production, include your marketing budget and a distribution plan that includes video on demand, filmfestivals, or streaming services. In this section, you want to highlight with images, the best 2-3 comparable films that have been made and released that are quite similar to your film in scale and scope. Here at Slidebean, we work hard at giving startups and entrepreneurs the best resources to meet their business goals. But you really do have a great idea, a mindblowing script, maybe even the beginnings of a solid creative team. As you clearly express your vision, your feel, your tone - you make it easier for your creatives to, please forgive the awful pun, all get on the same page. The Project: Building Hope documentary was complete by the time the pitch deck was created. If we are looking for investment, it’s a business idea. A really good image of your company is usually a good replacement for the stock picture we have included in this template.Â, From an intro, we typically go into the problem your product or service is solving for a new potential market. Nick Sadler explains what a Pitch Deck is and why you should create one. On the contrary, we keep it simple and to the point; always a great way to start! My question to you is this: do you have this sort of pitch deck in your arsenal when you’re out developing your project? Something went wrong while submitting the form. Crisp, vivid, copy that inspires. statements to enrich this section. The deck consists of 15 to 50 slides, with each slide consisting of a visual image, brief text, or an elegant combination of both. NOMINATED The 1 min video we add to this pitch deck template is a quick and easy way to display your product. I think as filmmakers we need to be clear in our understanding: if we are funding our own movie, it’s an art project. Here are some examples from our work with our clients. It needs to sell your ideas and boost interest in the project. Yeah, send it over, I’d love to read it. Once you have the content for your pitch deck and images, design it using tools like Adobe InDesign or PowerPoint. 6. For example: Unlike films, documentaries don’t require actors to play a cast of characters. The Pitch Deck We Used To Raise Over $1 Million, No public clipboards found for this slide. So, here is a new startup pitch deck template we have made available for you. I’ve been working … We will go over it together to make sure you can make the best of your upcoming business presentation.Â, A very sober first slide that introduces your company name and your presentation purpose is generally okay to stand on stage or in the office as you and your audience get ready for what you are about to showcase.Â, Take it easy and keep this simple.

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