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How backed up are the tests and do you realize how expensive testing can be? Chem Trails are those fake clouds up in the sky that are killing you! Could this be carcinogenic to the average person? if you want to drink soft drinks drink schwepps lemonade. We increased the dose, gave it more often, and all in all, it wasn’t enough. 983. After all, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Canadian Health Protection Branch have pronounced this chemical preservative to be acceptable when consumed in low amounts. Processed food manufacturers often use additives to preserve flavor and freshness in products that are meant to be stored for long periods. working on her first novel. In which Olympics was the first tennis match played? 4. It was scary because not everyone has the same reaction. When these ingredients get together, they form benzene, a cancer-causing chemical associated with leukemia and other blood cancers. Not to mention all the synthetic materials we surround ourselves with. My child is alive and doing amazingly well today! There is a solution. @Post 51: My daughter gets hyperactive after taking liquid medicines with sodium benzoate in them. Please give me the facts surrounding this. I have a hard time drinking a lot of water so i drink instant tea and crystal lite. Citric acid in combination with Sodium Benzoate will not lead to the formation of Benzene but you should be careful using Ascorbic acid and Citric acid in the same formulation, because Citric acid could accelerate the formation of Benzene. If it doesn’t continue working, we’ll put her in the clinical trial for HPN-100. Dr. Randy Baker answered. Come on people, do your homework and find that benzene indeed is so toxic and it is all around us. Is that a carcinogenic combination? Deborah is a freelance health writer who is passionate about animals and the environment. Bacteria is a bad thing is food products. However, that does not mean every soft drink or fruit beverage on the market has been tested, nor that products in today’s market would meet the standards. We all are blind. The Foods Standard Agency Board (FSAB) of the United Kingdom began removing artificial food coloring from foods in 2009. There are many products on the market that contain ingredients that are carcinogenic and they have been approved by the FDA. I suffer from CFS. to recap: benzene is only created when sodium benzoate and vitamin C aren't 'in balance.'. When these preservatives are added to foods and to the interior of metal cans that contain beverages or liquid foods, they can have a detrimental effect on your health. of benzoic acid. Do not feed your children this poison and please look after your own health. I can now only eat organic with no chemical relatives of any form of benzene. Sometimes it is called benzoate of soda instead.

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