chinese american wedding traditions

The United States is a country which was originally populated by Europeans especially British. Custom originates from the needs of collective life, from unique nation, time and region. Red envelopes, or hong bao. The bride’s besties showed how much they cared by singing songs mourning her departure and cursing the matchmaker, the groom’s parents, and even the bride’s. This paper mainly focuses on the traditional marriage customs in China and America. Hi! You are not alone. Chinese culture is family-focused and a wedding is about including as much family as possible. These attitudes are connected with some philosophical reasons and historical reasons. Revolution Postponed: Women in Contemporary China. Another factor to consider when deciding the amount is the relationship between you and the couple. A couple shares their family responsibility together: earning money, doing housework and raising their children together. They last a long time, implying longevity for the marriage. When gifting red envelopes, it’s considered good luck to put in an amount of money that ends in 8 or 9 like $188 and $199 because “8” represents fortune and “9” symbolizes “long-lasting” in Chinese culture. At this stage, the parents can refuse the marriage. Of course, practically you will want to choose the date that will work best for you and your wedding party, but choosing a lucky date around the time of year that you’d like to get married is a good way to incorporate this Chinese wedding tradition and the intentionality will make your day feel extra special. “For traditional Chinese families, a fortune teller may be consulted to find lucky wedding dates on the lunar calendar, which may fall on weekdays instead of weekends.”. Hi Linda, I’m not aware of any Chinese foods that cause illness. Journal of Liaoning Economic Management Cadre College. In keeping with Chinese wedding traditions, three days after the wedding, the bride and groom will pay a visit to the bride’s parents, even though she is technically no longer a part of the family. They can also be used as practical utensils and/or special home decor. When the procession arrives at the bride’s home, the bridal party traditionally refuses to allow the groom to see the bride until he surrenders enough red envelopes, or hong bao, full of money. Would it be considered OK to give a gift of a bonsai plant to my Chinese friend who has just been married? A dance follows the meal and cake and usually it stars with the newlyweds. Hi Lauren, sorry, not that I'm aware of! What are your experiences attending Chinese weddings in the United States? When I married my husband, we paid for our best man’s overseas flight and gave him an extra “red pocket” envelope of cash for his trouble, including his tailor-made tux. An American wedding with more than 100 guests is considered a large affair. If the betrothal was accepted, usually it would last a period of time before the wedding day. Just as “something blue” plays an important role at Western weddings, “something gold” is the equivalent for Chinese weddings. In the ancient tradition of the bride’s friends refusing to “surrender” the bride until they received enough, The banquet itself can get quite raucous with. The red envelope is called “红包“, “hong bao” or  ”利是“, “li shi”, in Chinese, which represents “good fortune”. Through comparative analysis between Chinese traditional marriage customs and American’s marriage customs, it can be drawn out that traditional culture plays a leading role in them like marriage values and religion. Young children, especially young boys, are invited to jump on the bed before the wedding night to promote fertility in hopes that the new couple will bear children. Introduction to Western Culture. Essentially, the closer the relationship is, the more you should put in the red envelope. Beijing: Higher Education Press. We had two events: a church wedding in Boston and a dinner reception in Taipei. to brunch or dinner three … In another, the bride and groom eat strung-up cherries without their hands. American couples enjoy equal position in their families rather than a state of subordination and domination. ~Wes. The Chinese calendar date is noted as well as the order of birthdates for the bride and groom and their parents, then the name of the dinner venue, and times for dinner and cocktails. Celebrating a new life together calls for a party! And then others may join the dance party. Traditionally, the tea ceremony was an important way to honor the parents and began with a prayer, but today it skips to the main event. 2011. In Chinese culture, directly asking your wedding guests for gifts or money can be considered disrespectful or greedy. Fan Weirui. Plus the Chinese phrase, “going to a dinner banquet,” is synonymous with “going to drink alcohol.” Meanwhile, tea is served as a sign of respect and 7-Up is a favorite because the name sounds like “seven happiness” in Chinese.

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