cheapest place to live in china

However, having some general guidelines for of the cost of living in China can be really beneficial if you are torn on your decision to move to China or cannot choose between several cities to live. Advertiser Disclosure: Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed here. A closer look reveals hidden treasures like charming homes hugging the very edge of waterways, classical gardens and towering pagodas. There are few places on earth with a more dazzling display of spring florals than Pretoria in October and November. Rents are 85 percent less expensive than in New York City, and your monthly grocery budget will average 55 percent less as well. Click through to see the cheapest places in the world to live in. Or, enjoy a meal in your apartment with views of the city. Move to the “City of Eternal Spring” and you’ll reside in one of the cities with the cheapest cost of living in any season. Rent is 80 percent cheaper than in NYC, and groceries are 62 percent less expensive. China says consumer prices rose 0.9% in March this year versus the same month of 2016, slightly higher than the February year-on-year comparison. Just for Fun… Test your knowledge of Chinese cities with this quiz! If relocating to China for work, apart from your salary, be sure to also factor in your company benefits when calculating your cost of living. List of Websites and Apps Blocked in China for 2020. Upgrade your decor in an afternoon with these DIY projects. Rents are 88 percent less expensive than in New York City, contributing to an overall cost of living that beats NYC by 62 percent. © 2020 Go West Ventures LLC   |  Best-Selling China Travel Guide   |   Contact   |   Affiliate Disclaimer   |   Privacy Policy. The following factors from Numbeo were analyzed to give each city a score and produce a final ranking: 1) Local purchasing power index: Measures the relative purchasing power of a typical salary in the country. Tehran perfectly positions its residents to ski at Tochal, hike stunning waterfalls in Jamshidieh Park or take in the city’s many cultural sites. China Visa Itinerary Without Flight or Hotel Reservations? Simple Guide, Best Travel Insurance for 2020 | Guide & Reviews, COVID-19 and the Future of China Travel in 2021 and Beyond, How to Send Gifts to China in 2020 (for any special occasion), How Add Money to WeChat (Domestic & International). In this article, we’ll dive into the following topics: In this guide, I’m going to do my best to help you anticipate and plan for the cost of living in China along with other factors that can run up your expenses in the country. You might not expect a resort city tucked along the southern Mediterranean to be on a list of cities with the cheapest cost of living. Stroll the sands of the Golden Mile anytime you choose when you set up residence in Durban, or head out into the water to surf the waves. More recently, I’ve studied high-tech trends in greater China and expanded my overall news coverage to surrounding Asia. Linking Hong Kong to China’s mainland, Shenzhen is a shopper’s paradise, offering everything from custom clothing to faux designer handbags. Turkey’s capital city, Ankara, isn’t just the governmental hub of the country — it’s a cultural center as well. The city is one of the cheapest cities in the world to live with a cost of living that is 52 percent less costly than in New York City.

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