crackdown 3 best weapons

3. 5. Crackdown 3 is all about mass destruction and plowing through armies of enemies with your super-enhanced agent. It has arguably the best range in the game, it has really high damage per shot, making it … PDW – Get it from enemies. Conqueror – Look for it at the ground level of an arcade in The Exchange. 4. This sections of the guide lists all the weapons found in Crackdown 3. Pistol – Pick it up right at the start of the game. Shotgun – Get it from enemies. Minigun – Defeat the monorail masters to get this weapon. Crackdown 3, like its predecessors, will include a huge over-the-top variety of Weapons like guns that fire crazy things and blast apart the city at will. … 7. Machine Pistol – Get it from enemies. It is in the middle of the region. Omni Rifle – Head to the Prisoner Hardpoint located at the west of Zangado’s Breath 6. 1. Head right after exiting the room. 2. The Arc Rifle is one of the most reliable and powerful weapons in Crackdown 3.

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