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However, for individuals or couples who are moving into assisted living or nursing homes and have no intention of returning to their homes, this option can make financial sense. The line of credit also gives the flexibility to return to living at home should one's health allow for it or provide a source of funding for care while determining if the home should be sold. Once the home is sold, the homeowners or their family members no longer have to manage the logistics of owning or renting a home. Vendor 2: 350 leads and set 112 appointments (32% appointments set) which resulted in 51 sales (45% closing). This is a true phone sales process as it allows anyone on the phone to choose their plan and sign their application using a voice signature. Getting started with AHIP Medicare training is simple. This means Humana is paying less in claims then the competition and has a healthier risk pool. Generated by a call center, these leads typically come from a T-65 list. In the case of a Plan F or Plan G, they won’t even have a copayment. Below is a bit more detail on the differences. You give it to your children in 2017. These are usually tied to a minimum order of 15-20. Below is an example of how to work each T-65 list using telemarketing, direct mail and door knocking to maximize your results. You could put the house … Renting one's home and using the monthly income to help offset the cost of residential care is a very good option. Before you take the plunge of selling Medicare Supplements, you’ve got to be a student of the details of basic Medicare. Obviously, the individual(s) in need of care cannotlivee in the home. These are the best free Medicare Supplement leads you can buy. Unison HomeOwner AgreementsUnison HomeOwner Agreements are contracts with an organization, FirstREX, that provides homeowners with immediate cash in exchange for a percentage of the future appreciation of their homes. Lastly, Medicare Part B has an annual deductible of $183 (2017 data). A bank will approve the homeowner for a specific amount of money for a certain period of time. Selling Medicare supplements is easy when you partner with great household brands, especially those listed  below. HELOCs do not have the same level of consumer protection as do reverse mortgages. Repeat until you have made contact. Let's say you bought your house in 1980 for $50,000. This is because the income can make a significant contribution toward the cost of care, and higher value homes tend to attract more stable tenants. This is because the rules allowing a Medicaid recipient to rent out their home varies based on the state in which one lives. Some Medicare Supplements pay the same commission for life. We strongly suggest homeowners review their options for assistance in developing financial plans for care. It takes time and patience, but as you can see from above, it pays off in a big way when you see how quickly your residuals can add up. And, trust me, they will smoke you out if you’re just there for an easy sale. Also - don't transfer the house to anyone else's name - that's the same as selling … Different types of Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Below are some common examples of Medicare Part B covered services: Check Pages 29-49 of the 2020 Medicare and You Handbook for the complete list of Medicare Part B-covered services. If you do it this way, you’ll help a lot of people and make a lot of money at the same time. Important: More responsibility means more commissions. Step 1:  Buy a Medicare T-65 lead list that is scrubbed against the do not call list (this means every listing that includes a phone number is safe for you to call). This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just how it works. It’s always better to laser target your markets. Seniors and couples in this situation should strongly consider consulting with a Medicaid planning professional. What keeps you from reaching your Medicare Supplement insurance prospects? Below is a snap shot of what the new Medicare card looks like and how the new Medicare numbers are structured. If for some reason your client doesn’t elect Part B on time, they will be subject to a late enrollment penalty of 10% for every full 12 months they delay enrollment. Obviously, selling a home to pay for care is not an option applicable to everyone. Some plans include prescription drug coverage, reducing the out of pocket monthly premium costs. Once one’s total assets have been spent down to Medicaid’s asset limit, which, generally speaking, is $2,000, they can become eligible for Medicaid. Based on this example, Humana appears to be a good Medicare supplement option. This was a way for Medicare to cut spending and transfer the patient liability to the private insurance companies. This is probably why Medicare Supplements are referred to as Medigap policies by CMS. Here’s how to generate Medicare Supplement insurance leads using direct mail: You should expect a 1.5%-3% response rate on direct mail for Medicare Supplements. Couples or individuals in good health, and couples in which one spouse is in good health, are strong candidates to receive the benefits of a reverse mortgage.

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