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Official blog from the Law Library of Congress, About | [7] Still, Belgium continuously produces and arranges the legal system. With centuries of rulers adding legislations that still exist today, some of Belgium’s laws come across as astoundingly bizarre. Although Belgium historically had a strict stance towards all drugs, Belgium relaxed their laws on the personal possession of cannabis in 2003. Belgium has applied European legislation and given regard to decisions of the European Court of Justice. [3] In the 19th century, the code was influential and fundamental to the world law system. The Law of Belgium is a legal system of Belgium based on the Napoleonic code. [4] International law is also a crucial source in Belgium’s legal system, as Belgium is part of various European Union, such as European Convention on Human Right (ECHR), Treaty on European Union, and EU Regulations and Directives. What sounds like a discriminative law today once gave rights to the most vulnerable in society. [4] There are also places which use both Dutch and French, typically Brussels. A driver who wants to turn into a road typically has right of way unless otherwise indicated. A number of municipalities used GAS to cover their civic duty, like restricting children’s games for safety reasons. Thus, the regions and communities in Belgium cooperate when “concluding treaties or representing Belgium in international organizations”. Find out the unbelievable, strange, and funny laws in Belgium – and which bizarre laws are merely myths you shouldn’t believe. Naturally, this is a law that has not been invoked much in the past few decades. [1], The court structure of Belgium follows the French system due to influence of conquest by France. The Belgian laws restricting games of chance mean that prohibitions apply to commercial contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, and even private poker games. The three principal books are “The Consulate of the Sea”, “The Judgements and Customs of Orleon” and “The Maritime Law of Wisby”. [1] The National Registry was not only applied to Belgium citizens, but also to the foreigners who stayed in Belgium for at least 2 weeks. What crazy things can you get jailed for? Unbelievable Belgian laws 1. [8], The Napoleonic code (Code Napoléon) is the unified French civil code established by Napoleon in post-revolutionary France, 1804. The country also became the second country to ban forced marriage in 2006. Employment & Labour Law | Belgium Employment & Labour Law covers subject including. In practice however, the decisions of the highest courts do have a strong moral authority. This had seen some 1,500 titles blacklisted since the law’s implantation in 1936. [4] In the Constitutional court, the acts and ordinances of Belgium law are considered. Cat-lovers can receive a GAS fine in Lier if they keep more than five cats in an apartment. Many of Belgium’s stranger laws are bizarre because they’re archaic, however comprehensible or important for legislators at the time. No doubt a punishment in itself for interpreters. In Ieper, people risk a GAS fine if they fail to notify the municipality when street signs have become illegible. To be specific, the Council of state is a court which is in charge of monitoring the administration in the courts. Also, Belgium signed the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in November 1950, which is the day of its adoption, and finally ratified it in June 1955. White-collar employees earning more than this may have a trial period of up to 12 months. Belgium is divided into five main judicial areas, which are Brussels, Liège, Ghent, Mons, and Antwerp. [6] This system differentiates with the common law system applied in other countries by making distinction between ‘public’ and ‘private’ law. The Dutch version reads ‘Ik zweer getrouwelijk de gezegden te vertolken welke aan personen die verschillende talen spreken, moeten overgezegd worden’, which a loose attempt at translation might yield, at best, something like ‘I swear faithfully to impersonate [sic] the sayings [sic] that must be over-said [sic] to persons speaking several [sic] languages’. Your choices will not impact your visit. [3] It clearly presents the French legal system. It became the first country to issue electronic passports complying with international aviation recommendations. De Belgische Grondwet (external link) (Belgium Senate) in Dutch ; La Constitution Belge (external link) (Belgium Senate) in French ; Die Verfassung Belgiens (external link) (Belgium Senate) in German ; WIPO Lex: Belgian Constitution (external link) (World Intellectual Property Organization); International Constitutional Law: Belgium (external link) (Universität Bern Institut für … Click below to consent to the use of this technology on our website – and don’t worry, we respect your privacy. Gambling at a home poker game is illegal in Belgium. The Court of Cassation is the supreme judicial court and the head of all judicial courts in Belgium. Amendments require the assent of two-thirds of the members of Parliament and Senate present at the sitting. These games require a license from the Kansspelcommissie or no-one wins any financial gain.

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