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The only entertainment here is unintentional, so probably not. The animals aren't interactive and don't move or anything. We offer discounted admission on special days, as well as several discounts if you’ve served our country in the armed forces. IS THE ARK FUN ENOUGH TO CONVERT YOU TO A CREATIONIST BELIEF SYSTEM? The Ark Encounter will amaze and inspire you to think differently about the biblical account of Noah’s Ark. These signs go over things like the shortcomings of evolution and how Noah and his family might have theoretically dealt with things like waste disposal and ventilation. The reporter is mean, has a British accent, and says things like, “How long have you been working on this… little project?“ while rolling her eyes. Room after room after room of signs. It also did not need that space when I visited. Depending on your tolerance for animal cruelty, that could have been an interesting spectacle, I guess. When buying online, your tickets will be emailed to you for printing prior to your arrival. So is the Ark likely to draw in visitors in the same way as Disney or Universal or the Smithsonian? According to the Louisville Courier Journal, around 860,000 tickets were sold for the Ark between July 2017 and June 2018, which falls pretty far short of the 2 million in annual ticket sales predicted by Ken Ham, the Ark’s creator, before it opened. Family annual combo passes include immediate family members (parent/legal guardian) and their dependent children 18 and under. There are also some wax figures of Noah's family. This exhibit is actually designed to teach you that cutesy animals, like the kind of cutesy animals that enticed you into the exhibit, are evil. Signs with titles like "Cross-Continent Deposition" and "Paraconformities" and "Polsystrate Fossils" and "The Enigmatic Stonehenge.". IS IT FUN ENOUGH TO CONVERT YOU TO A CREATIONIST BELIEF SYSTEM? If you haven’t visited the Ark Encounter in KY yet, you need to plan your visit! You're almost done! Your newsletter signup did not work out. Like the kind they have at theme parks that switch back on themselves to cram as many people as possible into a small space. Combo tickets are valid for one-day entry to each attraction in a seven-day period. + unlimited free parking. The staff needs to help with the wearing of masks. Annual passes purchased and redeemed between August 17 and December 31, 2020, will be valid through December 31, 2021. The Ark has two screening areas that, during my visit, played two movies on loop. It's probably the most entertaining thing on the ship, but it doesn't quite manage to be entertaining in the traditional sense. Then you enter the first section of the Ark. It’s just a large building in a shape you don't typically see large buildings in. ARK Park Official Website. Noah is handsome, level-headed, and nice. Kids also enjoy discovering the animals in our zoo. Junior is right, kids want to see the Ark for themselves. But, unfortunately, with the exception of three dioramas, all of that is depicted using a bunch of pictures and text on boards stuck to the wall. The original plan was, apparently, to have live animals in this section. This is so worth a visit especially if you know and believe the Genesis account of the flood. See all discounts and special days. IS IT FUN ENOUGH TO CONVERT YOU TO A CREATIONIST BELIEF SYSTEM? No. Built according to the dimensions given in the Bible, the Ark Encounter contains three decks of stunning exhibits. The entire site was very clean and organized. IS IT FUN ENOUGH TO CONVERT YOU TO A CREATIONIST BELIEF SYSTEM? what you get is great. Enter by yourself or with a group of adventurous friends, and witness dinosaurs roaming in the wild with your own eyes! Get ready to soar through the air, reaching up to 50 mph and 17 stories high! The Ark Encounter is located in beautiful Kentucky, 45 minutes south of Cincinnati, with dozens of nearby hotels and places to stay. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. we emailed you in order to finish subscribing. Take time to get driving directions and plan your route ahead of time—you’ll be glad you did! We learned so much going through the exhibits. 1 Ark Encounter Dr, Williamstown, KY 41097-7504, To be able to walk inside a full scale version of Noah's Ark was amazing. The attention to detail is exquisite. We were lucky enough to get a chance to visit the Ark Encounter. Ken Ham has done a tremendous work with this whole experience! | Privacy Policy | Content Policy | Attraction Rules. The rest of 2020 kids 10 and under are free! Which is kind of a bummer. Highly recommend. For assistance, please email reservations. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Not really. he asked in an interview last year with the Washington Post. Additional restrictions may apply. I was not entertained. It seems that Ark Encounter, the $100 million Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky, isn’t doing so great. Questions we never even knew we had were answered. Which, weirdly, is another queueing area, this time themed to look like an animal storage hold. According to Ham, the aim was to produce something so entertaining it would attract Christians and non-Christians alike. Breathtaking, surreal, once in a lifetime feel. See terms and conditions, local_activity "Why not attractions that people will come to the way they go to Disney or Universal or the Smithsonian?" There's a ride called Test Track, which teaches you about automotive design but is also a roller coaster type thing that goes 65 MPH. for my entry ticket and parking, I boarded the shuttle bus that takes you from the parking lot to the Ark, which is located on the other side of some hills. Requires at least one adult or senior ticket to be purchased. The playground was a hit and very impressive, the soft “flooring” is perfect for the area. Which would've presumably meant hundreds of distressed, loud, shitting animals crammed into cages in a small space with no natural light. To incorporate it so extensively into your attraction seems like probably a bad use of resources. But is there a simpler explanation? Our kids 11, 9 & 4 loved it!! General admission prices do not include parking fees. My older two and husband loved the virtual reality experience. Loved the Ark Encounter and this was my 2nd time. + unlimited free parking, Ages 11 to adult Kids Free discount is only valid for general or combo admission tickets from January 1 through December 31, 2020. Sharia Law Means Male Drivers Only!” and “Hipsters Aren’t Cool Anymore.”. Which, presumably, is why he hired Patrick Marsh, an attractions designer who has worked on Universal Studios and the Sanrio theme park in Japan, to work on the Ark. Wow! It sounds unlikely, but hopefully at least one of these will have slightly less signs. IS IT FUN ENOUGH TO CONVERT YOU TO A CREATIONIST BELIEF SYSTEM? But I guess it doesn't really matter because it seems unlikely anyone will ever actually have to wait in either area. There’s a sign as you enter explaining that they’ve had to take artistic license while designing the area, because the Bible doesn't give much info on this topic. The sheer size of the vessel is overwhelming. Doing everything took about 5 hours including a break for lunch. Once you're outside the Ark, you can go to a zoo area with zebras and camels and some petting-zoo type animals like donkeys and goats. surrounded by all the glory within it. IS IT FUN ENOUGH TO CONVERT YOU TO A CREATIONIST BELIEF SYSTEM? All prices do not include Kentucky sales tax or Williamstown ticket fee (where applicable). For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, we ask that children ages 10 and under be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. I highly recommend. Once you're done reading the signs on the wall of the pre-flood world section, you head on to the next attraction: a bunch of signs on walls. Share the gift of an unforgettable experience with gift cards to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, available through the Ark Encounter’s parent ministry, Answers in Genesis. Also, you may want to look at the park map for an idea of what to expect when you arrive. Just west of the intersection of KY-36 and I-75 (at exit 154). No. If you have a lifetime or three-year charter boarding pass to the Ark Encounter, please sign in to obtain your tickets. Free “In and Out” parking at both sites for one vehicle. According to Gallup, the number of people who dislike LGBTQ people is falling each year. The staff is amazing and did a lot for us while we were there. "How do you reach the general public in a bigger way?" It is a once in a lifetime kind of experience to stand in a lifesize ark. Otherwise you can purchase your tickets above on this page. Prices listed are subject to change. Prepare to be blown away as you explore this life-sized reconstruction of Noah’s Ark. Please visit our helpful tips page to learn about Ark Encounter’s amenities and accessibility accommodations for your convenience and safety. Before examining this, it's worth looking at what the makers of the Ark were going for when they embarked upon the project. Extended hours are available on a seasonal basis. If you are bringing a motor coach, please email us for reservations. Not really. Admission tickets are valid for one-day entry. Find out our attraction hours for the day you plan to visit. Enhance your time with these fun learning experiences, whether it’s your first, fifth, or fifteenth visit! the story of a Neolithic man building a boat large enough to carry two representatives of every species on earth—undermine it by making it seem implausible. You may purchase tickets in advance for the zip lines, free fall, or adventure park. Because children's books that tell the story of the Ark—i.e. Ham has previously blamed multiple factors for the underwhelming performance of the attraction. Groups are very welcome at the Ark Encounter! With the exception of zipline instructors and American Gladiators, there is not a person alive who has gone ziplining more than once. As you enter the Ark, you go through an extremely optimistic queueing area. All zip line ticket sales are managed by Banning Mills staff. They put the actual number closer to a million.). Great family trip. What an awesome family day. If I had to guess, I would estimate the area could hold a thousand-ish people. What an amazing experience it was! The finest designers, craftsmen, and artists converged to produce textiles and handmade implements and … I can’t imagine it would’ve taken a massive chunk out of their overall budget to make this section a dark ride or a haunted house or something. Ten of these mega zip lines are 1,000 feet or longer! The Ark itself is spectacular. They could’ve used that artistic license to make something cool, like Biblical Wakanda. Content-wise, this area has massive potential.

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