best weather in texas to retire

FYI — it’s westerly neighbor, Savannah, is not a bad option, either. AARP also ranks nearby Bend, Oregon, as another suitable retirement destination for both weather patterns and senior-friendly activities. Cape Coral has best of both worlds.”. Sonia Ramirez is a Houston native with over 30 years of experience working in English and Spanish media covering lifestyle, travel, and culture stories. Katy, located just a half hour west of Houston, leads this list and is also in the top 20 places to … Lakeway is the best place to grow up/raise a family! My family has enjoyed being part of the Horseshoe Bay landscape for the past 15 years. With an average high temperature of 83 and a low of 64, retirees can enjoy those beautiful beaches all year — just be prepared for a bit of sticker shock on the island’s everyday goods. Kiplinger, US News, and Niche all agree retirees can’t go wrong with most Florida cities, but Sarasota wins out as a top retirement destination due to its higher than average senior population and comfortable year-round weather patterns. We got rats! With an overall score of 6.9, San Antonio offers  old school charm and shops and restaurants to enjoy along the banks of its Riverwalk. Spend your winters in the plentiful hot springs. After I graduated from college and married, I moved back. It is a diverse neighborhood and they are all good people as well.Read 1 Review, Current Resident: I would like to see more second chance programs for those who struggle and also that want to better their education. Check out the hottest deals and tips on when to buy. We have a fun summer swim team that connects many families. US News thinks very highly of Georgia as a permanent retirement location. Winter nights may be chilly with a 34-degree average, but the summers are warmer at 89 degrees. People tend to think that the West Lake way of life is real, but we live a very sheltered life that can lead to some issues if we are never shown other ways of life. The stunning landscapes are winners. The neighborhood is safe and very wooded but beautiful.Read 17 Reviews, Current Resident: Clear Lake Shores is a small, tight-knit community where you can live and feel safe. In July, Atlanta’s average high is 89 degrees, but temperatures fall to an average low of 34 degrees in January. We have a fun summer swim team that connects many families. Cape Coral, Florida. Ocean-side living and a sunny California climate make Carlsbad a great city to retiree weather-wise. We have several community events around the holidays and otherwise. All three publications agree that Texas is a wise state to choose for retirement if weather is a high priority. Retirees will love the open spaces and the dry, sunny air that’s perfect for outdoor activities. This is such a family friendly neighborhood. She later moved to California, but after 24 years in San Diego, Debbie is looking to retire and return to Texas. The families are all so close and are always looking out for each other. I highly recommend coming out for a visit. 1. It was and still is a great place to live. Dallas was the top-ranked Texas city to live out those golden years, coming in at No. It offers countless opportunities to explore the outdoors while also enjoying the young city life. The prices are high, but you can’t beat the view. | laynabowers/iStock/Getty Images. When it’s time to pack your bags and head for the road, where will you go? Great park with town food festivals and major holiday festivals. Not to mention, the schools are fantastic! It has it’s own police department so there is help just seconds away if needed.Read 1 Review, Current Resident: Decordova is located in Granbury, TX. Kids are at the park playing while couples are sitting on their porch drinking coffee. 29 on the list of "Best Places to Retire" with an overall score of 6.9. Great place for raising a family. Something that needs to change in Westlake is that it is a bubble. The Houston Rodeo is back! It is kept friendly and very scenic. Many small business owners have their stores in that area as well!Read 8 Reviews, Niche User: I honestly enjoy living in the Bullard area. check out the U.S. News and World Report ranking here. It is a small town outside of a big city. Tucked away in the crazy DFW metroplex is the peaceful little abode many call home. Great place for just taking a stroll in either the morning or late in the evening. This community was the safest I have felt in years. Moon light nights are the best. After growing up in Lakeway, I can not wait to bring back my own family some day to this area. Next: Why experts think retiring to Texas is a good idea, A small town feel, with gorgeous weather. It's a very niche community that celebrates fun events, but it does have a reputation of a rich neighborhood, and diversity is welcomed, just rare. One of the safest places to live. 65: McAllen, with an overall score of 6.6, No. I have even considered coming back and building my family her in this neighborhood.Read 1 Review, Current Resident: Small tourist town and a great place to live, play and raise a family, and of course do lots of fishing.Read 2 Reviews, Current Resident: Great Police Department, catch excessive speeders and distracted drivers in school zones in the area. | Simplyphotos/iStock/Getty Images. The families are all so close and are always looking out for each other. It's a beautiful neighborhood! 17 with an overall score of 7.0. it has a hospital and is zoned to good schools. Musaafer is lighting things up with a special Diwali menu. Tucked away in the crazy DFW metroplex is the peaceful little abode many call home. Oak Ridge North is an amazing family friendly neighborhood. Texas is booming with 'Best Places to Retire,' according to U.S. News, Elizabeth Conley, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer, Mark Mulligan, Houston Chronicle / Staff photographer, Image by Erik Pronske Photograph/Getty Images. big-city excitement and quiet, suburban living.

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