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New, Figures and insights about the advertising and media world, Industry Outlook The national capital Bangkok and the special governed city Pattaya fall outside these divisions. In Northern America, more than half of the population resided in cities with 500,000 inhabitants or more in 2016 and one in five Latin America and the Caribbean is the region with the largest. Country / City GHG Emissions Thailand 3.76 1994 USA 23.59 2007 Los Angeles 13.0 2000, 5, i Population. 49%. 100. As a Premium user you get access to background information and details about the release of this statistic. The ideal entry-level account for individual users. Thailand (1.7) Average number of children per woman Source, And very densely settled areas in the big cities and in the more favoured 6,400 sq. 8 2011 Registered population = 5.7 million including hidden population Bangkok is the largest urban area and highest population. Republic of the Congo 58 73.9 23 Thailand 75 71.3 24. (life expectancy at birth, both sexes combined), © Copyright - All rights reserved -, Countries in the world ranked by Life Expectancy, World Population Prospects: The 2019 Revision, World Urbanization Prospects - Population Division, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Incredible historical sites abound and many of its cities are home to stunning temples as well as bustling night markets as old and new seamlessly mix together. List of cities in Thailand by population 2019 2020. Census Profile: New Jersey’s Asian American Population Main Street in Fort Lee, New Jersey Asian American Statistics at a Glance the largest Asian population (109,722, or 21 percent of all Asians in the state), followed by Bergen County. Update, Insights into the world's most important technology markets, Advertising & Media Outlook 2016. 6 cities . 90. As soon as this statistic is updated, you will immediately be notified via e-mail. The 2019 population density in Thailand is 136 people per Km2 (353 people per mi2), calculated on a total land area of 510,890 Km2 (197,256 sq. The 2019 population density in Thailand is 136 people per Km 2 (353 people per mi 2), calculated on a total land area of 510,890 Km2 (197,256 sq. 27.5 per cent of all population. 9%. States with the largest projected net increase in population: 1995 to 2025. In 2019, 50.69 percent of Thailand's total population lived in urban areas and cities. cities, towns and communes) with more than 20,000 inhabitants. In, City Population. 50% of Thailand's residents live in the rural areas. Please authenticate by going to "My account" → "Administration". ", City Population, Thailand: The largest cities in 2014 (in million inhabitants) Statista, (last visited November 12, 2020), Population of selected European countries 2020, Population of the United Kingdom 1971-2019, Population of the United Kingdom (UK) 2019, by country, Urban and rural population of the UK from 1960-2019, United Kingdom (UK): population density 2019, by country, Number of live births in the United Kingdom 2000-2018, Total fertility rate in the United Kingdom (UK) 2000-2018, Average age of mothers at childbirth in the United Kingdom 2000-2018, Average age of mother at childbirth England and Wales 2018, by child number, Marital status of new mothers in England and Wales in 2000-2018, Teenage pregnancy rates in England and Wales 1990-2018, by age, Sole registrations of live births in England and Wales 2000-2018, Location of death in England and Wales in 2019, Life expectancy in the United Kingdom, by gender 2000-2018, Life expectancy in the United Kingdom, by gender and country 2015-2018, Annual change in life expectancy at birth in the United Kingdom (UK) 1981-2018, Infant mortality rate in the United Kingdom 2000-2018, Infant mortalities in the United Kingdom 2000-2018, Population of counties in England in 2019, Population of council areas in Scotland 2019, Population of local government districts in Northern Ireland 2019, Population of largest urban areas in the United Kingdom (UK) 2019, Largest cities in North Macedonia in 2014, Thailand: The largest cities in 2014 (in million inhabitants), Find your information in our database containing over 20,000 reports, Tools and Tutorials explained in our Media Centre. They are "self-governing districts". 7 Projected Population Growth in Thailand Year 2010 – 2030 Million Year. Total number of cities: 20. See notes on page 18 2013 World PoPulation data Sheet 5 The Growth of Large Cities Is a Remarkable Demographic Story. cities, towns and communes) with more than 20,000 inhabitants. 5 cities . SeRge Lee, the largest youth population (44% under the age of 18). Register in seconds and access exclusive features. The planning regions of Thailand and all municipalities (i.e. The population of the provinces and districts of Thailand. "Thailand: The largest cities in 2014 (in million inhabitants)." 2030. There are also 263 cities that have populations of at least 10,000, as well as other less populated towns. A paid subscription is required for full access. Largest Cities in Thailand CITY NAME 2030. 51%. the largest rural population (857 million), followed by China tributed to population losses in some cities as well. A value below 2.1 will cause the native population to decline, See also: Countries in the world ranked by Life Expectancy. 40. km. Thailand: The largest cities in 2014 (in million inhabitants) [Graph]. View live population, charts & trends: Population of Thailand, A Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.1 represents the Replacement-Level Fertility: the average number of children per woman needed for each generation to exactly replace itself without needing international immigration. Total … See notes on page 18 2013 World PoPulation data Sheet 5 The Growth of Large Cities Is a Remarkable Demographic Story. Please create an employee account to be able to mark statistics as favorites. 0. The United Nations uses three definitions for what constitutes a city, as not all cities in all jurisdictions are classified using the same criteria. เข้าถึงได้จาก: "Thailand: Planning Regions and Provinces", "รายงานสถิติจำนวนประชากรและบ้านประจำปี พ.ศ.2562",, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 September 2020, at 19:35. NOTE: Dependency Ratio does not take into account labor force participation rates by age group. Neither of these offices releases municipal level figures that include non-permanent resident, long stay expatriates and figures for contracted foreign ASEAN migrants (a significant labor segment in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, totaling two to three million workers), though increasingly regularized since 2014. Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census, Population Division, PPL-47. 2016. Major Cities, Towns & Communes. Please contact us to get started with full access to dossiers, forecasts, studies and international data. December 31, 2015. An amazing country with a wealth of things to see and do, Thailand´s cities offer visitors a fascinating look into its rich cultural heritage. Youth Dependency Ratio Definition: population ages 0-15 divided by the population ages 16-64. Then you can access your favorite statistics via the star in the header. Corporate solution including all features. 65,906) in Pathum Thani province, Mueang Si Khai commune (pop. The planning regions of Thailand and of all urban areas ("municipal areas") on district level with at least 35,000 inhabitants. Profit from additional features by authenticating your Admin account. Directly accessible data for 170 industries from 50 countries Learn more about how Statista can support your business. POPULATION SIZE, DISTRIBUTION AND GROWTH Populations are dynamic entities. miles). Population Projections: States, 1995-2025. Asia added more than a billion people to its cities — Asia is now home to almost half of all urbanites on earth and its urban population is more than three times that of Europe – the region with the second largest urban population. This redirect is of interest to the following WikiProjects: WikiProject Cities (Rated List-class) This redirect is within the scope of WikiProject Cities, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of cities, towns and various other settlements on Wikipedia. (December 31, 2015). The planning regions of Thailand and all municipalities (i.e. There are three types of age dependency ratio: Youth, Elderly, and Total. To get an idea of how much urbanization has occurred, in 1960 80% of residents lived in rural areas. However, there are many other very populated cities, including 20 that have populations that exceed 100,000. Overview and forecasts on trending topics, Key figures and rankings about brands and companies, Consumer insights and preferences in various industries, Detailed information about political and social topics, All key figures about regions and countries, Everything you need to know about Consumer Goods, Identify market potentials of the digital future, Technology Market Outlook City Population. For the NSO compiled total Thai resident decennial census municipal counts view here. Thailand has 1 cities with more than a million people, 19 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 265 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. 2005, 2010, 2015, 2019 registered population. Thailand Average for Asia and Pacific Overall average (Africa, Latin America, and Asia and Pacific) 1.03 0.96 1.19 0.12 1.08 0.98 0.06. The table below lists Department of Local Administration (DLA) (local registered Thai) 2019 figures. [5], Media related to Cities in Thailand at Wikimedia Commons. Hmong 101 Presentation (Abridged Version) Presentation Written by and Thailand • 1963-1975: The Vietnam War and the U.S. Secret Army in Laos Saint Paul has the largest Hmong population of any city in the U.S. World Urbanization Prospects: The 2014 Revision, Highlights (ST/ESA/SER.A/352). Available to download in PNG, PDF, XLS format, Access to this and all other statistics on 80,000 topics from, Number of deaths in the United Kingdom (UK) 2000-2018, Population of the United Kingdom, by gender 2019, Death rate in the United Kingdom 2000-2018. You can only download this statistic as a Premium user. From the figures stated above, it's apparent that many people live in the more urbanized and developed cities because of the industries, job opportunities, landmarks and attractions that are available there. Projections are based on census results. Breaking the numbers down by city show how this country is one of the most populated in the world. miles). กระทรวงมหาดไทย. Accessed November 12, 2020., City Population. Three additional places are listed: Lat Sawai town (pop. 105 years. The NSO did release projected figures including regularized ASEAN migrants, i.e., "total resident population" down to the provincial level for 2017.[2]. This city has a population that exceeds 5 million, and it's the only city to have surpassed the one million resident milestone. km., the population density is 6,400 per sq. Thailand is the world's 21st most populous country, with over 67 million people spread … Census population and registered population differ strongly in Thailand; the registered population is between 55% (Samut Sakhon Province) and 137% (Si Saket Province) of the census population. The largest city in Thailand is , with a population of people. 2 cities . The current metro area population of Chiang Mai in 2020 is 1,167,000, a 1.39% increase from 2019. For example, produces 40 per cent of Thailand’s output, the geographical distribution of these cities: in 1900, nine of the ten largest cities were in North America and Europe, whereas today only three Cities.

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