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They might have been on another planet. It is a narrative of visibility despite the structures, of a star, a manager, and a journalist presenter. Has Annie Nightingale secretly got married? When Radio 1 decided that they needed a 'token woman', Nightingale was there, ready and eminently qualified. English radio and television presenter sometimes known mononymously as "Annie" who was the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1. to present a new sister programme called That's for Me has important resonances. The listeners made strenuous attempts to persuade her to play their requests, sending in their song choices on rolls of fake parchment or banana skins, cutting out letters to make it look like a ransom note, or writing their request backwards so it could be read only in a mirror. The infidelities on the part of some well-known consumers seem to be the reason of their wedding's cancellations. Marketplace 20 For Sale. Her standing as the only female DJ continued for 12 years until Janice Long joined Radio 1 in 1982. [a1858784] Artist . She has fronted her own boutique, run fashion shows, managed a band, and teased John Lennon, and she helped break David Bowie, Ian Dury, Eminem and Primal Scream. In February 1970, when Annie Nightingale became Radio 1's first female DJ, Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris was riding high in the UK singles chart. Some celebrities claim to regret getting invited certain people to their wedding. Born in west London in April 1940, Annie made up her mind to become a DJ after listening to the pirate radio stations of the early Sixties. The experiences that Nightingale reiterates in her interviews and writing are the stories that matter. It was not until the 1990s and the 'girlification' of Radio 1 with the likes of Sara Cox, Jo Whiley and Zoe Ball, that Nightingale's exceptionality became her longevity and impact rather than her gender alone. It also directly relates to the inclusive intimacy of her presentation style. She is rightly proud of being the only Radio 1 DJ to have a CBE. Edit Artist ; Share. Annie Nightingale, 80, became Radio 1's first female DJ in February 1970 (pictured). The chapter about the legendary Nightingale Request Show, which ran for many years on Sunday at 7pm, is one of the best. Annie gives little away about her personal life, apart from the fact that she has two children and has been married twice. 14th December 1964: Disc jockey and presenter of 'That's For Me' on television, Anne Nightingale reclines on her stereogram at her home in Brighton, Annie Nightingale in the 1960s. 'I knew as soon as I sat in a studio and put on a pair of headphones... this was what I really wanted to do,' she says. Binky Baker. Annie Nightingale's story exemplifies the importance of listening to and supporting women in the media. Read about our approach to external linking. When Radio 1 decided that they needed a 'token woman', Nightingale … By the time Radio 1 launched in 1967, she had already worked as a newspaper journalist, made documentaries and hosted music shows on TV, but the BBC bosses weren't interested in hiring her. Who could have predicted that, 50 years later, Harris would be a pariah who has served a prison sentence, while Annie would still be broadcasting every week on Radio 1? She describes the independence of being an evening DJ compared with a daytime presenter tied to the playlist, and how difficult it was to master the technical aspects of broadcasting. Find out when Annie Nightingale is on TV, including 17/04/2019. She took over for radio presenter Bob Harris on The Old Grey Whistle Test show. had never happened,' Annie rages. She reminds us that it is not that women didn't ask to be allowed behind the mixing desk or mic - they were actively "locked out". Nightingale explains what radio does for women, talking about listening and being heard, and how hard it has been for them to find a voice. Profile: Husband of Annie Nightingale. We tend to take particular notice of the women who come first. She has spotted and supported waves of popular music genres: prog rock, German electronica, punk, acid house and the warehouse party scene, as well as grime and dubstep. Professor in Collaborative History, University of Sussex, Women in Popular Music: Annie Nightingale. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Listening to that radio, she felt that the pirate DJs she heard were talking just to her: "Once I had my own little radio, then I was in my own world, and it was just me and the radio. She was previously married to Gordon Thomas. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. When Nightingale talks about women, the radio and the popular music, she does so in ways that acknowledge the women who were in the industry, and the barriers that they faced. I still feel that romance. Annie has kept quiet about her personal life, but has been married twice and has two children, Annie, 15th January 1976. There is a long history to forgetting that women have ever stood on a stage, or driven a mixing desk before. In this new interview, Nightingale talks about bringing a journalistic sensibility to her work as a music presenter on television: Nightingale's taste has marked generational shifts. I didn't know where Hilversum was, or Prague, but these are places you could tune your radio in and it was like a mystery. Anne Nightingale was born on April 1, 1940 in Brentford, Middlesex, England as Anne Avril Nightingale. Her ability to spot and support up and coming artists led to the label ‘Queen of the Breaks’. Despite her wealth of experience as a music journalist and TV presenter, she was rejected because of the assumption that DJs were "husband substitutes" speaking to housewives. Each of these stories maps change, reminds us of who helped (and who didn’t) and demands that we remember the work of all the women who came first. She recalls being an accidental careerist, and offers examples of women offering chances to other women, when the doors were shut elsewhere. 'It was as though the social revolution of the Sixties . Nightingale's life story covers all the major popular cultural markers since the Second World War; from listening to Richard Burton narrating Under Milk Wood, to Radio Luxembourg and hanging out in Soho with the art school scenesters and Beat poets. Annie Nightingale, 80, became Radio 1's first female DJ in February 1970. And her encounters with the wild men of rock end up sounding as wholesome as a vicarage tea party. So anyone who was speaking out the radio was talking to me," she told Russell Davies in a BBC Radio 2 interview. In 1977 journalist Mileva Ross found that although the majority of radio listeners in the UK were women, it was generally believed that women preferred men on the air, and that at Radio 1 and 2, "the old sexist way of keeping women as the silent sex, to be talked to but not heard, has gone virtually unchallenged". That small radio, says Nightingale, gave her the power to listen to her own music, independent of her parents. I was very nervous and intimidated by this whole new mixing thing. I still feel when you're broadcasting, you don’t know where it’s going, and it could be reaching outer space somewhere and I am still in love with that, completely. She attended the the Polytechnic of Central London School of Journalism and wrote for publications like the Daily Express, the Daily Sketch, and Cosmopolitan magazine. When John Lennon was killed, Annie was presenting The Old Grey Whistle Test on TV and, to her astonishment, Paul McCartney called her while she was on air to give a statement about John. Her DJ colleagues included the appalling Jimmy Savile and Dave Lee Travis, who was convicted of indecent assault in 2014, but there is no mention of this apart from a reference to the station having some 'unsavoury characters'. By Constance Craig Smith For The Daily Mail, Published: 17:40 EST, 24 September 2020 | Updated: 18:04 EST, 24 September 2020, Hey Hi Hello by Annie Nightingale (White Rabbit £20, 288 pp).

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