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Tempe undergraduate students have either NEST or SOAR focused advisors. A Presentation on Technology-enabled, Rapid-Response Fresh Food Supply Chains: taking advantage of the new market conditions, Algae engineering: stepping stone to sustainable solutions, Putting people into the engineering equation, MORE program funds research for master’s students, Storytelling robots set to provide dementia relief. CIDSE Advising appointments are still regularly available via zoom and phone by going to 2 0 obj To gain a better understanding of program requirements. endobj If you want to get him talking, the fastest way is to ask what book he has been reading lately. endobj She first joined ASU as a staff member in 2013 and has experience in graduate and international admissions. Aۇ��ϊ�w~�kc�7 �J��ኁ��Q�$�Tm��R���� �Rr���Af(J p�ћ���ѳ���N P&�#��͗h��R�|s �Y|TMV�/nr����u�'����h�Z�Dk+ʐ��)W"�pc�d �}C��Ѷ`�� He is an avid reader and active in an online community (Goodreads) where he does an annual reading challenge and shares book reviews. Schedule an appointment with your advisor. Students are required to meet with an advisor during their first two semesters in order to be eligible to register. Deborah SmithAcademic Success Advisor Coordinator, Sr. Yvette SmithAcademic Success Advisor Coordinator, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, Public Service and Indicate if you prefer a phone appointment. Select your program from the dropdown list on the left side of the page. Call 480-727-1585 to schedule an appointment. Call 480-965-0595. As a graduate advisor, Lynn advises and counsels ECEE graduate students (with last name A-F) regarding academics. Community Solutions, First Time Freshmen and Transfer Students, Graduate Policies, Procedures and Funding, Inner Circle: News and Events for Students,, Allison was raised in Tempe, Arizona and is a graduate of ASU’s Master of Counseling program. She worked in community mental health for two years before returning to ASU as an undergraduate academic advisor in the School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering. endobj Advising appointments Message regarding academic advising and COVID-19 The health of the Sun Devil community is a top priority at ASU. ; Current undergrads, schedule a Zoom or phone appointment with an advisor using the appointment form. 965-3424Tempe Campus, GWC 234, Lynn PratteAcademic Success Advisor, Sr. – Graduate Academic Advisor. To view available appointments, select your academic advisor from the dropdown menu. Tom is joining the ECEE advising team after 7 years in higher education (most of which was spent as a financial aid advisor). After that, students will not be required to meet with an advisor, although it is highly recommended that students check in with advising at a minimum of once per year. To meet with your assigned advisor, please send an email to to learn about drop-in advising options over Zoom. Email, Any student may also email us questions at, Public Service and Advising Directory. We offer express advising during the first few weeks of school in order to help as many students as possible. In her free time, Allison enjoys cooking, volunteering, and spending time outdoors. NEST academic advisors specialize in helping new CIDSE students navigate their first year at ASU. Lynn Pratte joined the ECEE advising team in 2015. Be ready to discuss your situation, plans, and goals with an open mind. GWC 248 | 480-965-3424 |, View profile. Find your principal advisor by logging in to My ASU and clicking on the blue “Academic Advising” link in the “Academic Support Team box. 1 0 obj Most undergraduate engineering students have a principal advisor. Help identifying resources. Exploratory students should consult with the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. ASU offers MAT 117 as a virtual, self-paced course as part of the Earned Admissions program (Earned Admissions is an ASU program designed for students trying to gain admissions to ASU – you are already admitted – you are simply using their program to help accomplish your … She is thankful for the opportunity to work with students. The health of the Sun Devil community is a top priority at ASU. Find your principal advisor by logging in to My ASU and clicking on the blue “Academic Advising” link in the “Academic Support Team box. Sno KleespiesAcademic Success Advisor, Sr. – Graduate Advisor. Always be ready to connect what you’re learning to your personal and professional endeavors. If you are unsure or having any trouble that you need guidance with choosing classes: ensuring one is “on track,” sequencing correctly within the degree, meeting degree requirements, and meeting graduation requirements. She also managed the advising front desk operations, supervised the front desk student staff, and served as direct support to the undergraduate academic advising team. Advising. Cindy BoglinAssistant Director, Academic ServicesAdvising, Cindy.Boglin@asu.edu480-727-5213Wanner Hall, Brianna BaumgartnerAcademic Success Advisor, Sr.Advising, Meghan McLaughlinAcademic Success Advising Coordinator, Sr.Advising, Meghan.McLaughlin@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Carly ReganAcademic Success Advising CoordinatorAdvising, Carly.Regan.1@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Jesus ChavezAcademic Success AdvisorAdvising, Carly FolgerAcademic Success Advising CoordinatorAdvising, Carly.Folger@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Michael ForrestAcademic Success AdvisorAdvising, Michael.Forrest@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Elyse BakerAcademic Success Advisor, Sr.Advising, Elyse.Baker@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Joy GaerathsAcademic Success Advisor, Sr.Advising, Amanda JamesAcademic Success Advising CoordinatorAdvising, Amanda.C.James@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Lindsey MorrisAcademic Success Advising CoordinatorAdvising, Denise OdomManager, Undergraduate AdvisingAdvising, Niki Clonts-HatchAcademic Success AdvisorAdvising, Niki.Clonts@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Jenny MaizeAcademic Success Advising CoordinatorAdvising, Kathy RankAcademic Success Advising Coordinator, Sr.Advising, Kathy.Rank@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Samantha VaughanAcademic Success AdvisorAdvising, samantha.vaughan@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Melissa AlexanderAcademic Success Advising Coordinator, Sr.Advising, Melissa.Alexander@asu.edu480-727-1322Wanner Hall, Gianne FranciscoAcademic Success AdvisorAdvising, Gianne.Francisco@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Pamela Van HusenAcademic Success Advisor, Sr.Advising, Michelle ValenzuelaAcademic Success Advising CoordinatorAdvising, Michelle.M.Valenzuela@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Christy Jersin WoodsAcademic Success AdvisorAdvising, Christy.Jersin@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Amy RiggsAcademic Success Advising Coordinator, Sr.Advising, Meghan VaughnAcademic Success Advising CoordinatorAdvising, Erin DeBrinoStudent Services Coordinator, Sr.Advising, Erin.DeBrino@asu.edu480-727-1874Wanner Hall, Blake HolderStudent Services Coordinating AssociateAdvising, Blake.Holder@asu.edu480-727-4723Wanner Hall, Margaret LacerenzaStudent Services Coordinator, Sr.Advising, Prospective Student? Online students can schedule a phone or video appointment with their advisor in lieu of a face to face meeting. As a graduate advisor, Toni advises and counsels ECEE graduate students (with last name G-O) regarding academics. The health of the Sun Devil community is a top priority at ASU. Express/open-door advising meetings that exceed 15 minutes may be asked to schedule a follow-up advising appointment. endobj In her spare time she enjoys shopping at local farmer’s markets, spoiling her three young nephews, and practicing yoga. As such, we continue to be fully operational, but are providing services via remote mechanisms such as email, phone, Zoom and Slack (in some cases). stream 3 0 obj New online undergrads starting classes in Summer or Fall, email to schedule your New Student Webinar. Enter the information requested and click on “Make Appointment” to reserve the time. Due to the high volume of students we see, you must make an appointment to meet with an advisor. Graduate and undergraduate advisors are available during our regular business hours, Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM Arizona time. stream Most undergraduate engineering students have a principal advisor. You can connect with an advisor via phone, Zoom or email. Make sure you leave with copies of notes taken and materials given to you during your appointment. NEST INFORMATION. Jennifer MayAcademic Success Advisor, Sr. Tomika Redlinger Academic Success AdvisorUndergraduate Advising, Tempe campusUndergraduate AdvisingNEST focus. To create a personalized four year study plan. The CIDSE Advising Center always has express/open-door Advising during certain times of the year including peak times during the start of the fall and spring semesters. You can connect with an advisor via phone, Zoom or email. The SOAR academic advisors have the specific knowledge and training to help students take advantage of these resources and set themselves on a path to success! In a university-wide effort to recognize and proactively address concerns surrounding the novel corona virus (COVID-19), advisors will continue to work with students remotely. Advising directory. He originally studied English Education and served as a classroom teacher for two years before making the switch to serve post-secondary students. For two years, she was the first point of contact for a diverse student population as they progressed through their academic career. Tom does a little community service with the Valley Alano club in Tempe and with the Gilbert “Friends for Life” Animal Rescue. <>/Metadata 661 0 R/ViewerPreferences 662 0 R>> <> You can now schedule and manage your academic adivising appointments through your My ASU site, by navigating to your Academic Support Box and selecting Advising. Advising is still available! Physical Address:Centerpoint, Suite 105660 S. Mill Ave.Tempe, AZ 85281. Business Hours: 8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m. Tempe campus undergraduate advising email:, Tempe graduate advising email:, Physical Address:Picacho Hall, Suite 2457151 E. Sonoran Arroyo MallMesa, AZ, 85212. Business Hours:8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-5 p.m. Polytechnic campus undergraduate advising email:, Polytechnic campus graduate advising email:, ASU Online undergraduate advising email:, MCS Online Graduate advising email:, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, Public Service and Choose an open appointment slot that fits your schedule by clicking on “Make Appointment”. Select “Current Student” if you have an ASU ID, or “Prospective Student” if you do not have an ASU ID. Log in with your ASURITE User ID and Password. Ask questions! Jesus.Chavez@asu… If you need an appointment at a different time please call 480-727-3520 to schedule your appointment. Working with the NEST advisors, new CIDSE students will establish a strong foundation that will serve them through graduation! Tempe undergraduate students … 5 0 obj Help completing petitions, appeals, an other university forms. Undergraduate ASU students who have declared a major should select their college or advising center from the listing below. Toni Mengert joined the ECEE advising team in 2012. 965-1729Tempe Campus, GWC 222, 965-4491Tempe Campus, GWC 251, School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, Robert Monahan, Assistant Director Academic Services, New online undergrads starting classes in Summer or Fall, email, Current undergrads, schedule a Zoom or phone appointment with an advisor using the, Graduate students, drop-in advising is still available on Zoom. She earned her master’s degree in Religious Studies from Claremont Graduate University. A confirmation email will be sent to your ASU email account. This is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about your situation at ASU. 965-3590Tempe Campus, GWC 236, Toni MengertAcademic Success Advisor, Sr. – Graduate Academic Advisor. +Ϣ�T����i�w(��KR>(�ZM��y�ѷ�ֵ���

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