batman vs captain america

The overarching plot to DC vs Marvel wasn't all that important - as the fights were the main event of the miniseries. As soon as Captain America collapses, Batman grabs the Shield and walks behind Cap. There were some seriously huge fights, but perhaps the biggest fight among the entire crossover series was when Captain America and Batman duked it out. Wiz: I guess we can add "Hypocrite" to his list of aliases. Boomstick: That suit looks like it was ripped from a Patriotic Circus. Boomstick: Luckily, Mr. America doesn't rely only on his shield. Wiz: Desperate to combat this new threat, Uncle Sam began the top-secret "Project Rebirth", it looked like Rogers would finally get his chance to be the hero after all. Wolverine took on Lobo, Spider-Man fought Superboy, Storm battled Wonder Woman, and Captain America took on Batman. In the third issue of the crossover, Captain America and Batman fought in the sewers of Manhattan, where they had a pretty even fight. These eyes belong to Batman. Boomstick: WAIT, GO BACK TO THAT SECOND ONE! But, the DC vs. Marvel crossover miniseries made those epic fights a reality. Wiz: And Captain America, The Sentinel of Liberty. Are we positive that we're positive he's not superhuman?! Boomstick: He can even dodge gunfire at point-blank range by, in his own words "Seeing Faster.". As those around him left to serve in the Second World War, Rogers was desperate to fight for his country. The first was, This is the second episode to feature a returning combatant, after, This is the first fight to feature a character who previously lost, with the next 13 being, This is also the first time a returning character fights a character from the same franchise that his previous opponent was in, with the next two being, This is the third Marvel VS DC themed episode, after, The is the first time DC wins, the next eleven being, This is the first Batman VS Captain America themed episode, with the next one being. But underneath the Batsuit, he is affected by knives and bullets the same as any other mortal man. 1. Wiz: The Super Soldier Serum pushed Steve's body to the absolute limit of human physical and mental potential. Boomstick: What kind of circus would make a costume with Kevlar, Nomex, and Lightweight Titanium, that's resistant to water, fire, and electric shocks? Marvel's New Taskmaster is Becoming a Deadpool Knockoff. However, that is not the Batsuit's only purpose. He became an expert in the art of disguise and a master of every fighting style known to man. (*Cues: Batman Arkham City - Main Theme*). Which Of The Boys Would Win A Fight To The Death? The crossover event from the mid-90s featured a significant amount of talent from both Marvel and DC Comics working together to bring some of the best crossover battles to life. Boomstick: All it takes is a glimpse of that pointy-eared shadow and criminals start shaking in their boots. Batman was ultimately named the winner of the fight but it's not like he beat Captain America into submission. Batman leaps in and uses his knowledge of pressure points to keep Cap at bay. Cap yanks the cord, and races to get his shield. Boomstick: Ask him where I left my keys... Wiz: Aside from Mass Invasion of Privacy, Batman's resume includes such accomplishments as dodging Darkseid's virtually unavoidable Omega Beams, withstanding the vacuum of space for 24 seconds and breaking free from a coffin, buried 6 feet underground, in a straitjacket after being deprived of sleep for days all while having a cocktail of unknown drugs in his system along with The Joker's latest Venom Toxin. The Caped Crusader managed to hit Captain America with his batarang, but immediately rescued Cap from drowning. You can reach out to him directly at, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

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