best bushcraft knife

Finally, look at the quality and durability of the handle.

This Bushlore is maybe not the slicer that the Mora Companion is.

The B.O.B. Cheaper, less durable blades are typically thinner. The S30V steel means that this is going to be extremely sharp and durable blade, which will also retain an edge very well. The Bushcrafter 162 embodies everything you want in a bushcraft knife: high-quality steel, a drop-point blade and a comfortable handle. The handle of the knife also features a ring texturing to give you a comfortable and secure grip, so there are no worries about the knife slipping off of your hands while you are using it. Some, however, prefer a flat grind because they feel it is stronger and stands up to jobs such as batoning better. Blade Steel.

The convex grind might take a little getting used to if you want a knife for fine carving but is perfect for general bushcraft tasks.

Key to blade shape is having a long, flat cutting edge that turns up to meet the tip. The sheath’s quality is good, as well. In this case, you need the best bushcraft knife that comes with a strong edge coupled with an ergonomic handle. For this reason, most high carbon steel knives have a special coating to add corrosion resistance. This combination makes the blade not just extremely sturdy and durable, but corrosion resistant as well. The blade itself is 5.05” (12.8cm), with a solid thickness of .22” (5.58mm). Blade thickness is .19” (4.8mm). It is also strong and dependable even when chopping woods. Instant download - print off for use when the grid goes down. comes with a Kydex sheath that includes a fire steel and a whistle. 5.8 oz. Two big criticisms of this knife beginning with the sheath, which is likely going to wear out on you pretty quickly. The knife is designed with a quality Micarta handle that is scaled to be wonderful smooth to the touch without compromising a solid and secure grip. Also, the handle is not a very comfortable design.

It does most any task very well. Gerber StrongArm. This is a popular budget steel that’s easy to sharpen. All the six bushcraft knives we reviewed are among the best knives you can find in the market. Ultimately, you need to determine the specific bushcraft activities you need to be carried out when choosing the ideal cutting edge for your knife. The overall length is 9.25” (23.5cm) and it weighs 6.4oz (181.4g). The Becker BK16 is a Made in the USA full tang bushcraft knife.

For the handle, this knife is made with a durable and hard walnut material that offers maximum balance and a comfortable grip. The Scandi grind feature of the knife is also impressive. In that case, you need the best companion possible, a knife that will not shy away whatever the outdoor condition is. It should also be safe and comfortable to use, so you don’t get accidents and hurt yourself while using it. The edge of the blade is super sharp as well, and its edge retention is unlike any other. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a slightly shorter knife or have small hands. If you consider the fact that diamonds are pure carbon, it will be easier to remember that HC knives are harder than stainless. © 2020. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you are looking for the best bushcraft knife for all-around use, then look no further than the TOPS Knives B.O.B.

All in all, the Condor Bushlore is a great option for a bushcraft knife at a price that we think gives you a stellar product for your money. This combined with its full tang construction means that it is going to stand up to much more rugged use. However, bushcraft handles tend to be less focused on being “grippy” like tactical knives, and more toward having great ergonomics. If you’re concerned, then you can replace the handles with micarta handles to improve the grip, though this does add to the cost. When placing the thumb higher up on it for precision cuts, it does tend to dig into the skin. The knife also comes with a high quality, thick leather sheath that is solidly built. Pros: (+) Very good slicer (+) Versatile (+) Great value Cons: (-) Low-quality Nylon for the sheath (-) Handle is not very grippy. It comes with a high-quality leather sheath that has six grommets for multiple carrying configurations.
Currently, bushcraft knives are made with different types of steel. While your budget will play a part in your decision, if there’s one knife you’re going to splash out on, a bushcraft knife should be top of your list. Its material and construction are impressive from the Swedish Sandvik 12c27 steel and a Scandi grind blade.

Additionally, there is a finger choil, a lanyard hole, a grip jumping, and a front quillon to add a more secure grip to the handle.

The best thickness or thinness for a bushcraft knife will largely depend on how you intend to use the knife.

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