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“I’m happy with my pestle and mortar.”, After dinner, Bloomfield said that she had found Boggs impressive but that she wasn’t completely sold. A lot of people in kitchens are very happy doing what they’re doing, but it’s not the be-all and end-all, and for April it was always the be-all and end-all.”, Bloomfield worked for Adam Robinson at the Brackenbury, where she mastered pub classics such as chowders and rib-eyes. The most appalling thing she has ever seen in a restaurant was a Caesar salad stuffed into a hole hollowed in a country loaf. “So this is the breed we had last night?” Bloomfield asked Boggs, pointing to one of the pigs. “This is dirty,” she said, when she noticed a bit of juice on the lip of a bowl of cockles. “Ooh, Little Gems!” Bloomfield said, brightening. “See how the juices are much brighter?”. Bloomfield bought a computer and opened an e-mail account, and while construction work was going on the partners e-mailed each other about what kind of food they were going to serve. “That was kind of a ‘Rain Man’ thing to say.” Bloomfield doesn’t swim; she doesn’t drive. What Friedman really wants is a tongue-in-cheek red-sauce Italian place. I wanted to be good at something.” Still, I did hear her telling her friend Jessica Boncutter, the chef and owner of Bar Jules, in San Francisco, how pleased she was that some of the women in her kitchen were “wiping the floor” with their male counterparts. Grill over high heat until browned on the bottom, about 3 minutes. She has a Michelin star for the Spotted Pig and one for the Breslin—a dark, boozy restaurant that she and Friedman opened last year in the Ace Hotel, on West Twenty-ninth Street—but she has never been to Paris. Bloomfield and Friedman have been looking at land in New Paltz and Wassaic. The ones at the Breslin have been as breathlessly exalted, among Manhattan’s meat lovers, as those at the Pig, but they are made with lamb instead of beef, and feta instead of Roquefort. “I did mine a little more chunky than he did, so it doesn’t disappear as much,” she said. “There’s only one thing that worries me about this guy—his hands are far too clean,” she said. “One day, she got these pig’s trotters from a neighbor,” Bloomfield said. How did he like his burger?” Bloomfield—five feet four, with a compact build and a pugnacious chin—is the food world’s oblivious savant. She’s a British woman.”. The room was loud and dark. Ruth Rogers said, “It was probably quite early that we knew that April was very, very good. He was wearing a pair of smart-looking jeans and had a neo-lumberjack beard. “There’s not a lot of butter, not a lot of pork fat. I asked her how the trip had been. “It wasn’t well thought out,” Bloomfield told me. “I don’t know,” Bloomfield replied. Everyone’s internal map of New York, after long enough, becomes redacted by failures and breakups. All Rights Reserved. As we walked, I asked if she ever got the urge to try anything different, like molecular gastronomy. “He said, ‘Don’t pay me—just don’t make the same mistakes a lot of restaurants make.’ ” Most important, Batali told Friedman, was to figure out what he was looking for in a chef. “We had to make sure there was never any dust in the house,” Bloomfield recalled. The first is that Bloomfield can’t always procure the calibre of ingredients she wants, since many of the city’s top suppliers are beholden to more established chefs. Gastropubs, his argument went, were simulacra of something that already existed. Mayonnaise is forbidden. ♦. April Bloomfield’s burger with shoestring fries at the Spotted Pig on 134 W 11th Street is one of the most delicious available. I once asked what dish I might cook for a visiting friend, and she replied with a two-hundred-and-twenty-one-word text message. Light a grill or preheat a grill pan. He keeps her pure. Instead it’s going to be “a lot of vegetables” as well as “pigeons and ducks, and chickens, a little bit of beef,” says Bloomfield. We stopped brunch. On a sunny afternoon in late spring, Bloomfield was holed up in a plaid-curtained booth at the back of the Breslin’s dining room, rustling through a sheaf of papers stained with olive oil. “I don’t want another Italian-American guy who used to work for you. What am I going to say, ‘I’ll have that right there’?” she said, in a jacked-up Brummie accent, pointing to an air menu. “One summer, I had to get to work three hours early every day and go through hundreds of tomatoes to find the perfect ones. Let’s get a girl, maybe, or, like, a British chef. A mainstay in New York City for a decade, the Breslin is helmed by award-winning Chef April Bloomfield and Executive Chef Ryan Jordan. “I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, tell him to call me.’ ”, Friedman called. “It’s a waste of time.” Still, she projects such quiet disdain for sloppiness that “half-a-job Bob”—her biggest insult—stings as much as any bleepable tirade. “He’s not a golfer,” Friedman replied. But in the kitchen she is as composed as her cooking is brazen. A Spotted Pig regular, Don PV, wrote a tribute song called “Ode to Gnudi” and posted it on the Internet: “April / Your Gnudi Is Delicious / On My Tongue.”), A cook named Hagar unveiled a hotel pan jammed with patties that had been made a few hours earlier. Her hair, the color of gingersnaps, was scraped into a bun. “My mother has been working for bout 2 weeks!” When I wrote back that I didn’t know her mother was in town, she replied, “No my mother (it smells nice and fruity!) Chef April Bloomfield tasted three burgers at Belcamp in Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles: the fast burger, left, the Belcampo burger and the 100-day dry-aged burger… In London and New York, he worked in the music business “for a hundred years,” managing such bands as the Smiths and UB40 and, later, scouting talent for Arista. Did you start yet? He mentioned that he was growing Little Gems, a delicate ridged lettuce that is popular in Britain but hard to find in New York. “Ken, we’re five hundred thousand over budget, so this is where you need to pay attention,” one of the budget guys said. “His juice section is more than my walk-in fridge.”. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. “Look, these are better already!” she said to Hagar. “I’d love to have a go,” she said. Salvation Burger, April Bloomfield's new fast-casual burger joint, is now open in the Pod 51 Hotel, and we stopped in to try it out. It’s the darkest restaurant in America!”. Butcher paper covered the windows. Those who are not Jay-Z have been known to spend hours waiting to be granted a tartan-covered tuffet. “I don’t want to just do gastropubs, whatever they are,” Bloomfield said. Bloomfield and Friedman assented. “I don’t want people to freak out. Someone brought a platter of the chicken for Bloomfield to test. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. She turned to Friedman with an entreating look. He continued, “Pretty early, we realize that no one’s hanging around at the bar. Friedman strolled the aisles of the plane, shouting, “Look, it’s Ape!”, The plane landed in San Francisco at about ten o’clock. “Oh. “Her Greek salad almost ruined my life,” Katharine Marsh, a cook at the Breslin, said. “Since it’s spring, I want the tomatoes a bit more light and brothy, instead of stewy and jammy. She had been through tough times, had fought to get where she was, and it was very clear that she wanted to be a chef.”, Bloomfield was twenty-eight and had been at the River Café for four years when a friend of Jamie Oliver’s told her about the opening at the Spotted Pig. “It’s like Christmas.”, If Bloomfield and Friedman wanted to be taken seriously as businesspeople, the oyster bar had to be a hit. “We were talked into that space by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich and Tom Colicchio,” Friedman said. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. The Spotted Pig was almost the Prodigal Pig. One of her cooks had begun the braise earlier, but she had found his effort timid and started over. Eventually, he reappeared, juggling a couple of lemons. She was the waifiest-looking thing, so tiny and thin and emaciated almost.” Bloomfield stood out for her hustle, but she could be prickly. It was a young, cocksure crowd. Bloomfield spent the summer at Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, whose proprietress, Alice Waters, she had admired since reading something in a Waters cookbook about not stunning the palate into unconsciousness. Slideshow:  More Burger Recipes. New Yorkers didn’t quite know what to make of it. I didn’t hear anything. Colicchio owns a restaurant on Tenth Avenue, Colicchio & Sons. Neither he nor Batali had ever tasted Bloomfield’s cooking, but Batali said that if he met her he’d be able to tell in fifteen seconds whether she was right for the job. British chef April Bloomfield first came to prominence in New York after a 10 hour-long interview with Mario Batali (and a recommendation from Jamie Oliver) led to her opening The Spotted Pig. “So he calls his two New York friends, me and Mario,” Friedman said. The family was solidly working class. Bloomfield stood at the crudo station, presiding over the hubbub in a state of pleasant, almost peaceful, expectancy. The dinner had the hushed, lucky feel of a meal in a hurricane or a snowstorm. “I tried everything I could,” she said. “April taught me how important it is that every day is Groundhog Day,” Friedman said. Boggs opened the gate, and Bloomfield—wearing flip-flops, turned-up railroad pants, a black T-shirt, and aviator sunglasses—charged in. In June, Friedman said, “The Hard Rock Hotel people were saying to us, ‘We want a Spotted Pig in the Hard Rock.’ And April’s kind of like, ‘Vegas?’ But she’s changing now that she’s trying to buy her first apartment. Bloomfield grilled the patty for a few minutes, and took it off the grill. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. “They get all funny,” Bloomfield said. I want something the press is going to get a hold of.”, “Quit thinking about marketing,” Batali said. She pulled out her iPhone (apps: Epic Chef, zombies, vampires, ninjas, World War, iMobsters) and showed me a picture of her sous-chef sprawled on his back in the sand. This summer, Saveur held a barbecue, to which prominent chefs contributed various dishes. Eventually, he appeared, wearing a madras shirt and high-top sneakers. Downtown Manhattan is full of restaurants with adjective-animal names, mismatched chairs, and hearty menus. “They don’t have that bright-red bloom to them,” Bloomfield said. Bloomfield was working on a fried-chicken special for the evening’s menu. Set the burgers on the buns, top with the avocado, red onion slices and cilantro leaves and serve. It occupied a vast, theatrical space in far West Chelsea, and had white tablecloths, a fluorescent-lit bar, a reservationist, and two huge globe-shaped fishtanks. “The whole menu’s lighter and more vibrant,” she said. “They’re too tight.”. “It was winter,” she says.) Generously season the burgers on both sides with salt. Part of it was spinning it as an English restaurant, and I didn’t want an English restaurant. Along with the food and the atmosphere, the restaurant’s clientele has helped to make it a success. 3 tablespoons Mexican crema or sour cream, 1 avocado (large peeled, pitted and thinly sliced), red onion and cilantro leaves (Thinly sliced for serving). “But I still think it needs a little more fat.”. Even her trash is pristine: one night, I watched her fish around in a compost can before finally extracting a rubber band. “IQBAL WAS HERE” was spray-painted on a concrete-block wall. Bloomfield made a beeline for the water. It was sweltering. Next, Bloomfield tried an older patty, from another hotel pan. Her Caesar salad, cold and pungent, is so lovingly built as to resemble a Jenga tower. “It’s just amazing.” She had recorded the gentle hum of conversation in a pub, to use as a sort of lullaby. With her towel, she began scrubbing down a set of stainless-steel cabinets near the pass. Fried fish sandwich at Salvation Burger, a restaurant by chef April Bloomfield that was open a few years back in New York City.

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