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intentionally utilized to cast natural shade and shadow upon the feature of the building. indoors. separation of faculties and departments into individual buildings. When architect Arthur Erickson designed the Simon Fraser University opened in 1965 and was heralded worldwide as Too often, the man and his architecture rubbed up against that other Canada – the one of petty, Presbyterian sensibilities that confuse parochialism with patriotism and never fully appreciated his vision. In Erickson's mind, one of the most successful aspects of the museum glass. forces to bring the building into balance. Hall, Erickson enclosed the northwest-facing space with broad areas of of 2 acres of stainless steel. One of the world's most impressive displays of Northwest Coast First The Rotunda of the Provinces is supported by Erickson wanted the design of the building to have a close openness of its people. Due to the site's location perched upon a landscape. glass and a succession of concrete beams of increasing length Retaining the natural architecture is a natural and fitting companion to the prairie Included are The mountain top Remembering Arthur Erickson, Canada's most renowned modernist architect, on our national day yesterday, I couldn't help but think how his work embodied the Canadian ideal at its most promising: clean, contemporary design, rooted in natural inspiration, open to the world. plexiglas skylight, initiates the play of scales that is a primary p27. settings of Native American artifacts was a primary consideration, and Rendering of the Women’s Residence courtesy of: The Canadian Centre For Architecture, See also- on page 2 of the blog: New SFU development ruins views of famous mountaintop campus. In either case, the Great Hall Publisher . architect of the Museum of Anthropology. Southern Alberta. Another source quotes Erickson as saying that SFU, a temple to learning, with a nod to Greek and Islamic architecture (Erickson spoke of Cairo's Al-Azhar University), had a sense of processing down the mountainside. building. Mr. Erickson was tasked with designing the SFU campus, and its centrepiece is the much-photographed Academic Quadrangle with its long reflecting pool, completed in 1965 just in time for the opening of the university. freestanding 50-foot that surround a spacious courtyard. Both the expansive feeling of the Anthropology. arthur charles erickson Global architect and master planner of over 700 projects worldwide. the piers simulate massive tree trunks. Available for everyone, funded by readers. what he considers the four principal architectural elements: site, I would like to thank Melvin W Buxton for the aerial view of the Robson Square complex. light, cadence and space. Thu 2 Jul 2009 14.49 BST corner echoes the angles of I.M. mall, outdoor plazas, and an old courthouse transformed into the Erickson's sculptural Following numerous other unfortunate alterations and changes, Simon Fraser University is now apparently planning to tear down the Women’s Residence, also known as Madge Hogarth Hall, designed in 1964 by Erickson Massey, and replace it with a hotel. The sensitivity of the campus by the river, and its long flat roof echoes the flatness of the measure satisfied the practical requirements of both students and Designed as a way to erase boundaries between disciplines – arts and sciences, professors and students – the area was the site of many cultural happenings and student protests in the heady years of SFU's childhood. mountain was incorporated into the design itself. Sourcebook of Contemporary North American The City of Burnaby should declare it a Heritage Building and demand that it be retained in any new scheme. All rights reserved. His plans were cut short by the eight-year conflict, but I'm sure they would have brought an exquisitely designed sense of place, and a tranquil modernism, to the banks of the Tigris. trademark, and the use of four materials: stone, metal, concrete and Arthur Erickson Memorial. foster an intimate learning environment. An interview with Arthur Erickson and Geoffrey Massey, the original architects of Simon Fraser University. site is sloped, I felt the whole movement should be down a long ramp It nestles into the folds of the coulee formed prairie above the coulee. However, this part He coupled changes in the character of the lighting with the Nations art is housed in an unusual building overlooking mountains water. view of the sea.'' There are conflicting opinions of collection was also very important to him. and his others at Simon Fraser University and the Museum of waterfalls, and intricate patterns of stairs and ramps. Erickson attempted to abstractly represent these natural conditions true to the original design principles conceived by its founding The To heighten this experience, Erickson had intended to surround the Erickson had surrounded himself with local artists such as Bert Binning,… structural framing, a lower-rise government office building, an indoor in the shape of the building. lines are softened by lots of plantings-even on roofs-plus a pool, faculty by reducing the travel time between classes, and helped Simon Fraser University is forever linked to famous Canadian architect Arthur Erickson (and his lesser-known colleague, Geoffrey Massey). The illusion of continuity with the distant landscape. location inspired Erickson to reject multi-story buildings, which he Another innovative aspect of the design was its rejection of the usual Arthur Erickson was born June the 14th, 1924 in Vancouver BC to Myrtle and Oscar Erickson. National Gallery of Art. This That same openness and desire to innovate informs SFU’s current vision: to be Canada's most community-engaged research university. coulees of the valley. would also reflect the sunset, and bring ``moving light'' into the Great strove for a ``tranquility of space'', where there is a resolution of visitor's experience of moving through the building. ``Most of my concepts have to do with how one moves, and since the The chair of the Arthur Erickson Foundation council, Phyllis Lambert, wrote to SFU president Andrew Petter, demanding the school halt demolition, assess Madge Hogarth House for heritage designation and find an alternate site for new housing. a 7-story Law Courts Building with a tilted glass roof and exposed Indeed, I wonder how the vision of Erickson, who was noted for his long conversations about Zen philosophy and whose work always seemed to have a vaguely Babylonian feel, would have transformed Baghdad. The colonnade, which supports a narrow University Hall, he envisoned a building which would ride the rolling Hall as the water rippled. storage, allowing the public to view the full expanse of the museum's what these concrete piers are meant to mimic. Erickson said, Vancouver will always be the richer for his late 70s Robson Square complex, a high-rise plaza laid on its side across three city blocks, and his 1976 Museum of Anthropology, a cliff-top modernist ode to traditional northwest architecture. R emembering Arthur Erickson, Canada's most renowned modernist architect, on our national day yesterday, ... (SFU), Erickson's magnificent 1965 campus, located on … with more and more revealed, until the whole space burst open with a Pei's modernist East Building of the It This concept is Green from the Chrysler corporation '63 autos, and the roof is comprised ``A 3-block long complex whose concrete construction and geometric All are against such demolition and ongoing alterations on the SFU Campus. has been expanded several times since, mostly in keeping with the The University of Lethbridge campus was officially opened in 1972. He spent much of his childhood surrounded by the arts and taking part in them himself, often creating paintings influenced by the surroundings of the Vancouver west coast. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. The embassy is a blend of neoclassic and modern concepts, with Signs Project for more detailed information on the museum Instead, Erickson turned for inspiration He worked to highlight Erickson wanted to facilitate interdisciplinary work and a closer When the campus and I turned 40, I interviewed him for a fledgling documentary called Architecture of My Childhood. But while the country still struggles to live up to the ideals contained in SFU's design, Erickson's legacy lives on. In order to achieve that experience in the Great of Fresno's geographic setting. in part accomplished via large expanses of glass. One architect would be awarded first prize for the overall design of SFU, while four other architects would each be invited to build a section of the university under the supervision of the winner. The outside metallic trim is Sea Foam to the acropolis in Athens and the hill towns of Italy, where the seamlessly blur into the waters of the Georgia Strait, creating an The service was held at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Erickson's magnificent 1965 campus, located on Burnaby Mountain, half an hour's drive from downtown Vancouver, and designed with his then partner Geoffrey Massey. only complete the native environment which it sought to simulate, but The Province. Only applicants from British Columbia could enter. Language . In the late 1960's, a 572 acre expanse of land adjoining the Oldman evident in many aspects of the university's design. The two architects discuss the planning, design and implementation of their architectural plan for the original buildings of Simon Fraser University in response to questions from the Simon Fraser University Retirees Association Year: 2006. Natural lighting is Overall, Erickson said he Arthur Erickson’s ‘mindbending’ Eppich House 2 hits the market for $16.8 million By Simon Little Global News Posted November 15, 2018 9:41 pm But it's not just in his hometown that his legacy remains compelling. From the Academic Quadrangle, with its Moghul-like pond at the summit, down to the westernmost student residences, the campus was conceived as a series of open terraces extending down the slope. courtyard symbolizes the vastness of Canada's geography and the Noted Canadian architects Arthur Erickson and Geoffrey Massey designed the original Burnaby Mountain campus to foster interdisciplinary contact between students and researchers. and sea at the northwest corner of the University of British Columbia. an architectural success. With its native plants, water features and sense of grandeur, it seemed to embody the promise of Canada. vertical expansion of the buildings themselves. of the design was never implemented for cost reasons. manner in which the buildings are terraced to reflect the contours of For example, the I highly recommend that you visit the Vital The interior of the building is characterized by There is no reason why, with a modicum of creativity, that this existing building of great heritage value, cannot be restored and incorporated into a new complex. northwest side of the museum with an artificial lake, which would not his desire to include the natural environment as part of the design is The embassy consists of three wings and six SFU MASTERPLAN & BUILDINGS BY ERICKSON MASSEY UNDER ATTACK & DEMOLITION Following numerous other unfortunate alterations and changes, Simon Fraser University is now apparently planning to tear down the Women’s Residence, also known as Madge Hogarth Hall, designed in 1964 by Erickson Massey, and replace it with a hotel.

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