best novels of 2016 and 2017

With grim, jagged lyricism, McGuire describes violence with unsparing color and even relish while suggesting a path forward for historical fiction. "Primal" is one way to describe Buntin's shockingly-good debut novel, Marlena, which recalls the ill-fated and all-consuming year-long friendship between 15-year-old Cat and her 17-year-old neighbor Marlena. Rebecca, the main character of Version Control, has the funny feeling that something is fundamentally wrong with her world, where self-driving cars fill the roads, her husband is obsessed with building a time machine, and the president just doesn't seem right. In “Rogue Heroes,” Macintyre provides a riveting history of a revolutionary fighting force. Irby amassed a cult following with her Bitches Gotta Eat blog, which she wrote while she was working full time at an animal hospital, and her memoir, Meaty, is in TV development by Jessi Klein, head writer for Inside Amy Schumer, and Broad City co-creator/star Abbi Jacobson. Reporting on what you care about. Memorable and alarming, this book will force you to think hard about the ecological issues threatening the survival of our planet, the fluidity of gender and sexuality, and the sinister ramifications of political theatrics. I’ve always thought so,” declares Gilvarry’s protagonist, Allan Eastman, at a cocktail reception in Ho Chi Minh City in 1973. Translated by David McKay. From the bestselling author of The History of Love comes a moving and mesmerizing story about two New Yorkers on a search for meaning. Interview by Thea Lenarduzzi January 4, 2017. By Maris Kreizman and Angela Ledgerwood. At first the tactic seemed unsporting, if not scandalous, but the commando operation became the prototype for special forces around the world. The Regional Office Is Under Attack!, the first novel from acclaimed short fiction writer Manuel Gonzales, chronicles the secret history of the Regional Office, an organization composed of super-powered female assassins and the mysterious powers that be who manage them. Review: Oprah’s book club pick: ‘The Underground Railroad,’ by Colson Whitehead, ‘The Girls,’ ‘Here I am,’ ‘The Nix,’ ‘The Wonder,’ ‘Zero K’ and more, ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ ‘Exit Right,’ ‘Engines of Liberty’ ‘White Trash’ and more, Listen to tales by Barbara Pym, Imbolo Mbue, Paulette Giles, John Le Carre and Joe Jackson. Though born in New York City, Peter Heller has turned himself into an inveterate adventurer, eco-pirate, and surfer whose life and work has been defined by the remote parts of the globe he's explored. After a popular boy in their small town commits suicide, good girl Hannah and troublemaker Lacey become close friends. Now, with the addition of his other stories, Ferris reveals his keen ability to render the intimate minutia of thought and feeling that's exchanged within a relationship, the nonsensical randomness of interacting with strangers, and the appealing fantasy of stepping into someone else's life. Read our review of “The Association of Small Bombs”. Bonus: Read an essay by Helen Phillips here. Using unprecedented access to British Special Air Service regimental archives, Macintyre has gleaned fascinating material. A graduate student in sociology at the time, he diligently took notes on the lives of people on the brink of eviction: those who pay 70 to 80 percent of their incomes in rent, often for homes that are, objectively speaking, unfit for human habitation. Leah, sad and dissatisfied in New York with a clingy husband and a dull job, learns that her former mentor has died, leaving her a red sports car. By Stefan Hertmans. Murakami's easily-embarrassed stoic men are most comfortable retreating from messy one-on-one confrontations. Also, look for our special recommendations for lovers of mysteries, graphic novels, audiobooks, romance, poetry, memoirs, and science fiction and fantasy. Just as her funds were running dangerously low, she heard about a place she could crash and earn a small commission working as a "runner" in Greece—that is, walking the length of trains and luring in unsuspecting tourists to the seedy hotels in the red-light district of Athens. True to Colbert form, this book is witty, clever, and fun. Bonus: Read an essay by Robin Wasserman here. As they act out, struggling against the limitations of small-town life, harrowing secrets surface and test the bonds of their obsessive friendship. (Purchasing and assembling equipment of the sexual kind with some Barbie-scented latex accoutrement gives you a taste of what's to come.). Horowitz is a master of the mystery genre; he created two popular mystery series for the BBC, Foyle'sWar and MidsomerMurders, he's penned two Sherlock Holmes novels, and the best-selling Alex Rider series. This is Coates’s first book after his bracing letter to his son, Between the World and Me. A finalist for the National Book Award, Mahajan’s novel — smart, devastating and unpredictable — opens with a Kashmiri terrorist attack in a Delhi market, then follows the lives of those affected. This is a complex story at once intimate and global that moves along two alternating timelines. The novel uses its syncopated structure to turn the issues of race and class in every direction. Now, he returns to the setting of some his most beloved tales, the quaint English village, with a twist-laden whodunit set within the publishing world. Unfolding over the one night Lincoln inhabits the "bardo," the transitional place between life and death according to Tibetan tradition, Lincoln is surrounded by ghosts past and present. In this rich, arresting and ultimately generous memoir, Faludi — long known for her feminist journalism — tries to reconcile Steven, the overbearing patriarch her father once was, with Stefánie, the old woman she became. Bestselling books 2016: the ghosts of Christmas charts past, Gifts and misses: publishers pick their books of 2016, Rowan Moore’s best architecture books of 2016, Kate Kellaway’s best poetry books of 2016, Rachel Cooke’s best graphic books of 2016. In this new book, though, those elements are blended as never before. 32 Of The Most Beautiful Book Covers Of 2016, The Best Books Of 2016, According To Goodreads Users. Around the early 1930s, the story divides between the characters who eventually come out more or less right, like Beauvoir, and the ones who come out wrong, like Heidegger. Both frustrating and fascinating — and all the while gloriously human — Smith's characters take us through an entrancing exploration of subjects such as race, class, friendship, talent, and much more, giving us the world in all its great complexity and contradiction. In The River of Consciousness, we get glimpse of what he was working on up to his death. Her father was violent and full of contradictions: a Hungarian Holocaust survivor and Leni Riefenstahl fanatic, he stabbed a man her mother was seeing and used the incident to avoid paying alimony.

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