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The current scope of Pillar 1 is intended to cover both highly digitalized businesses as well as consumer-facing companies with cross-border activity. [83] This was cancelled however, as not all parties needed for the Vivaldi-coalition were ready to step into such a coalition. On 29 May 2019, Maxime Prévot (cdH), Charles Michel (now as MR president), Tom Van Grieken (Vlaams Belang) and Peter Mertens (PVDA/PTB) were also invited. [131] The green parties as well were of the opinion that serious changes needed to happen for the starting note to be acceptable for them. This coalition would however not have a majority, as the three political families together only held 71 of 150 seats in the Chamber of Representatives. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Read more about people, mobility and workforce. Within Open Vld there was a lot of internal division on such a coalition and on 7 December new MR-president Georges-Louis Bouchez stated that a government containing the six purple-green parties would have a too narrow majority to be able to operate in a stable manner. De Wever suggested to have this government exist only for a limited period of time with its main and most important goal to fight the negative consequences of the Coronavirus. [160] That same day and the day after, the negotiators continued working on the budget exercise. [140], The day after, King Philippe extended the assignment of Lachaert to 4 September, as the socialists — whose demands regarding pensions, health care and taxation were difficult for the liberals — and CD&V were not sufficiently convinced to move to a next phase. [150] Upon resuming of the physical negotiations, working groups were created which were focusing on specific topics, such as climate, fiscal reforms, migration, and the preparation of a new state reform by the elections of 2024. with Reynders and Vande Lanotte, King Philippe had chosen for two experienced politicians which were at the end of their national political career and both part of parties which had not won the most recent elections. He also intended to meet with European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, managing the Economic and Financial Affairs portfolio, and his successor Paolo Gentiloni concerning the poor condition of Belgium. After their audience with the King, the informers held pressconference at the Egmont Palace where they announced they had met during the past week with representatives of all political parties with elected members in the Chamber of Representatives, with the exception of the radical parties Vlaams Belang and PVDA/PTB. As they had made insufficient progress, their assignment was prolonged until 28 January 2020, to further clarifiy the various points of view and to see whether it would be possible to bring the N-VA and the socialist parties PS and sp.a closer together in opinion. [55], On 9 December Magnette presented his final report at the Royal Palace of Brussels, asking to be relieved of his task. With the possible exception of the Prime Minister, the Federal Government consists of the same number of Dutch-speakers and French-speakers. CD&V), which are combined on the Swedish flag, hence the name) was impossible even if it was expanded with cdH, the Francophone counterpart of the CD&V, which had not joined the government in 2014. cdH and the socialist opposition parties PS and sp.a were also on the losing side: cdH and sp.a lost four seats each whereas PS lost three. The Wilmès II Government would govern only for a predefined limited amount of time and be in force only to fight the Coronacrisis. A few days after the elections, the incumbent coalition of ProDG, SP and PFF agreed to continue governing. Koning stelt Coens (CD&V) en Bouchez (MR) aan als informateurs: "Meeste partijen wilden De Wever (N-VA) niet aan zet", Informateurs Coens en Bouchez beginnen vanmiddag gesprekken: "Eén of meerdere mogelijke coalities afbakenen", Opdracht informateurs Joachim Coens (CD&V) en Georges-Louis Bouchez (MR) verlengd tot 13 januari, Koning verlengt informatieopdracht Coens en Bouchez: "Ook andere formules dan paars-groen en paars-geel bekijken", Informateurs Coens en Bouchez consulteren het middenveld, Informateurs spreken met tien partijen in aanloop naar eindverslag, Informateurs Bouchez (MR) en Coens (CD&V) brengen straks verslag uit bij koning, na overleg PS-N-VA gisteren, Emir Kir verzet zich niet tegen uitsluiting bij PS: “Ik wil die lijdensweg niet opnieuw meemaken”, Opdracht informateurs Coens en Bouchez verlengd tot 28 januari, PS-voorzitter Paul Magnette doet de deur dicht voor regering met N-VA: "Het heeft lang genoeg geduurd", Na opvallend lang gesprek: informateurs krijgen dan toch nog een week extra na hun verslag bij de koning, "Formatie: Geens gaat 'met alle partijen contact opnemen, Verrassing: Koen Geens (CD&V) wordt koninklijk opdrachthouder, taak van informateurs Coens en Bouchez is beëindigd, Koning benoemt Koen Geens (CD&V) tot koninklijke opdrachthouder “om een volwaardige regering mogelijk te maken”, Koning Filip verlengt opdracht van Koen Geens (CD&V) met een week: "Geniet vertrouwen van alle partijen", "Koen Geens (CD&V) neemt ontslag als koninklijk opdrachthouder en begraaft regering met PS én N-VA", Koning Filip aanvaardt ontslag Koen Geens en vat maandag consultaties aan, Wetstraatjournalist Ivan De Vadder: "Niemand wil nieuwe verkiezingen, maar alle partijen bereiden zich erop voor", Koning ontvangt morgen nog PS, Défi, CD&V en Open Vld, Koning verrast opnieuw: Sabine Laruelle (MR) en Patrick Dewael (Open Vld) aan zet, "Sabine Laruelle (MR) en Patrick Dewael (Open VLD) moeten "politieke contacten leggen om volwaardige regering te vormen, "Koning stelt liberaal duo Patrick Dewael (Open VLD) en Sabine Laruelle (MR) aan om politieke crisis te ontmijnen", Persmededeling van de koninklijke opdrachthouders dhr. [121] The three negotiators reacted cautiously optimistic to Magnette's statement, but declared they would not restart the negotiations from scratch. At the federal level, the deadlock was never resolved, but nevertheless, a new government was formed in March 2020. On 28 August a second meeting was held at the Egmont Palace with the informers and representatives of the seven parties present at the first round table meeting.[31]. Their conclusion was that the two investigated possible coalitions, purple-yellow and purple-green, were not viable yet and hence they would also explore other possible coalitions. They were given until 28 September to write a first report, to allow a new government to be created by the due date of 1 October. [154] As foreseen, the preformationists reported back to King Philippe with their final report, as their claimed to have restored confidence. Ultimately, the European Parliament managed to squeeze an extra €16bn in total - which will be financed with competition fines the EU Commission hands out over the next seven years, plus reallocations within the budget. For instance: the cdH had announced in the beginning of the formation it preferred to remain in the opposition, while extremist parties on both sides (left: Workers' Party of Belgium, right: Vlaams Belang) are unlikely to be part of the government due to vetoes by other parties. Some parties are not needed to get to a majority. Oliver Paasch remained Minister-President. In his opiniong, his assignment was "open", meaning he was planning to meet with all eligible parties. How this will be worked out exactly still remains to be seen. On 7 March, CD&V sent out an online inquiry to its members, asking to give their opinion on the course that CD&V had been taken during the negotiations thus far, namely to stress the need for a majority on the Flemish side, which would only be possible by having N-VA part of the government. [134] The preformationists continued to have meetings with both the liberal as well as the green parties, with on 12 August an exchange with Groen and Ecolo where they discussed the climate, energy and environmental policies. [48], On 18 November 2019 Magnette presented a memo to the King with measures around the six priorities for the next government: improving the employment rate, social cohesion and the fight against poverty, climate transition, justice and safety, migration and modernisation of the state to make the federal state operate more efficiently. After Paul Magnette had declared on 14 February 2020, via various media sources, that a government including PS and N-VA was in his eyes impossible and that he was unwilling to continue negotiating with N-VA,[75] Koen Geens realized continuing his assignment would be a waste of effort, causing him to return his assignment to the King that same day. Belgian Minister of Cooperation Development and Finance, Alexander De Croo speaks during a media conference at the Egmont Palace in Brussels, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020. [125] De Wever and Magnette tried to find consensus amongst the parties with which they were negotiating on three specific topics: institutional reforms, the socio-economic policy, and safety and migration. [40], Following discussions with the party presidents on 4 and 5 November 2019 and his statements in the press, PS-president Paul Magnette was appointed by King Philippe to informer on 5 November 2019. on 9 September a further prolonging of the assignment was made until the beginning of October, together with the announcement that Groen would no longer be involved in further discussions. [136] The day after, on 14 August, a short meeting took place with the liberal parties, but no progress was made, after which De Wever and Magentte decided to hand in their resignation as preformationists at their audience on 17 August and ask the King to hand over the lead of the formation discussions to the liberal and green parties. Magnette and Rousseau composed a report of their activities, with the goal of now naming a formateur, who would be tasked with forming a government by September.[107]. Large Francophone majority but Flemish minority. On 30 September 2020, almost 500 days after the 2019 elections, seven political parties reached an agreement on the formation of a new Belgian government (the so-called Vivaldi government). The King extended his assignment until 25 November. [6] Reason was the early fall of the Michel I Government over to the Global Compact for Migration. Large Flemish majority but Francophone minority. Read more about international and EU developments. Should Big Tech and gig platforms push for a policy similar to Proposition 22 in Europe, workers' rights could quickly become a ceiling rather than a floor. 232 dagen na de verkiezingen: koning verlengt opdracht informateurs Coens en Bouchez, "Demotte en Bourgeois sabelden paars-geel neer in eindrapport", Koning Filip stelt Paul Magnette aan als informateur, Koning Filip stelt PS-voorzitter Paul Magnette als informateur aan, Conner Rousseau verkozen tot nieuwe voorzitter van de SP.A, Georges-Louis Bouchez remporte l’élection à la présidence du MR, Présidence de DéFI : François De Smet est élu dès le premier tour, Joachim Coens nipt verkozen tot nieuwe CD&V-voorzitter, Sammy Mahdi strandt op 46,8 procent, Informateur Magnette (PS) over vorming federale regering: "Veel verschillen en ook veel spanningen tussen partijen", Informateur Paul Magnette (PS) geeft stand van zaken en vond al zeker één overeenkomst: gaan voor meer jobs, Informateur Magnette (PS) schrijft nota over 6 prioriteiten: "Kan fundament zijn om volgende regering op te bouwen", Paul Magnette (PS) blijft informateur en doet oproep aan partijvoorzitters: "Wij werken voor álle Belgen", Geheime ontmoeting Magnette met paars-groene partijen zet kwaad bloed: “Hij heeft zichzelf tot formateur bevorderd”, Informateur Paul Magnette (PS) roept paars-groene partijen samen om te praten over begroting, Informateur Magnette (PS) spreekt weer met CD&V en CDH, mogelijk volgt ook nog uitnodiging voor N-VA, Informateur Paul Magnette (PS) spreekt met Bart De Wever (N-VA): "Geen voorbode van paars-geel", MR-voorzitter Georges-Louis Bouchez: "Met paars-groen alleen gaan we het niet redden", Informateur Magnette (PS) vraagt om van opdracht ontheven te worden, koning roept partijvoorzitters weer bij zich.

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