byredo bal d'afrique review

All rights reserved. It is blended almost perfectly, lasts a great amount of time, and the sillage is just right down the middle. It's not listed, but then, how many notes are? This sounds more wearable than Pulp, which I nonetheless enjoy. Bal d'Afrique is another one of the brand's cult favorites that I was so intrigued by. Karma will get her… she’ll develop a severe allergy to perfumer’s alcohol. I don’t have any Bal d’Afrique handy, but I just might grab a bowl of fruit tonight and do my own dance in honor of La Baker. "Play-Doh creates scents for grown-ups including ‘Overpriced Latte,’ ‘Mom Jeans’ and ‘Grill Ki…. Bal d'Afrique smells sexy but it doesn't take sexiness too seriously; there's something fun about the fragrance (mood-wise, it reminds me of Les Eaux Armani Privé Vétiver Babylone). Byredo BAL D'AFRIQUE: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Think it was 15 or 20 ml? Dried down to a soft and comforting musky, black currant (just the right amount) and violet. When I was looking for a summer scent, I came across the Swedish brand "Byredo" by chance and sniffed through the range. BYREDO was my first vanity splurge in my previous life as an investment banker. There is an unfussy yet refined ease about this scent that makes it suitable for any occasion, and it would be a shame to try and put this signature in a box. I think the reason why it smells so good is because there's something about this fragrance that you can't put your finger on which leads you to constantly smell it. This fragrance sounds interesting. This scent compels me to do so. I have to review this even though I'm not good at picking out notes. Maybe we can do a fragrance showdown between L’Air du Rien and Bal d’Afrique to see which one crushes the nostrils more: stinky socks or armpits, lol. That gives this a warm and toasty projection almost like a caramel apple. That edge is precisely Byredo's forte. Try a sample online for $5, totally worth it this scent is wonderful! Bal D'Afrique seemed nice enough at first and then over about an hour became totally intoxicating. The superstar of the Swedish brand and this one is also known by many non-niche lovers. Bal d'Afrique is another one of the brand's cult favorites that I was so intrigued by. That one also has me intrigued. It certainly has signature scent potential but not really year-round. Sometimes it hints at a lusciousness and sensuality that is attractive; other times it has borderline offnotes and doesn't hang together. HA! I have to try this one now…maybe some of Miss Baker’s glamor will rub off on me. I went into Skins looking for yet another Citrus and ended up with this on a random try. Don't usually like cedar and was surprised to find it in this, but here is what I get from it. "Recipes for Summer - Creamy Tarte au Citron", A dream of fruit, flowers, cream and vetiver. The vetiver lacks any earthy or wooden component. jirish —we’re getting a bottle of Pulp, you want some? This is a unisex beauty that smells both familiar and mysterious. )….it snowed on June 1 in upstate NY….. lol (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Top notes: African marigold, bergamot, bucchu, lemon, neroli, Base: Black amber, Moroccan cedarwood, musk, vetiver, BYREDO BAL D’AFRIQUE: The Scent of Paris in the Roaring ’20s – REVIEW. My skin eats it whole. I’m sure you’re having fun with it, though. This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Bal d'Afrique was developed by perfumer Jerome Epinette and contains lemon, neroli, African marigold, cyclamen, vetiver, jasmine, violet, bucchu, cedar, black amber, and musk. Suzanne: thanks…and hope you start high-kicking when you spray on Bal d’Afrique! A friend of mine described Bal D'Afrique as a "Parisien fruit stand with a strange quality," while for me, it reminded me of the intimidatingly cool girl from high school coming in after sneaking a cigarette and trying to cloak it with the most intoxicating fragrance. A pleasant tropical perfume that starts off as pineapple backed with coconutty rum, and goes more floral with ylang later. A really well done fragrance by Byredo. Bal d'Afrique was launched in 2009. You’re kidding? A mix of Parisian avant-gardism and African culture shaped a unique and vibrant expression. Kevin your posts never fail to crack me up – banana dance – nice! At first spray I smell lots of citrus, vetiver and orange flower. It's subtle and fresh but with a hint of richness (thanks to the white amber base note). That shirt of mine still smells of pUlP months later (it’s been washed twice)! The first of the two rose fragrances (more to come on the other soon), Rose Noir is a bit earthier of the two. Thinking of "Paris" and "balls" and La Baker, I put on some Bal d'Afrique and a top hat, took off my clothes, played Josephine's Le Marchand de Bonheur at high volume and did my own version of the 'banana dance' around my living room. I have some troubles with cedar so this one may not fall on my list any time soon, but it is fun to read about it! I have some Fantastic Man headed my way…and I see an even newer, “snow” Byredo scent is about to debut. Bal D'Afrique is one of my most worn scents and in my opinion, is the perfect scent to sniff through a shirt in the night air. Let me know. As it is, this really is not worth the effort of application. I should probably qualify my whining by mentioning that temps in the 50’s freeze my hiney off. That sounds like something you'd enjoy in the fall to me. Rightly so. Okay you all—I have just placed a listing at scentsplits for Byredo Pulp. I hesitate to describe Bal D'Afrique as a seasonal scent nor even a day or night scent, it's adaptable and versatile whether dressed up or casual. Best new fragrances for men ~ 2009-2010 edition, Régime des Fleurs Chloë Sevigny Little Flower, 100 fragrances every perfumista should try, And 25 more fragrances every perfumista should smell, 50 masculine fragrances every perfumista should try, 26 vintage fragrances every perfumista should try, 25 rose fragrances every perfumista should try, How to make fragrance last through the day, Fragrance concentrations: sorting it all out, On reformulations, or why your favorite perfume doesn’t smell like it used to. Leave a comment, or read more about commenting at Now Smell This. This smells like a deeper version of Pulp. Have you ever bought a microwaved meal because the picture on the box made it look really good; but when you heated it up yourself the result was a mooshy, nondescript mess? The opening is warm, cardamom dominant , with a weak bergamot presence adding very little. No banana dancing today unless it is with a lined slicker. When I first sprayed it on, I was struck by the smell of patchouli but it softens beautifully. This review brightened my depressing day. March: Imagine the first day I wore PuLp and, thinking “citrus,” sprayed on about 8 sprays!!!!!!! March: I’m certainly sure you don’t need 100 ml of another incense perfume! Just not my style. Comforting and alluring. It's been years since I first purchased a bottle and I struggle to find anything comparative to Bal D'Afrique, a true original. Bal D'Afrique is a complex fragrance that is hard to pinpoint. BTW –that mean woman in Maryland finally sent me that bottle of Serge Lutens—however she took a hammer to it first! Subscribe to followup comments via email. This fragrance is absolutely beautiful. Pros: VersatileCons: Not very unique and not worth the price. If I'm putting it simply, the incense is a notable layer, but very expensive and rare incense that you can only get in Africa. I love this review! The vetiver lacks any earthy or wooden component. World turned upside down. I’m sure the cats are still SPEECHLESS. Total Reviews: 34. Five people? I have known Bal D'Afrique by Byredo for a long time. Joe – I’m curious to hear what you think of the Mrs. Meyer’s Basil? See 21 member reviews and photos. Again, this one was a wee bit too masculine for me (but my love for the candle lives on), and I'd 100% buy it for my husband and require that he wear it every day. In addition, my collection also includes numerous light oriental and classic gourmands. Okay…I find Pulp to be interesting in a squishy, green stem, oops I just mowed over a tropical plant sort of way. Keep scrolling if you're intrigued and be sure to head all the way to the bottom for what I think is the best Byredo fragrance. I give it a neutral rating because it truly smells wonderful, but the only magic I see on my skin is a disappearing act (sorry, I had to). 1 2 NEXT → rbaker Show all reviews United Kingdom. Byredo Bal d'Afrique is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum, $195; for buying information see the listing for Byredo under Perfume Houses. As the incense diminishes, Bal D’Afrique develops some rough edges from the vetiver and geranium. Restrained sillage, in fact I feared it might pull a disappearing act at first, but it actually gained strength over time. JOE: yes, I prefer “celebrity” scents of this type too. Review ‘Fantastic Man’ if you have a sample. I get jasmine and violet at the heart of the fragrance which is countered by the cedar, vetiver and amber dry down. So basically this smells more interesting and complex, more versatile, less gourmand, and perhaps more masculine than Pulp. I think I'm reacting to that berry note, which is one I'm fairly allergic to. I honestly couldn't describe this scent to you if I tried, it's so unique. okay…notepad right next to the computer…10ml will last a loooong time…I put on ONE tiny drop from my sample and wahhooo! The cyclamen note (I assume) provides a touch of clean "water" to the "sweaty" cedar and leads to Bal d'Afrique's amber-y, musk-y dry-down. (Whether dressed up in a couture gown or topless in a skirt made of faux bananas, Baker always seemed at ease: "I wasn't really naked. I tried Byredo Bal d'Afrique soon after Now Smell This posted the announcement of its release: "Byredo has launched Bal d'Afrique… At this point, I've at least smelled almost every Byredo fragrance there is. If I'm putting it simply, the incense is a notable layer, but very … The set of opening notes - neroli, bergamot and touches of lemon - make for a bright and fairly fresh start, although this is not so much a blast of freshness, but more a friendly touch of it. Good stuff though green, fruity, powerful ! Thank goodness for great fragrances to distract and entertain! This is the happiest fragrance I’ve ever owned. I have absolutely no idea why this one is labeled Feminine. I can pour gobs of it on my arms and chest and within 2 minutes, it's just a faint whisper of the magic everyone else experiences. It smells of sandalwood and vanilla, lemon and campfire, and so many other things you would never believe could smell so intoxicatingly good together. For the life of me, I can't see why this is labeled a warm weather option OR feminine. Yet put them all together and this beauty sings. Very beautiful, well blended, refined fragrance that contains many notes that I dislike, in particular, cedar. and yeah, I’ll skip this one –the B.O. Fruity and kind of too sweet for me. Josephine Baker was born 103 years ago today. BYREDO BAL D’AFRIQUE: The Scent of Paris in the Roaring ’20s – REVIEW BYREDO was my first vanity splurge in my previous life as an investment banker. It definitely feels like a rich, cold-weather fragrance to me, and patchouli and vanilla are the base notes, but they're the most sophisticated versions of patchouli and vanilla you can imagine. While it may not be right for me, I'd buy a bottle for my husband in a second. HA. Slow Dance is one of Byredo's newer fragrances; it launched just in time for fall. It doesn't smell synthetic or fake and it's really unique. Kevin, you sound like such a fun guy! I keep trying to write about Byredo’s Bal d’Afrique but it’s hard because it keeps coming out more as an apology for liking it than an actual review. I hope you know I mean that in an affectionate way. Kess: Byredo could have sold me at least three bottles of fragrance…IF they came in 50 ml.

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