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As you head out with Chinzara, you will be atracked by a pack of hyenas. Take the road up from town, and then when the path branches go to the right to find the entrance to the cave. When he won the race, the standing of the Siwan Oracle was enhanced. Agree to help him, then take off to go track down his missing stuff. Government She tells you some soldiers kicked them all out so they could loot all the money and medicine Rabiah had been storing up. There is only one question mark icon in this general area, so it should be relatively easy to find. You'll get the reward for this missions after the last bandit falls. They were interrupted by the arrival of the village healer, Rabiah, who tended to Bayek's injuries. Consequently, its people continued to hold the Nubian military order of the Medjay in high esteem, heralding Bayek, the last Medjay, as a hero. By Chanell Alexander Oct 28, 2017. While this is technically a side quest, it is highly suggested you complete this one before venturing off to kill Medunamun in The False Oracle. Not only will it complete the Mountain of the Dead location quest, but it will get you a bonus Ability Point for doing so. Navigating his way to the exit, Bayek was reunited with Hepzefa, helping him fend off Hypatos' men. Fortunately, we will be looking behind the Temple of Amun and we'll never need to actually enter the temple itself. Head to the military base, kill the captain, loot the tools and bring them back to the blacksmith. You will need to kill all eight of them to clear this quest, and fortunately none of them are all that tough. To find Benipe, you will need to travel to the center of town. In the map of Assassin's Creed: Origins, Siwa comprises one of the regions of Egypt. [6], Returning to Hepzefa's home, Bayek began making preparations to hunt down his next target, despite Hepzefa requesting him to rest. There are some bandits in control of farmers water. Drop down to the room below to find the missing kid. After recovering, Bayek visited Hepzefa outside his home. Killing the hostile animals end the mission. Head underwater to retrieve the jars and bring them back to shore. You need to find the Tomb of the Dead in mountains and locate Chinzara who is hiding inside. Try to use one of your faster weapons if you do this, because there are a decent number of enemies in here and it can be a bit had to do crowd control with one of your big, slow weapons unless you've had a lot of practice. However, a garrison commander ordered all his tools confiscated, effectively closing his shop. Bayek discovers one of Egypt's enigmatic Stone Circles, and relives memories of a promise he made to his son. After you kill the captain and loot the treasure in the camp, return to Benipe. 0. Fenuku, a young boy, is worried. You'll want to craft the breastplate here, so select it and you will get some brand new armor. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is on the way, but before it comes out it’s worth looking at the game that started this new wave of Assassin's Creed games once more. Notable landmarks Egypt Use Senu to detect their locations within the Temple. The tools will be in a bag in one of the tents. [7] Along the way, he was confronted by Hypatos, Rudjek's personal bodyguard who had pursued Bayek to seek vengeance. Head to the Temple of Amun and free the priests. If you're holding on to your torch, you will burn through the spiderwebs as soon as you touch them. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Assassin's Creed Origins - What You Need To Know About Its New Setting, New Hero and New Action-RPG Gameplay – E3 2017, Siwa: "Alexander the Great, Son of Ammon", just to the right of where the Ptolemy statue is. The first thing you will need to do is craft a breastplate. With the location of the three medicinal jars pinpointed, swap to Bayek and swim out to grab them. Date founded Water RatsSuggested Level: 3Reward: 600 XP. The villagers of Siwa were disabled by the effects of the Apple, allowing them both to enter and unlock the Temple of Amun without interruption. There is not need to get into an all out brawl here, so use stealth and your arrows you make your way to the cage. Right? Interact with the door to free both of them. You may regret doing so though, because not only is Teremun dead, you find out his whole family was slaughtered while he was away. Make sure no one is around, then open the cage to let the farmers out. Rather than just going swimming and hoping for the best, you can call Senu over and she will be able to help you search the lake. There are eight bandits here in total, four on the same level you came in on and four others below your starting position. Assassin's Creed: Origins is FILLED with secrets and hidden side quests everyone needs to see. You can put the body down if you need to to fight off any guards that wandered into your way, and try to use the tall grass to your advantage while sneaking out. However, the cave you want to go to is actually a special location and is thus marked on your map with a question mark icon. Use Gear menu to craft the item. Temple of Amun Locate their hideout in the mountain by using Senu. Assassin’s Creed Origins features a ton of exciting and rewarding side quests to complete. Additional information Except for Teremun, sadly, who died of his wounds. Speak with the farmer’s wife and head to the marked location on the map. 0. You will need to carry him back to the burning cinders for a proper burial. Take whichever one you want, and enjoy the rest of your reward. You need to complete ALL the Stone Circles to get the 3000 XP. I'm sure the fact Bayek has all these wistful flashbacks about his son and that his son himself is never around in any of the scenes in the present is a great sign. There is a large house here past a little wading pool. Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. It will lock on for Bayek to find once you get close to it, so go ahead and find all three before switching control back to Bayek. Move the constellation you have around until they line up with the stars in the sky. It is one of the quests from Hepzefa. Unfortunately, when you get there you find Rabiah taking care of the wounded outside of the temple. That is because completing this quest opens up the blacksmith in Siwa, allowing you to purchase new weapons and upgrade the ones you already have. This Assassins Creed Origins Side Quest Guide will list the location of every side quest we’ve discovered as well as any tips needed to complete them. In ancient times, it was renowned for its Oracle of Amun, which hailed Alexander the Great as Son of Ammon during his liberation of Egypt from Persian rule. It is just south of the big lake in the area, so go to the question mark on the map to find it. [5] Bayek then began a quest of vengeance against the Order, leaving the village and his Medjay duties to hunt them down. 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Otherwise, it is next to impossible to complete certain main quests. You need to level up and increase your damage and defense. Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/11/2018 FAQ of the Month Winner: July 2018 | Official GameFAQs Guide.

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