batman and black panther

He is respected and he respects in return. When it comes to Black Panther, the character is far from infallible. It has reached a point that there is seemingly nothing he can't overcome, and that has made him invincible in the eyes of his fans, who believe him to be able to defeat anyone he comes across. Black Panther does live in the richest country in the world so he should have better equipment and he's pretty smart as well. Team Black Panther vs Team Batman. It's even come to a point that Bruce's friends aren't sure which is the mask, and which is his true face. If BP mystically travels to the past Then Batman is never born and vice verss. Batman's only downfall could be that he is a loner while Black panther will utilize his vast pool of scientists, engineers, and technicians if necessary. Batman is no King. But every now and then, a match-up arises, one that only has one clear answer; one distinct winner. Whether it was the "one rule" established in The Dark Knight, or the absolute code that he abides by in the comics, Batman simply doesn't kill criminals. Reed and Black Panther are good friends. As Is Black Panther. means he murder rapes BP. He knows how to trust, whether it comes to his own family, his allies and his friends in the Avengers. He trust cyborg enough to utilize him often. RELATED: 10 Richest Characters in DC Comics (& How Much They're Worth). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Batman and Black Panther are two of the most stealthy and cloak-and-dagger like superheroes in comics. He doesn't need to hide who he is because there is no use for it. Round three: Black Panther has feats that show him to be Bruce's equal in strategy and arguably prep as well. To be fair, Batman is likely to be more skilled. No, we're not talking about the Justice League and the Avengers, but the Bat-family -- Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, et al. 2 weeks prep and batman murderstomps. Whether it's Superman, The Flash, Mr. But Black Panther has no such limits. Ring the bell. EDIT: Just noticed round 2 is equalized physicals so I'll give batman the win there. If batman wants black panther dead, he already is. Recently becoming part of mainstream pop culture with the release of Black Panther, he now has new readers and thousands and thousands of fans, just as T'Challa has his nation of constituents. Instead of sneaking from place to place, T'Challa stood his ground and became what he deserved to be: the Black Panther. As Kevin Conroy says in Batman: The Animated Series, He is vengeance, He is the night, He is Batman. It's also because, in some regards, T'Challah is a better hero and man than Bruce Wayne could ever hope to be. Not only can he trust them, they too can trust him to do what is right. As a matter of fact BP has a broader knowledge of some general areas than Bruce, such as the workings and use of magic. When Wakanda is attacked, he will avenge them. T'Chala has access to alien tech also. Bruce Wayne created the persona of Batman after spending years of training abroad. Freeze, and the infamous Joker, Batman's Rogue Gallery is nothing short of spectacular that has made the past 80 years of storytelling absolutely gripping. He may be invincible to some, and he may be just as powerful as any god-like superhero in the DC Universe, but he has no throne to sit on, just a batcave. Round 3 - I know BP is good with prep, but I'm not sure if he's AS good as the prep-god himself. Black Panther doesn't have a magical way to get out of any situation, and he's actually a better character for it. But we here at CBR strongly believe that King T'Challa is the one and clear winner of this confrontation. I mean if we take all the prep they have done into account would they not be equal. It's a line he is willing to cross that frankly Batman should consider once in a while. After being duped by Dr. Doom in the events of Doomwar, the Panther mantle was stripped from T'Challa which resulted in the abilities given to him by the panther totem no longer in his control. Making his debut in 1966 in Fantastic Four #52, T'Challa lured the Fantastic Four to Wakanda to fight and test whether their abilities were adequate to help him take down Ulysses Klaw, the criminal explorer who murdered T'Challa's father, T'Chaka. They are both serious characters, highly-skilled and highly trained. DC’s Batman pitted against Marvel’s Black Panther. And that is something that Batman simply couldn't get through, no matter what he uses to hit it with. This coup resulted in T'Challa rendering all Vibranium, across the planet, inert preventing Dr. Doom from manipulating the metal to his ends. 6 Black Panther - Fended Off Colonization. Could paralyzing energy daggers be used to defeat Batman? There is no vast discrepancy in the amount of areas of knowledge and intellect on either's part. He has also kicked through a steel door as well. He's bold and intimidating, while the other is cunning and brave. It has reached a point that, with so many various suits at his disposal, Batman almost has as many suits of armor as Iron Man. But, as we have saw in Captain America: Civil War, when he finally had the chance to strike down Zemo, the man responsible for his father's death, T'Challa chose to stay his hand, stating that he was done letting vengeance consume him. And Black panther can be ruthless and his feats are incredible even with morals on.

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