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We Asked 12 Sommeliers: What's One Trend in Wine You Wish Would Catch On? Blue Marble Cocktails is the latest in pre-mixed cocktails and produces ultra-premium, all-natural, ready-to-drink, premixed cocktails in 9 flavors. It was the first time ever that I've just had an entire kitchen staff stare at me as I read a menu. Then look no further than Blue Marble’s best-selling Bloody Mary, which was voted the World’s Best Ready to Drink Cocktail at the 2019 World Premix Awards in London. The grapefruit flavor is the best of four delicious offerings from Lifted Libations, showcasing a pleasant balance of acidity and sweetness. Blue Marble is not your average cocktail company. You may opt-out by. Though the 200 milliliter cans are convenient if you’re drinking at home solo these days, they’ll come in just as handy when everyone’s out and about again (think tailgates, pools, even planes). He created a new business. That thought will soon be swept away when you start pouring and the Guinness-esque widget inside the can helps achieve a picture-perfect foam. Sipping from the 100-milliliter can is tricky, though, because of its small size and the even smaller opening. Even if you’re sipping straight from the can, be sure to add a squeeze of fresh lime for maximum enjoyment. But the overall profile remains nicely balanced and has good concentration, serving up something everyone can enjoy. It’s not cloying, though, and this remains a really refreshing option. From crushable spritz cocktails to multiple interpretations of the Margarita, these are the 14 best canned cocktails to buy this summer. Blue Marbles provides a co-packing service as well. Each component is identifiable on the nose and palate, like individual instruments playing a symphony. Though the … We are a family business, with family values, supporting global awareness, conservation, and environmental initiatives through our "keep the blue marble blue" program. 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While not marketed as such, this is essentially a canned Old Fashioned, and it’s a delicious one at that. There are bartender-quality options alongside crushable drinks that pack a hefty punch in the flavor department. (And doesn’t spending excessive cash at the moment ring a little tone deaf?) But trademarked names aside, this is a delicious canned cocktail. Some showed there’s still room for improvement, but many surprised us with their high quality. The dark rum interacts wonderfully with the ginger beer, adding layers of complexity and depth of flavor. The palate has everything you expect from a brunch-worthy Bloody Mary: a rich, roasted tomato core; seasonings of savory celery salt; and a generous crack of fiery black pepper. 2nd Floor, Suite F, The Maltsters, 1-2 Wetmore Road, Also known in the drinks business as ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, canned cocktails have evolved in recent years to become one of the most diverse subcategories of drinks that can be enjoyed from portable packaging. Learn about BevNET’s conferences. Miller couldn't find any that met his standards so he did what he does best. Finding a bartender who can make one properly is not a given; discovering a ready-to-drink version that tastes this good is even more surprising. Blue Marble Productions, Inc (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Marble Cocktails, Inc), centrally located in Indianapolis, IN., the crossroads of America. A bartender-crafted canned cocktail, this drink is an orchestra in a can. This petite, 200-milliliter can holds a potent Cosmopolitan. The cocktail also arrives in attractive glass packaging, and On the Rocks offers multiple serving sizes for its entire range of cocktails — all of which are worth sampling on their own. “When we compete in taste tests against other brands, participants always ask about what we use to set us apart. For starters: I’m a lazy drinker. I had a 6 inch tuna sub…", "We walked in just as they were closing and they informed us of such. Travel's my beat, but I love nothing more than being home in Brooklyn. For each can sold, a portion of proceeds will be donated to environmental initiatives keeping our blue marble blue. As for the flavors, there’s nine of them, with a focus on the classic and tried-and-true. A longtime favorite of VinePair staff members, Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock and Rye remains the only canned option whose alcohol content approaches anything close to a spirit-forward cocktail. hough the 200 milliliter cans are convenient if you’re drinking at home solo these days, they’ll come in just as handy when everyone’s out and about again (think tailgates, pools, even planes). 5. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. I did not realize they made subs, salads and wraps here. Among the most appetizing cocktails in this ranking, this is more of a delicious spritz than a classic Margarita. While potent potables involving far-flung ingredients, rare spirits, and esoteric techniques have their staunch supporters, I’m not among them. Made with agave wine rather than tequila, the palate has a gentle, enjoyable effervescence. By the time you’re finished, you’ll realize that any occasion can — and should — be turned into a canned Espresso moment. A carbonated, fruity twist on Brazil’s national cocktail, this is a fun and refreshing option. You could be the first review for, "Why have I waited so long to come here. Also, I’ve never been a fan of fussy drinks (or food, for that matter). Co-founded in 2015 by Alan Miller and Danyelle Rabine, Blue Marble specializes in premium, pre-mixed cocktails at a wallet-friendly price. (No, seriously.) Events. Yet the vodka soda is indeed a cocktail, and this version is as good as it gets in canned form. While this cocktail showcases the rich character of bourbon, fresh spearmint and lemon notes ensure the drink tastes light and refreshing. A delicate balancing act, the Aviation combines gin, Maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, and lemon juice. While I appreciate the boom of DIY cocktail content – and as much as I miss having a freshly-made libation in front of my face – I have zero interest in putting together an elaborate bar setup in my apartment. In each of the brand’s cocktails, the flavor continues to evolve from the moment it hits the palate through to a lengthy finish. So I began hunting for single serve cocktails." One goal at Blue Marble Cocktails is to create a better cocktail. To find the best canned and bottled cocktails, VinePair tasted dozens of options from more than 20 different producers. As any rum aficionado will explain, if you want to drink a bonafide Dark ‘N Stormy, there’s no substitute for Goslings Black Seal Rum. His latest brainstorm is the hot new ready-to-drink, all-natural, ultra-premium cocktail company that in just a few short years is poised to become a multi-billion dollar entity. How On The Rocks Cocktails Came to Be “A restaurateur, a bartender, and a self-described “wildcard” founded one of the fastest-growing premixed cocktail companies out … So, after weeks of drinking cheap and readily available red wine and canned beer at home, I started craving something more – but something simple and straightforward, too. Just open, and pour over ice. We're here to change the world while having fun doing it. Claim this page Share this Page: A cocktail ready-to-drink at a moments notice, tastes amazing, and comes in a recyclable container you can drink anywhere on the planet. Also, I’ve never been a fan of fussy drinks (or food, for that matter). This fruity take on the Bourbon Smash is an outlier: Most of the canned cocktails on the market use lighter spirits, such as tequila, vodka, or gin as their base alcohol, and those that do include whiskey lean toward a spirits-forward profile.

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