bjp 2019 prediction astrology

actually fake and lier Astrologer are got fail to predict about the BJP’S WINNING. Therefore , I decided to base my prediction on BJP’s birth chart of 6 April 1980 and it was written 6 months before elections , when BJP was in poor health because t had lost assembly elections in December 2018 and many bye elections of Lok Sabha . BJP chart looked better , not excellent . Owing to a fever and a cold, I had to postpone the conversation to a later day. There was win in December 2003 elections of MP , Rajasthan , Chhatisgarh assembly and over confident Pramod Mahajan convinced Vajpayee to pre-pone elections . Yes from the 2016 Indian banknote Demonetisation (08.11.2016) to many changes Narendra Modi Ji was successful in cleansing, toning & boosting from the roots. What I am inferring from this answer, is that it’s probably the bad luck and time of the Congress party, Rahul gandhi, and Sonia Gandhi that actually propelled BJP to a thumping victory. If he sees less water , he would predict failure and more water means success . Like in this  thirsty crow story , astrologer would predict about level of water in the pot . Astrology forecast on USD/INR 2019-2020 posted on 20.03.2019. Edex Live. But if crow is determined and addicted to success , then despite low water level , crow may succeed in drinking water . Place__ Calcutta, Dear Astrologer, I have sent my question but may be my e mail was not posted properly. That is what we call pot being already filled with water . This literally translates to, "Whenever virtue subsides and wickedness prevails, I manifest Myself. In Astrological predictions , it is stressed all the time to keep in mind the theory of Desh ( Place), Kaal ( Time) and Paatra ( Persons) . Coming to 2019  situation was difficult. Respected Sir, I found your article very nice. Please do not post personal question here . My prophecy is never wrong," says Musalgaonkar. That is what I tell in my consultations that horoscope only tells the environment while the result is dependent up on the action ( Karma ) on that cosmic environment . So, in general, the current situation looks a bit disappointing for the ruling party…. my prediction on BJP’s birth chart of 6 April 1980,,, Aastha Tripathi (on behalf of Apoorva Pandey), Rita. That was the base of predicting moderate win for BJP. So I decided to do a Prasna horoscope analysis on the query. When results were out on 23rd May 2019 for 17th Lok Sabha Elections , everybody got big surprise including Astrologers . Now let us go through the predictions which I did on 15.05.2016 on my Twitter handle regarding the chances of Shri Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha elections in 2019. Following the same, Musalgaonkar was suspended from the university, citing the violation of the Election Commission's Model Code of Conduct. In Economics , when any prediction is done , the term Ceteris Paribus is used , which says that the prediction would be valid provided all other parameters of environment remain the same or equal . Pulwama event had happened on 14th Feb 2019 and by that time Mars antardasha had started for BJP. Caste based parties had started uniting . But after BJP lost in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Chhattisgarh in Dec 2018, I have been receiving many messages from my friends & followers. He is no normal human," he says. So, scenario was definitely difficult as shown by Moon Mahadasha . Last time it happened was in December 1984 after killing of Indira Gandhi when Congress got hightest ever 415 seats and opposition was eliminated. "These results were bound to happen. In Navansha , it is badly afflicted being in 6th house , with Ketu . Amit Shah had also arrived as incharge for Uttar Pradesh BJP’s revival . ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS ON LOK SABHA ELECTIONS-2019. One with the Tula(Libra) & another with Vrischik(Scorpio).Was a little bit confused about which one is correct?I was having the same question in mind from the year 2013. Post it on one question free post on Blog page . and elsewhere while Congress had gained by schemes like Employment guarantee and with good image of PM Manmohan Singh being the projected for re-election . Here I will not count those who just gave some figure and by chance it got correct. Late A B Vajpayee was the public face of BJP while L K Advani , Pramod Mahajan and score of BJP leaders were pulling BJP in different directions ranging from Ram Temple issue , terrorism , development ( India Shining) but without any ground work for common public . So in the Prasna horoscope analysis, we will be finding out the current situation of BJP.Now take a look at the Prasna Rasi details below.. (As my first question was cancelled, so consider it the only one). In the Chapter number 15 named ‘Nakshatra Vyuh Adhyay’, the Acharya has mention various commodities and professions that are signified by all the 27 Nakshatra’s from Kritika to Bharani. Congress had lost itself in a series of scams and 10 years of anti-incumbacy . So, prediction can be done by anyone but methodology should also be told when making a prediction , otherwise it is only a guess. Dear Khan Bhaiyya Please understand what corruption and misrule has done to the edifice of our country Did you honestly think BJP is a magic wand?? Two days later, on Monday, when we resumed our conversation, the first thing he did was inquire about my health. The year 2020 is a threshold to cross, a pause between the way it has been and the way it will be, necessitating a confrontation with all the difficult challenges in need of a remedy within civilization. Ever since this government first came in 2014, the masses have undergone a lot of stress. So, there was clear wave for change and any BJP leader would have won in that condition . In 2004 , after 5 years in power , BJP was a divided leadership . Unfortunately, our conversation was only two-minute-long. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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