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Allowance. Please note: You are required to give a minimum of four weeks notice to your employer before taking Maternity Leave. Respected Madam, Pleased be informed that I want to take maternity leave from 1st May, 2014 to 1st July, 2014. <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/StructParents 0>> Please do not submit this form more than 16 w eeks before the end of the week in l. Ijunderstand that I must promptly tell the office that pays my benefit of anything that ,,. Subject: Application for Maternity Leave. Claim Maternity Allowance if you are expecting a baby and you : l, l-, l-,-, l. ... Ijdeclare that the information I have given on this form is correct and complete as far as . As there would be summer vacations so students may not suffer. 08/19 Y. <> This form should be submitted by a female employee to her employer, at least one week before the start of her Maternity Leave, or where it is not practicable to submit the form one week before the start of her Maternity 2 0 obj The maternity leave letter of intent is submitted to an employer when requesting the time-off necessary to give birth, recover, and care for the newborn baby. apply to you. ���A��|‹,E���Ev�)�|ʳ�f�����\����פ�y [���O�n�y�������i=Q�y�U��S��̠I��{R��E��$�Ί���T ��Q=N!����Mo8�����9,��i��Lp�>͠k��$܋� ��p��U��p/a�A"�6�v������¦�1�BI��������D��&j@LQ��y@+N|X@�X �%?AsW��h1:-���_�b@����u,X��I"1`T"4I$D�0�ҫud����h ��tmn"p��j���5!�t3E�5��#!ġa����Ds�,*|�_B}��M{��o�&��5�wx}J? By logging in, you indicate that you have read and agree our. h�b```����W@��(���1�o�P�g4�wX���u�`�x�4�O���:&\0�~�[ż��3P����� +vtttu����#��Iq��'%��ŏ�Y���s� ��,`")�~HQ��s(!ȶ��c���凎0�I_K�s�P���~@I��K;A����\m���|� ��K�00dtt001�qGG�{@if� ҂P fr#����Nf f�h���d3 1���� 1�b P�0Ne`�g�ahb(bh�(�,T($)����.�c�E3�3YvN�g`d��8� L7f9- -6F��D1`�Xw����N�����_��3A��A�ˠ�(g��t�D���``:�H�10D��M�g`�d��0 ���� Pregnancy and maternity leave Revised: March 22, 2012 Our vision is a vibrant and inclusive Alberta where the rich diversity of people is celebrated and respected, and where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in society, free from discrimination. endobj Maternity Others , please Specify : _____ Note : Please submit this application to your Div / Dept Head 7 days in advance. Access your account to see all saved docs. The expected week of my childbirth (EWC) is Please attach proof of pregnancy (MATB1) with this form or submit when you have it. Please note photocopies of this declaration are not acceptable. ���H��8,rD���H�h) 6GJH2 Sample Leave Application for Maternity Leave Application for Maternity Leave from School.

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