bjp 2019 prediction astrology

A strong captain with a motivated team would win a game despite difficulties.Astrologers did not know what Karma Amit Shah was doing in last one year on the ground . The Desh , Kaal , Paatra Difference Before 20 years and in 2019 for BJP are quite contrasting  as given below : That is what astrologers and political analysts did not take into account . In 2014 , BJP had good fortune as shown by Sun Mahadasha . #Rahu in the 6th house which is aspected by the Aruda & 2nd lord Saturn which shows help & support from the foreign countries. Like many astrologers , I could also see the effect of Moon-Moon period from April 2018 to 10 Feb 2019  and Moon being in adverse 6th House , it was natural for BJP to have low performance . This literally translates to, "Whenever virtue subsides and wickedness prevails, I manifest Myself. But after BJP lost in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Chhattisgarh in Dec 2018, I have been receiving many messages from my friends & followers. Last time it happened was in December 1984 after killing of Indira Gandhi when Congress got hightest ever 415 seats and opposition was eliminated. In Navansha , it is badly afflicted being in 6th house , with Ketu . This time , there was no confusion about leadership , good ground management by Amit Shah , forming all coalitions with regional leaders well in time and selection of young , new faces for MP candidates after looking all equations . Required fields are marked *. Now let us go through the predictions which I did on 15.05.2016 on my Twitter handle regarding the chances of Shri Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Namaste, It was very difficult for me to find out the exact birth details of Shri Narendra Modi Ji for doing Astrological Predictions for General Elections-2019.While searching on the internet I found out 2 horoscopes with multiple Lagna. In every sphere of my life I could not reach the goal like my education, job, marital life or anything of great importance in anybody’s life. Owing to a fever and a cold, I had to postpone the conversation to a later day. 2020 is the beginning of not only a new decade, but a new astrological era. Both time , Ketu had caused a violent event ( Indira’s assassination in October 1984 and Pulwama ,Balakot Strike in Feb 2019 ) just few few months before. One with the Tula(Libra) & another with Vrischik(Scorpio).Was a little bit confused about which one is correct?I was having the same question in mind from the year 2013. BJP alone won 303 seats. Great things are bound to happen. I found your article very nice. How is her longevity as she has a very weak constitution & she experienced the last stage of her life twice. BJP chart looked better , not excellent . Rajeshwar Shastri Musalgaonkar had predicted the BJP's massive victory on April 28.

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