chi la sow meaning in tamil

However, Arjun's mom manages to reach an agreement with him. Soon after, Arjun returns with orange juice and the restless and distressed Sujit. Tamil. Produced by Jaswanth Nadipalli, Bharat Kumar Malasala, and Hari Pulijala, the film has music by Prashant R Vihari, cinematography by M. Sukumar, editing by Chota K Prasad, and Art direction by Vinod Varma. Being rejected by various grooms because of her mother's disorder, Anjali's mother sank further into depression and tried to commit suicide, thinking that she had become a burden to her daughters. As the story progresses, you end up falling in love with the characters; you can't help it. Arjun takes her to the temple to get married immediately, but Anjali tries to restrain him from making a hasty decision, although inside she is happy to be getting married. Sushanth, Ruhani Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Rohini, Vidyulekha, Sanjay Swaroop, Sukanya, Bharat Kumar Malasala, Hari Pulijala, Jaswanth Nadipalli. As the delivery boy attempts to escape, the fearful Anjali injures him on his head. Bride-to-be) is a 2018 Indian romantic film directed by Rahul Ravindran. Meanwhile, the restless Sujit is trying hard to sleep after hearing severe taunts by Arjun's mother. However, Anjali faced the situation confidently and took it positively. Ruhani Sharma's look is natural in the promo videos. Sujit has a mishap with his neighbor but successfully gets the orange juice. Then, Anjali waves goodbye to Arjun but is still bothered about her mother. This promising July release is apparently telling a coming-of-age love story between two not-so-young male and female. ; We do not offer to watch Chi La Sow movie online. Arjun is ready to give his entire savings of 12 lakhs, which he saved to fulfill his dreams, when suddenly the constable enters the station happily, declaring that his brother-in-law was alive. Telugu. When Anjali is about to leave, Arjun stops her and expresses his wishes to meet her again. There he meets Arjun and shares Anjali's past. Anjali's uncle comes to take a look at his sister's condition. After hearing this, Arjun feels strongly towards Anjali and confidently decides he wants to marry her. In the hospital, Anjali's family thinks the match has been successful. Anjali is touched by his actions and is falling for Arjun. She denies his request and asks him if he will say yes or no to the marriage. "[8], The NEWS Minute stated: "This is a clean movie that appeals to urban sensibilities, with a story panning out across one night. Later the sub-inspector comes to know that the delivery boy is a brother-in-law to one of his constables (Harish Koyalagundla). Meanwhile, Arjun regains consciousness and the alerted neighbors come to stop her.

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