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Even with the foresight of having Jesus’ prediction, a weak and fearful Peter denied ever knowing Him—not just once, but three times. These character qualities are a reflection of the new man, a regenerate heart. Cain line Other Prophets Herod Archelaus – son of Herod the Great, after the death of Herod, the kingdom was divided among three of Herod’s sons, Archelaus became ruler over the tetrarchy of Judea and reigned from 4 BC – 6 AD, violation of Old Testament Law and his extreme cruelty caused the Jews to complain to Augustus, as a result, Archelaus was deposed and banished to Vienne in Gaul Naphtali – sixth son of Jacob by his concubine Bilhah, characterized as energetic (“a hind let loose”), founder of the Tribe of Naphtali; occupied territory north of the Sea of Galilee; joined with Asher and Manasseh to help drive the Midianites out of the land Post–Second Temple era Jeremiah – name sometimes spelled Jeremias; son of Hilkiah; belonged to tribe of Benjamin; prophet to Judah before its fall in 586 BC; known as the weeping prophet because of this message of judgment and displays of emotion Enoch (“dedicated”) – son of Cain Agabus – “prophet” in the early church; possibly one of the 70 disciples of Christ; prophesied at Antioch of the approaching famine (during the reign of Claudius, confirmed by historians); met with Paul at Caesarea and warned him of the bonds that awaited him in Jerusalem Deborah – prophetess, judge, and wife of Lapidoth; probably lived around 1,200 BC during a period of Canaanite oppression; described as “a mother in Israel” because of her role in delivering God’s people Hannah – wife of Elkanah and mother of Samuel; vowed to God that if allowed to give birth to a son, she would dedicate the child to God List Of Bible Characters. Hezron – great grandson of Jacob and clan ancestor of the Hezronites through whom David was born. Those of which include, murder (2 Samuel 11:17; 12:9), lying (2 Samuel 11: 7-8, 12-13), adultery (1 Samuel 11:4), coveting a neighbor’s wife (2 Samuel 11:3) and even stealing another man’s wive (2 Samuel 12:9). Jacob – original ancestor of the nation of Israel and father of the 12 ancestors of the 12 tribes of Israel. Mark – sometimes called John; son of Mary, a woman of means and influence; cousin of Barnabas; minister who accompanied several of the apostles in their travels Jahaziel – Levite and son of Asaph; prophesied victory for Jehoshaphat and his people Tamar left her family at a young age to marry into the family of Judah. Prophet Daniel and the den of lionsMajor Prophets Abijam – son of Rehoboam and Maacah (or Micaiah), grandson of Solomon, great-grandson of David; fourth king of the House of David and second of the Kingdom of Judah; had 22 sons and 16 daughters from 14 wives; battled with King Jeroboam I (see above) in attempt to unite the two kingdoms, Jeroboam was soundly defeated and was said to have lost 500,000 soldiers, thereafter Jeroboam posed no threat to Abijam; reigned from 915-913 BC Some of the names are given with a proposed etymological meaning. Through his line came Abraham Onan refused to conceive with Tamar, so God punished him and he also died. New from Collins Quick word challenge. Baruch – son of Neriah; scribe, attendant, and devoted friend of the prophet Jeremiah; wrote the first and second editions of Jeremiah’s prophecies as they were dictated to him by the prophet; despite the danger, read the prophecies of warning to the people gathered in the Temple in Jerusalem; possibly carried to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar II after the conquest of Egypt Word List of Bible: characters in the Bible from the Collins English Word Lists. Adam and Eve (Before 4000 BC) 3800 bc. Nahshon – name means “serpent”; leader of the tribe of Judah during the wilderness years; brother-in-law of Aaron Even the great Moses had a troubling past before God called him to lead His people. Mary Magdalene – one of the early followers of Jesus, one of the first recipients of the news of Jesus’ ressurrection, appeared at the cross and Jesus’ tomb, name implies that she was from Magdala (town on western shore of the Sea of Galilee), Jesus cast seven demons from her. Manasseh – son of Joseph and Asenath and founder of the Tribe of Menasheh; adopted by Jacob; when the promised land was apportioned, half of the tribe of Manasseh settled on the east bank of the Jordan and half on the west Salome I (?) Cain (“acquired”) – firstborn son of Adam Menahem – son of Gadi and founder of the House of Gadi or House of Menahem; reigned for 10 years from about 745 – 736 BC after murdering Shallum and taking the throne; destroyed the city of Tiphsah and put all of its inhabitants to death; rule described as one of cruelty and oppression; believed to have died of natural causes and succeeded by his son Pekahiah Elisha – ninth century BC prophet; son of Shaphat and Abel-meholah; prophetic powers of Elijah bestowed upon him while plowing in a field Hoshea – son of Elah; last king of the Israelite Kingdom of Israel from about 732 – 721 BC; served as a captain in Pekah’s army; was arrested by Shalmaneser and lost his land to the Assyrians who deported all of the citizens of Israel beyond the Euphrates Noah and the arkPatriarchs after Flood Herodian dynasty Jonah went on to spread God’s message to the Ninevites, they repented and God did not destroy them. Habakkuk – believed to have lived in Jerusalem; probably a contemporary of Jeremiah and Zephaniah but possibly earlier This was the ultimate test for Peter, but even with his loyalty firmly rooted in Christ, he still failed Him. Lamech (“to make low”0 – fifth descent from Cain, rude and ruffianly, with him the curtain falls on the race of Cain Buzi – priest mother or father of Ezekiel; probably a Zadokite and likely from a important priestly family Oded – father of prophet Azariah; also a prophet in the time of Ahaz who urged the Israelites to release the people of Judah that they had taken as prisoners of war Jehoram – son of Ahab and Jezebel and brother to King Ahaziah; reigned for 12 years from about 849 – 842 BC; worshipped Baal; attacked Mesha (King of Moab), suffered a disastrous defeat at Ramoth-Gilead and was injured, was murdered by his general Jehu by an arrow through the back; his death marked the end of the Omni Dynasty Judas Iscariot (the traitor) – son of Simon Iscariot, notorious for the kiss and betrayal of Jesus to the Pontius Pilate for thirty silver coins; tradition holds that he hanged himself following his betrayal, his place later filled by Matthias Brothers of Jesus (meaning of “brother” is debated by some who insist Mary remained a perpetual virgin) Ahijah – Priest of the family of Eli; brought ark of God to Saul; protested against the idolatry of Solomon Simeon – prophet and teacher in the church at Antioch; also aged saint who visited the temple when Jesus was presented and uttered lofty words of thanksgiving and prophecy Mordecai – son of Jair and descendant of Kish; Jewish exile employed in the palace at Susa; taken prisoner to Babylon by Nebuchadrezzar; succeeded Haman in office and used his position to encourage the Jews to defend themselves against the massacre inspired by Haman Shem (“name”) – Noah’s oldest son and original ancestor of Israel. Hezekiah – son of Ahaz and Abijah; reigned for 29 years from about 715 – 686 BC; upon taking the throne, immediately commissioned priests and Levites to open and repair the doors of the Temple (it had been closed by Ahaz) and to remove the defilements that Ahaz had placed therein (a task which took 16 days); enacted sweeping religious reforms prohibiting alternative forms of religion and resumed the Passover pilgrimage; contemporary with the prophets Isaiah and Micah; died from natural causes at the age of 54 and was succeeded by his son Manasseh Aquila – married to Priscilla; came from Italy to Corinth after Claudius ordered Jews expelled from Rome; became Christians and assisted Paul in his ministry; tentmakers by trade (as was Paul); instructed Apollos in the Christian faith Chronology of Main Old Testament Characters (All dates are approximate) Print; Main. Adam (“man” or “to be red”) – first man 2. Joseph, which was split into two tribes descended from his sons – eleventh son of Jacob, first by his favorite wife Rachel, taken to Egypt as a slave, eventually became interpreter of the pharaoh’s dreams Luke – Gentile author of Third Gospel and book of Acts (possibly while in Rome with Paul during his imprisonment), according to his statement, was not an “eye-witness and minister of the word from the beginning”; close friend and travelling companion of Paul; possibly from Antioch; identified as a physician by Paul Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Beliefnet’s Partners, From time to time you will also receive Special Offers from our partners. Reuben – first son of Jacob and Leah, founder of the Tribe of Reuben (Reubenites); felt compassion for Joseph when his brothers wanted to kill the brash dreamer and was willing to be responsible to his father for Benjamin’s wellbeing; the Reubenites held a place of honor among the other tribes; occupied territory just east of the Dead Sea and was the first parcel of land to be bestowed Alexander Jannaeus – son of John Hyrcanus, inherited the throne after his brother’s death and reigned 27 years from 103 –76 BC; during his reign, the country remained in near-constant military conflict including the six-year Judean Civil War in which 50,000 Judeans lost their lives and left the country unhappy and in poverty; on his deathbed he entrusted the government, not to his sons, but to his wife Salome; known to be supportive of the Sadducees

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