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By David Wells By J. Wyndham, R. Eastaway, T. Rice. Certainly the titles that I’ve chosen I’ve been really excited about reading, compared to some other years. He mentions at the beginning of the book that the discipline of statistics began with Pascal and Fermat in the 1650s. Ifrah’s account of the history of numbers is an immense treasure trove of mathematical ideas dating back to the invention of numbers. With a lot of the ideas he introduces he does talk about the different people who have been involved, like Karl Pearson, Ronald Fisher, Thomas Bayes. There’s not only a lot of math books out there, but a lot of good math books. Hardy, as he grew older in ‘a young mans field’. Almost any place you want to do some modelling of the real world, you need to use calculus. Another concept he goes into is chaos. He has different musical taste to the taste that I have—I don’t like classical music particularly—but he is able to write across so many different areas. “Sometimes you have to just let go of your preconceptions and follow the rules of mathematics”. Read. Before I read The Creativity Code, I didn’t know much about the current state of AI. It’s a really comprehensive book. This AI human is essentially a slave; he has a ‘kill’ button behind his neck so he can be turned off. Mathematician Moar turns every student’s nightmare into an enjoyable and interesting read. by Marcus du Sautoy By Thomas L. Heath There’s a number of these models, and the book focusses on Charlie, an ordinary chap who inherits some money and decides to buy one of the male automaton, which are called Adams. The ethics of AI is something we really need to think hard about at the moment. By Dirk Jan Struik Science has theories that have not been proved to be false. Newton and Leibniz formalized the mathematics of calculus, but people had been using these proto-calculus tools for millennia. There’s an AI-authored Harry Potter book and the title is Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash. How the mind creates mathematics. Yes, it’s Machines Like Me by Ian McEwan, who is my all-time favourite author. 5 But in other areas, it has completely surpassed humans. Here are some of his most popular titles: The Colossal Book of Mathematics. Then you check to see whether your data differs from the null hypothesis. Nowadays, we’re almost overwhelmed with data, and as he discusses in the book, it’s important to be able to pick out the signal from all the noise. Rob Beezer, Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra I absolutely do. Do a lot of your mathematics colleagues read novels or are you quite unusual? It’s called Humble Pi: A Comedy of Math Errors, and it is very funny. That’s why mathematics is potentially so susceptible to AI overtaking it, because you can tell AI these rules and just let it let it go and see what it comes up with. He knows his art. Randomness is not about being well-spaced; clusters appear in random distributions all the time. Spiegelhalter recognizes that part of the limitation of statistics is the fact that which tests you choose to apply to a certain dataset is subjective. Lynn Maracek, Senior Contributing Author, Modeling, Functions, and Graphs: Algebra for College Students One of the best-loved authors of mathematics books. Motivation is a really important part of wanting to learn anything. For example, I didn’t know how far back calculus went. Let’s move on to the next of the books on the your list of the best math books of 2019 which is Do Dice Play God? In order to find the best book, we can help here by our list of Top 5 best Algebra Textbooks which is entirely based on ease of learning, wide availability, positive number of reviews, good for beginners and many other factor. But no one who’s just making it up will put five heads or five tails in a row, because it just doesn’t seem random enough. You have these axioms and these laws, and you have to play the game according to those rules. If you are the interviewee and would like to update your choice of books (or even just what you say about them) please email us at He’s also a serious academic. Would you say it’s been a good year? Are there generally more popular math books out there than, say, a decade or two ago? 2 A compilation of some of the most amazing and infuriating games and riddles, created by one of America’s leading puzzle experts. But throughout the book Steve just makes point after point and shows application after application where calculus can be used. Two of the more famous math books in the past were Simon Singh’s Fermat’s Last Theorem (1997), which is about a pure mathematics theorem, and Marcus du Sautoy’s Music of the Primes (2003), which was his big breakthrough book about prime numbers. By David Wells & John Sharp James Callahan, lead author, Calculus I, II, III And so it is able to do things that weren’t explicitly programmed into it. Edward A. Bender and S. Gill Williamson, Applied Combinatorics We’re living in the age of big data. The communication of the idea is of paramount importance in mathematical proof. The book follows a Flatlands dweller who shockingly discovers the existence of a third dimension. Discrete Mathematics: An Open Introduction Oscar Levin. The last of your selection of the best math books of 2019 is The Creativity Code by Marcus du Sautoy. Let’s begin with The Art of Statistics, which is by Cambridge University professor and statistician David Spiegelhalter. Last re-printed in 1908, this is an authoritative account of the history of mathematics. He knows his literature. It wasn’t, as most doctors thought, that HIV was just lying dormant for many years in a person before it suddenly accelerated and became AIDS. Spieghalter basically says that Fisher was a fantastic scientist, but morally dubious because he believed in eugenics and had ties to the tobacco industry and tried to deny that lung cancer was linked to smoking. You’ve got to give up your safety net, what you think should be the case, and just follow the rules that you’ve been taught in mathematics to try and build a bridge, to get over the chasm. A bit of both. The Art of Statistics: Learning from Data, Do Dice Play God? I think often, our intuition—especially in areas like probability—is absolutely horrible. Discover the magic of 1089 and the mathematics behind the Indian rope trick. This publisher has an excellent reputation for their wide range of mathematics books. There’s a lot of good math in there as well. He explains some really complicated concepts in the book. These AI proofs are not very readable and raise an interesting philosophical question, which is what we actually mean by a mathematical proof. Infinite Powers: The Story of Calculus Puzzles and anecdotes from the world of popular science. By Paul Hoffman : The Mathematics of Uncertainty Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager, APEX Calculus Joel Feldman, Andrew Rechnitzer, Elyse Yeager, Calculus in Context I used to work for his outreach group in Oxford and he’s been a bit of a mentor for me, so I’m slightly biased. Mathematics textbooks come in many shapes and sizes and can cover mindboggling concepts and theories set forth by the world's greatest minds such as Sir Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Carl Gauss and Archimedes. By Philip J. Davis & Reuben Hersh It’s interesting to see how close to being human AI is getting. An invaluable guide to the language of mathematics. Marcus is a pure mathematician by training, but he’s always been interested in artificial intelligence and the brain. Chaos is usually characterised by a dynamical system which has sensitive dependence on initial conditions. There’s the idea of the ‘uncanny valley’, where things get so close to being human that they actually feel much further away. By John Allen Paulos The list below groups open textbooks by course title. He knows what will tickle people and what will engage them. Liberal Arts Math. “Not a book about mathematics itself, but rather about how the brain deals with numbers”. Michael P. Hitchman, Introduction to Probability An excellent reference guide. It’s almost like walking on a tightrope. By Stanislas Dehaene When I reviewed Steven Strogatz’s book earlier this year, I wrote about my own school experience with calculus. The subtitle of the book is ‘the language of the universe.’ We talk about math more generally being the language of the universe but calculus is a large part of that. Paulos focuses on stories that revolve around mathematics. Would you say it’s been a good year? There is an aspect of learning from the mistakes and there’s a nice example he gives about aviation engineering where lots of mistakes combined to cause a disaster. Gardner has collected articles from his 25-year old archive of Scientific American articles. But as the AI human learns, that power dynamic starts to shift. The book is all about the power dynamic between them. He’s a fellow of the Royal Society and really well respected in his field. In the introduction of Do Dice Play God?, Ian Stewart goes through these ‘six ages of uncertainty,’ all the way from reading entrails, to quantum mechanics at the start of the 20th century, to more recent findings like the development of chaos theory in the 60s and 70s. By G.H. It’s not like situations in the past, where collecting data was very difficult to do and you had to make the best you could with the limited data that you had. It’s what we were talking about before: in math you don’t need to use inductive reasoning you just have to start from the rules and build up from there. So yes, it’s been a good year. But at the end of reading Infinite Powers I wanted to go out and learn calculus because I felt, ‘It’s so important! This is one of the first accounts of the never-ending number phi, also known as the Golden Ratio, a figure found throughout the laws of nature. By K.C. Devlin explains and investigates patterns in number sequences that have led to the further evolution of mathematical research. A cautionary look at the application and misuse of statistics. This book provides insights to encourage your clear thinking about different areas of life. Cole The eminent historian of mathematics Carl Boyer once called Euler's Introductio in analysin infinitorum the greatest modern textbook in mathematics. By Bart K. Holland This is a history of uncertainty, starting off when people used to read entrails to find out the future. That’s the area quite related to games, because math is like playing a big game. There’s this nice part in the book where Marcus talks about a battle between a Go Grandmaster and the AlphaGo machine. But the deep learning that AlphaGo—the machine that learned to play Go—implemented is very different. It’s a great way to get people thinking about math, and it’s great that you think about that when you drive past the football signs now. “The areas where AI is perhaps making the biggest strides is in rule-based subjects”. We’re talking about the best math books of 2019. One homework he used to set was for kids to go away and toss a coin 100 times. It might get through the first hole and maybe even the second, but it will hopefully get stopped at one of the layers lower down. For example, he has a short chapter on math and the law. Read He doesn’t try to provide the tips and tricks that I’ve put in The Maths of Life and Death, but he certainly looks at lots of real world areas and tells lots of interesting and funny stories. Here are some of his most popular titles: Gardner has collected articles from his 25-year old archive of Scientific American articles.

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